Audi R8 Buying Guide – Specs, Features, and More

Audi R8 Buying Guide

When we talk about buying cars, Audi is highly lauded by many car enthusiasts for developing their dream cars. However, when we look at the Audi R8, it’s safe to say that Audi has outdone itself with this fantastic car!

Nevertheless, the Audi R8 has been in the market for quite some time. Over the years, the R8 has had many different models. However, the looks of this car are convincing enough to sway a person into buying it. It’s always best to have some preliminary information to make a good fit for yourself and your needs.

This article will outlay a buying guide and focus on providing the specification and features of this car. So, let’s begin!

Features and Specifications

Let’s talk about some features of the car. We have only described some of the vehicle’s main features that make the Audi R8 one of the best new sports cars.

This car comes with a power steering that makes it easy for the driver to steer without hurdles. Furthermore, the ABS of the Audi R8 is very effective and plays an influential part in ensuring that the driver’s and the shotgun’s safety is not questioned.

If the stylish body of the car wasn’t enough for the looks, Audi has also added Alloy wheels to their wonder boy! The looks are enough to baffle any person looking at the car. Furthermore, the vehicle comes with a handful of features, such as automatic climate control. This feature ensures that the driver stays comfy in the car compared to the environment outside of the vehicle.


Here are some specifications that will help you in making the decision.

This exotic coupe has a seating capacity of two and an equivalent number of doors. Its cylinder configuration is “V,” and every model of the R8 has ten cylinders with four valves per cylinder.

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The important thing about this car is the mileage in the city and on highways. Surprisingly, this car’s city and highway average are locked at 7.8km/liter.

Furthermore, it also has all the necessary safety features, including airbags, hill assist, central locking, and many more to name. In conclusion, all specifications of this car ensure a radiant drive.

Buyer’s Guide

After reading the specifications and features, we understand that you can’t wait to go looking for an Audi R8 for sale.

But let us tell you that patience is an essential aspect of the purchasing phase. So, before you search for an R8 for sale, let’s read some essential details that you must keep in mind while buying the car.

– Servicing

Audi offers two different service schedules for every R8 buyer. The schedules vary in amount and style based on the kind of driver and how much driving is done on the car.

For example, if someone is covering 10K miles on their R8 on an average in a year, it usually means that they are driving their car on motorways and highways. It also means that the drivers keep the tacho down the first third in such conditions. In such cases, it’s best to get the Longlife servicing package.

In this package, your R8 would require a significant inspection every two years, or after driving 19,000 miles and the onboard computer decide whenever there is a need for an oil change. However, it’s safe to say that many supercars don’t see this kind of usage, so the second kind of package is more common.

In this package, your car gets an oil change every 9K miles or after a year.

– Engine

Depending on the year, there are different Audi R8 models, and you are less likely to have any engine issues! Topgear accredits the car for the great engine, which sounds justified. However, you must keep the vehicle in the best condition.

Keeping the car serviced is the best way of doing that and can help in avoiding any engine troubles overall. However, if you don’t get it serviced very often, there is a chance of a rear oil leak. You will have to check the car to see if an oil leak can point to a corroded oil line.

This is a common problem in the R8s and doesn’t cost much to fix. For only 200 pounds, you can resolve this issue and have your car as good as new.

– Transmission

The Audi R8 is paired with three different gearboxes for transmission, each of them bringing something different to the table and making the R8 a lavish supercar. However, if you have a hard time choosing, the best way to figure it out is to sit behind the wheel and decide which one suits you the most.

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If you go for a Type 42 production, you will get a three-pedal and six-speed manual transmission. The metal used in this pedal resembles the one used by Ferraris. Furthermore, the tactile feedback of this car plays a vital role in making the drive more satisfactory.

– Tuning

One of the main things about the Audi R8 is its freedom to the drivers in terms of tuning. This car comes with wide arches, enormous wings, and an extended range of body kits. There is no shortage of wheel options and their rims either.

Furthermore, there are also some mild modifications that you can make. For example, you can replace the front or rear lights with LEDs. However, you would need to do some DIY which requires having a new control unit, extensive requiring, and strong coding skills.

Conclusively, there are some low-level modifications possible too. Some manufacturers offer an extended range of dyno-proven cold air intake kits. Furthermore, you can also replace the car’s exhaust to make your cat sounds like a beast! And even all of these modifications aren’t enough for you and you feel the need for speed, Turbochargers are the perfect pick!

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– Body

The body of the older Audis is nothing short of wonderous. However, bodywork corrosion has become a prevalent issue in the newer model. So, before you choose to buy a car, ensure to inspect the vehicle for any paint that might be peeling off or bubbling, both on the outside and inner edges of the vehicle.

Such issues are likely to occur in the car’s doors, stone chips, and rear wheel arches. If you buy a newer model, you don’t have to worry about corrosion since Audi offers a 12-year corrosion warranty for all new cars.

Other than that, it’s also essential to keep an eye out for any dent or hits on the car. The dents on this car are very hard to remove since the body of this car is made from aluminum.

– Wheels and Tyres

There isn’t much to look out for wheels and tires when buying an R8. However, some R8 owners have complained about their wheels cracking after hitting a deep pothole. While it might result from uneven tire wear position, it doesn’t hurt to be careful. You must pay close attention to the Tyre pressure monitoring system as well.

If the system shows any error, you must ensure that all four wheels of your car have the correct air.

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– Price

Expect the prices of the R8 to vary depending on the following factors:

  • Engine
  • Age
  • General Condition of the car.

At the very low, you will find the early V8 R8’s at the lowest. These cars are highly durable, but they aren’t that good at providing a good mileage. Expect an R8 with high milage around 30-40K pounds. And should you choose to go for the Spyder R8, paying an additional 5K pounds?

As for a V10 with a roof, you must have a hefty sum of 50K pounds. The prices are likely to be the same, regardless of a model with a roof or without a roof. The 50K budget also allows you to shop for a facelift V8 with a hardtop. If your budget crosses 60K, go shopping for 2012 onwards for V10 and V10 Plus R8s.


With all this information, we would like to conclude this buying guide. This guide includes features, specifications, and everything else that matters. So, before you go shopping for an Audi R8, you must read this guide.

This guide contains all the information that will put your mind to rest about any questions and help you realize if the R8 is the right car for you. Furthermore, it tells you what you must look out for when shopping for an R8.

Happy shopping!

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