Which types of drivers can benefit from telematics insurance?

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Many drivers can benefit from telematics insurance, and it’s never too late to become one of these people and become safer drivers.

Which types of drivers can benefit from telematics insurance?

With more people investing in car telematics, here are a few groups of individuals who will benefit from this insurance the most, and how you can do so too.

Young and inexperienced drivers

The biggest category of individuals who can benefit the most from telematics insurance is young drivers, who are typically aged between 17-24.

For young and new drivers who have just passed their test, it is extremely difficult to get insurance quickly, because of no driving records available. Being new to the roads, the insurer will have no idea how you drive. As well as this, your credit score may also be unknown, due to newly entering adult life.

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Being new to the roads is a daunting experience, but with the help of telematics insurance, you can pace yourself on the roads more easily. The freedom to drive everywhere is tempting, once you first pass your test, but for more inexperienced drivers this is not so safe. This can be resolved by an insurer setting your mileage limits, to allow you to become a safe new driver.

With newer drivers being more at risk of road accidents, and the beginning of reckless driving, telematics insurance can prevent this. If you do start driving recklessly, your insurer can cut back on any benefits you might have received and assign you any penalties. This is a great way to promote safer driving.

Low mileage drivers

Another group of people who can benefit from telematics insurance is those who do not use their car as much as the average driver – this could be due to being retired or working from home, for example.

These drivers are not on the road as much, so are less likely to be involved in any accidents, meaning that their insurer has less to worry about when issuing them with an appropriate policy.

Low mileage drivers may also be aiming to become more environmentally friendly when driving, and want to reduce as many harmful emissions as they can.

Careful drivers

It goes without saying that safe drivers can greatly benefit from telematics insurance. Telematics will record how you drive and conjure up a driving score that reflects this, so if you already drive safely this is ideal.

Also, for those who want to become safer drivers, this is a great start, as you will be able to see actual data that will reflect your driving characteristics. This can help you to see what you may be doing wrong on the roads, and how you can solve this.

There are possibilities to be rewarded for safe driving, but on the other hand, if your driving score worsens, you could be penalized for this too.

Rewards can include lower premiums, so the main thing to take away is that the safer you drive, the less your overall insurance cost will be.

Telematics insurance is perfect for a range of different people, and there are more to explore. But, if you fall into any of these groups, think about looking more into telematics insurance. Not only does it encourage safer driving, but it can also save you money!

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