The Best Car Rental For Your Family Vacation

Traveling with your family is a whole different story than doing so alone. This kind of story is likely to involve an SUV rented on a sweet special with the use of Enterprise promo codes. Seating capacity and a spacious cabin are a prerequisite for comfort conditions. But what a family trip surely isn’t is a story that narrates the adventures of a solitary figure backpacking the vast level of the Grand Canyon.

A family vacation sees children travel alongside their parents. Even though the Home Alone scenario may not turn out to be that fictional, it is best to make sure your kid doesn’t follow in Kevin McCallister’s footsteps (even if they may want to do so). This is why traveling by car is better. You won’t lose anyone at an airport.

You ought to make sure that the little ones have everything they may need for any occasion. Weather conditions may take a wild turn for the worse. They may want to buy an ice cream now but eat it a bit later. It takes a portable fridge to make it happen. Or your child may just adore traveling by car. What matters indeed is matching the grown-up and little travelers’ mobility needs.

Let your family enjoy an unforgettable trip by renting a car at a discount with the Europcar coupon code. Whether it’s going to be the buzzing downtown of the world New York or a picturesque harbor of Lake Tahoe, the horse of steel and horsepower will take you to the wealth of treasures across the United States and beyond. 

Choosing the best car rental for your family vacation.

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Choosing the best car rental for your family vacation.

With the demand for car travels swelling, car rental companies grow in numbers. It means you are going to bump into the problem of choice. Some services may focus more on honeymoon seekers or business people. There is no argument that a cabriolet or a luxury extra-long sedan doesn’t match a car for a family vacation. A variety of other nuances may arise in your way of search. We’ve assembled a selection of tips to pinpoint the car rental for your vacation.

An asphalt road, a rugged terrain, or both?

Planning out an itinerary always comes first. You may spend a few days googling for the best sights to see across the territory that your itinerary runs through. And you are still likely to miss something worth seeing.  

For example, if you happen to pass by Oakhurst, California, you may miss out on a remarkable opportunity. That is to head down a small-width, craggy cliff that leads to Roading River Falls, one of Sequoia National Park’s sights. If you have in mind cruising rugged terrains, it would be reasonable to look for a 4×4 SUV with excellent off-road capabilities, equipment with GPS, and canisters in the trunk. Who knows how far into the wilderness you may draw yourself?

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Enterprise’s Pursuits makes sure you won’t miss a thing. This section displays awe-inspiring destinations and experiences to enjoy there. Prepare an itinerary that takes you to national parks, outdoor adventures, weeded gateways, BBQ spots overlong spectacular views, and other places of interest and joy.

The itinerary is set. It is time to pick a car.

If your journey involves regular roads and occasional, short-distance and mild rough terrains, a crossover or even a sedan will suit you fine. Enterprise’s pool of sedans straddles a variety of options, starting with an economy Toyota Corolla to an executive luxury Mercedes AMG E53. If you need more room to accommodate large groups (it can be a multi-family vacation), head for vans. Enterprise offers 7-15 passenger vans that take a dozen of people and bulky items.

But what if your planned route fetches up at Grand Canyon, Arizona, you had better rent a Jeep Wrangler (4-door) or Toyota Land Cruiser 200. The Grand Canyon houses train adventures that lead to the vantage points overlooking the spectacular sceneries of America’s geological masterpiece.

We suggest going for a full-size SUV for a family trip. Enterprise offers Chevrolet Tahoe or more premium classes such as Infinity QX80 or Chevy Suburban. There is nothing more comfortable, spacious, and safer for a long-range trip than a full-size SUV.

Transmission, is it a stick or automatic?

You may be the ace of ace with a stick car, but it is better to go for an automatic one. Your spouse may take over if the trip is long. Automatic transmission cars have off-road assistance. You can switch the car to gravel, sand, or snow and let the machine do its job. Speaking of SUVs, you won’t find one with a manual transmission today. Even though a stick car is more affordable, we still insist on the automatic transmission. It will pay off.  

Final thoughts

A car to rent for a family trip depends on a set of factors. Short trips from a hotel to the beach don’t need a full-size SUV. You can do this with an economy sedan. But your family vacation involves hundreds of miles to cover every day, it is best to go for something bigger and bulkier. Regular roads and mild rough terrains invite a sedan or a crossover. If a journey involves jagged routes, you should aim for nothing short of an off-road capable SUV. Land Cruiser 200, Infinity QX80, or Chevy Suburban would be a perfect car to rent for any road type. 

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