What Type of Fabric is The Best For Your New Car?

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What Type of Fabric

When purchasing a new car one of the important features to consider is the type of seat you prefer.   The choice is usually between fabric and leather. There are a number of things to consider when making the choice, including maintenance, budget, and esthetics, all of which are important.

Whether you choose leather or cloth seats there will be plusses and minuses to each.  Below we look at the advantages and disadvantages of both and hopefully help to make your decision easier.

Which is more affordable leather or cloth?

Cars can generally be ranked in three tiers.  The lower priced, economy cars where having leather seats is not usually an option.  Then there are the middle-range cars where you can choose to have leather seats but this will push the price up. Vehicles ranked in the top tier nearly always have leather upholstery.

From the above, it is understood that cloth upholstery is more affordable and that having leather is considered grander and therefore costs more.  If your budget is on the low side, you may need to go with the cloth option to keep within your budget. But perhaps it’s worth trying out a Grande Vegas casino login in the hope that it may help you in this endeavor!

Reselling your vehicle

Having leather seats may boost the resale value because they are considered more luxurious than cloth seats.  They are very durable and remain looking good longer. However, the overall condition of the car will have more impact on the resale value.

Replacing car seats

Leather seats will always be more expensive to replace than cloth ones.  Cloth is a cheaper material than leather and replacing leather upholstery requires specific tools and workmanship.   This pushes up the price.

Durability and Care

Car seats taking a lot of bashing.   Cloth seats do not fare as well as leather ones. They are more likely to get stained or torn and may need replacing.   Leather is sturdier and less likely to tear.  Leather is also less likely to get stained or ruined from spilled coffee or other drinks.  They can be simply wiped down with a good leather cleaner which will keep them looking good.

Because cloth seats are more porous, they will absorb smells from food, body odor, and cigarettes and this can be difficult to eliminate. Leather seats will also absorb unpleasant smells over time but to a much lesser degree.

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On the other hand, leather seats, being a natural material, don’t do so well if they are constantly getting direct sunlight and heat and will dry out.    Leather seats today are treated during the manufacturing process with substances that will help to prevent damage by the sun but it will still be up to you to keep up with maintaining the beauty of the leather by using the appropriate products on the market.   Cloth seats may lose some of their colors from the sun but they don’t really need much maintenance to protect from sun damage.

Visual appeal

Many people are attracted to the luxury look of leather.    Leather generally ages very well and becomes even more appealing with time as the leather develops a kind of luster but it’s important to look after it.

Cloth seats do come in all kinds of colors and designs but leather seats are still considered more fashionable. Leather seats never fail to make the over feel of the car more luxurious and appealing.


In terms of comfort, cloth, and leather seats are tied. Harder seats tend to be leather and softer ones, cloth.  Depends on your preference.  However, cloth seats are definitely better in hot climates as they regulate temperature better and make it more comfortable for passengers.

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Leather can be quite uncomfortable in hot sunny weather. Leather seats can get very hot to touch on hot summer days and really quite cold in the winter.  It may be necessary to purchase seat covers which kind of defeats the purpose and appeal of leather and also adds to the cost.   Ultimately it depends on whether you live in an area where the temperature gets quite extreme.

One more thing to consider is that leather can be ‘slippery’ and whilst this isn’t a major factor in deciding whether you want cloth or leather seats, it is something to think about.  It can be quite uncomfortable for passengers if they or objects on the seats are sliding about as the car maneuvers around corners.  If this is something that will bother you, then choose cloth seats.

Allergies and choice of seat covering

If you are someone who suffers from allergies, cloth seats are probably not an ideal choice. Cloth seats are the perfect ‘home’ for dust, dirt, pollen, and all kinds of other allergens and more so as it is not always possible to sanitize them.

In comparison, leather seats can be simply wiped down regularly keeping them clean and free from pollutants and allergens.

To summarize

Cloth seats are better for you if you are trying to keep the cost down.  They will also be better if you live in a place where you experience extreme temperatures and enjoy sitting on softer seats. But if you are looking to impress and prefer quality and a bit of luxury plus durability, then go for leather.

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