How To Move House The Easier Way – Moving Faster And Easier

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How To Move House The Easier Way

Moving house is an incredibly stressful affair. You will need to have no possessions and be moving into a fully furnished home with fully stocked cupboards and a non-existent snag list before it’s simple. However, you can make this process much easier.

You may have mentally prepared yourself for the stress that’s associated with moving house. If you have, you’re almost halfway there. The good news is that you can make the other half even easier. Here’s how:

Start Sorting Through Your Things Now

One of the hardest things about moving house is knowing what to take with you. Sorting through your things now can make this less of a struggle.

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Start working in one room at a time and sort out what you want to take with you to your new home. Sell, recycle, or give away anything that you don’t want to keep. Consider sticking a brightly colored label on anything you wish to sell, recycle, or give away. This will ensure that those things are less likely to be packed.

Know When You’re Moving

When are you planning to move? This is a question that you may hear from your friends and family. It’s also a question that you need to ask yourself. Work out your ideal moving date with those you live with or will be living with.

When you have a good idea about when you’re moving you can get the ball rolling.

Hire A Removal Company Or Book A Van

Want to leave the hard work to someone else? Hire a removal company. Don’t want to pay the money? Van Hire close to Maidenhead might be ideal. Just make sure that you book a van or removal company in time. It would be a shame if you missed out because you did not book in advance.

Some people find it easier to book a van as well as a removal company. If you have access to your new home while in possession of your old one, it could be ideal. You could potentially move a lot of your belongings. It may be possible for you to do this without hiring a team of people to do all of the work for you. This could be particularly useful if you have a lot of fragile or expensive items.

Start Packing ASAP

Are you leaving packing for a later date because you’re moving in 6 months? Start packing now. While it may seem too early, time does fly.

Packing is likely to take a lot longer than you think. Remember, you have to decide what will go in each box. You’ll also have to pack everything in such a way that breakables are protected.

At some stage, you may even run out of boxes. Giving yourself a lot of time to pack can be useful as the right sized boxes can be hard to source.

Get Your Current Home Ready

Once you have packed most of your belongings, it will be time to get your current home ready. Whether the new tenants or owners are moving in soon or in a few months, you need to make it look good.

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Clean each room, making sure you have left nothing behind. Clean the hallways, windows, stoves, carpets, and doors. Leave your home as you would wish to find it.

This process may be quite hard to do, but it can help you to say “Goodbye” to your old home.

Prepare Your New Home If You Can

Are you going to get the keys to your new home soon? If you can get them before you leave your old home, it can be a great help. Not only will it allow you to move some of your belongings in, it will mean you can also prepare it.

Your new home may need a bit of a clean. It may also need to be painted or re-carpeted. If you can do some or all of these things before you officially move in, it will make life easier. Just be prepared for this process to take a little longer than you realise.

Are you about to rent a room in a home? You could get it ready. Paint the walls, install a blind, make your room look more like your own.

Get Help From Others

Having a helping hand from other people can make moving house so much easier. Someone may be happy to help you carry boxes. You could ask a friend to help you with decorating, or you could ask someone to drive a hired van for you. No matter what they do, getting help from others can help more than you realise.

It is possible to make moving into a new home easier than you think. While doing so is never going to be easy, you could make it easier on you and those you’re moving with.

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