The Problems with Your Keys and Automotive Locksmith Edmonton

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Problems with Your car Keys

It’s 2:00 AM and you’re in your pajamas and robe, trying to force open the door to your house with a hanger. You think to yourself, “Why didn’t I change the locks when my ex-boyfriend moved out?” Many people believe that they can recognize a reputable, experienced locksmith by their uniform or a fancy car.

However, with the advent of new technologies and processes such as laser-cutting and non-destructive methods such as rekeying, automotive locksmith Edmonton can work quickly and efficiently while causing very little damage to the existing door and lock.

Common Problems with Your Keys

Following are some typical problems you can face with your keys. If the problems persist for too long, call for Car Key Replacement.

– Sticking in locks

Even though it might be interesting to see if you can get your key stuck in the lock, it’s not nearly as fun when you’re trying to get into your house and it won’t come out. The key has probably been bent and can be very difficult and expensive to remove if you break it off.

– Keys that won’t turn

This happens when you turn the key and engage the tumblers, but you don’t feel or hear a click. You can try oiling the key and working it in and out, but if it still isn’t turning, you will probably need to replace the cylinder.

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– Broken keys

If you break your key off in the lock, resist the temptation to just cut another key and try to open the lock that way. You will probably damage the new key, and also make it more difficult for a professional automotive locksmith to open the lock.

– Can’t open doors to parked cars

Many people experience this problem when they exit their car in a hurry and grip the door handle too hard to yank it open. It helps to hold the key in your other hand and twist it slightly as you pull on the handle.

How Automotive Locksmith Edmonton Can Help You

An automotive locksmith holds several tools that provide new solutions for problems with your keys and locks:


This is a laser beam that cuts the metal of your key, removing small amounts with each pass. The result is a new key that works in your existing lock.


This process uses a laser beam to destroy the metal of your key, leaving only the necessary grooves that act as tumblers.


Rekeying simply means changing the configuration of the tumblers of an existing lock. This is more expensive than cutting a new key, but it’s also less destructive and easier to do yourself (with the assistance of automotive locksmith Edmonton).

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Transponder keys

If you have one of these types of keys, your car will start only if the key fob sends the right signals to the car. If it doesn’t, we can reprogram your keyless remote with a new code for a small fee.

Removing broken keys

A common problem with car key removal is that the tumbler springs may come loose, fall out of position or fly across the room if you try to manually remove the screw. If your automotive locksmith used a laser-cutting system for cutting your new key, they can use it again to safely and quickly remove the screw for you.

Emergency lockout service

If you don’t have a spare key, need to get into your car at 2:00 AM, or simply lost your keys during a late night out (again), the automotive locksmith Edmonton professionals can help. They offer 24-hour emergency services to get you into your car safely and with a minimum of damage to the door.

Master key systems

If you have or manage a large number of cars – whether for personal use, business, or public transport – automotive locksmith Edmonton can help you establish master key systems that protect your assets and provide convenience for authorized users.

Car key duplication

If you need to make many copies of your car keys, we can produce them for you while you wait using a variety of methods. The average cost is half that of an original key made by the dealership, and the duplication process is usually much faster.

Locked Out Of Your Car

One of the most common problems with car keys is that the owner leaves the key in the ignition and then gets locked out of their car. If this happens to you, we can unlock your car for you, but they cannot repair the lock you used.

Tips For Your Keys

There are some tips which you should always keep in mind to avoid any problem with your keys and locks. Following are some of them

  • Never use your car keys as a screwdriver, pry bar, or box cutter.
  • Don’t leave your key in the ignition when you are not in your car.
  • Never leave your spare key inside your car, under the floor mat, in the back seat, or anywhere else that’s easily accessible by another person.
  • You should not tape your key to the top of your sun visor. This may be a convenient place to store your keys, but it’s also a very visible place for a thief.
  • Don’t let your keyring get overloaded with other key rings or other metal objects.
  • Never give out copies of your house or car keys to friends who might ask to borrow your car or copy your house key for other purposes. If you do want to lend out your keys, keep a set of spares at a friend’s house or with a neighbor and let your friends know where they are.


Keys and locks can be a pain when they stop doing what we want them to do. Here the article describes some of the most important things which may help you to avoid some of those problems.

Key and lock system is widely used in various places like houses, cars, etc. Many automotive locksmith Edmonton companies are there who are providing key & lock system repairing and replacements. Try getting the best one of them in case of any problem with your keys or locks. Because a healthy lock and key never let your security be compromised.

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