List of The 10 Benefits of Using Ford LED Tail Lights

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List of The 10 Benefits of Using Ford LED Tail Lights

Before you can choose new tail lights for your car, you need to understand the purpose of tail lights and the role they play in road safety. Selecting your tail lights is not a task you should take lightly, as any choice you make in this regard will directly affect your visibility to other cars on the road. Therefore, we recommend LED tail lights: a safe and reliable option that is becoming increasingly popular among car owners.

Why Are Tail Lights So Important?

Your car’s taillights are primarily an important safety feature. They are placed at the rear edges of the vehicle and turn on automatically when your headlights are switched on. These lights light up when you brake so that drivers behind you can tell when you’re about to stop. They’re also there to help drivers gauge the size and shape of their car, as well as its distance from their own vehicle. These features are especially important when the weather conditions are making it harder to see the road.

Tail lights can be seen through rain and fog, helping to prevent the occurrence of minor and serious accidents. If one of your tail lights has gone out, make sure to replace it immediately. Driving with a broken tail light is a huge safety risk and an offense that could get you pulled over.

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What is the Advantage of LED Tail Lights?

1. Increased Light Output

LED light bulbs emit a stronger, more concentrated beam of light than the average halogen bulb. Unlike fluorescent light bulbs or tubes, their efficiency is not influenced by shape or size. This means that even though tail lights are small, they will be a powerful source of light in even the most dangerous weather conditions.

LED tail lights are also built with several light bulb systems so that they let off an array of small glittering lights. This makes them easier to spot in the dark than traditional tail lighting fixtures, which are usually made up of only one bulb. The sheer brightness of LED tail lights makes them the safest option for vehicles.

2. Energy Efficient

Especially in comparison to typical light bulbs, LEDs require minimal energy to operate. LED tail lights, therefore, put less of a strain on car batteries, helping them last longer. If you have an older car that is prone to getting a dead battery, switching to LED lights could be an effective way to alleviate this issue.

The LED light bulbs themselves will also require replacement less often than other options, meaning you’re far less likely to find yourself in the tricky spot of having a dead tail light.

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3. Long Lifespan

On the topic of energy efficiency, LED lights can last between 6–12 years, with an average lifespan of 50,000 hours. Even if you’re using fluorescent, metal halide or sodium vapour lights, LED lights will always last at least 2–4 times longer than incandescent bulbs. Installing LED tail lights will ensure that your car has strong, powerful lights for a significant period. This feature will not only improve the safety of your vehicle, but save you time, energy, and money in replacement costs.

4. Durable

Fluorescent and incandescent bulbs are fragile and prone to breakage from external shock. LEDs, however, are solid-state components that are more difficult to damage. Unlike their incandescent counterparts, LED light bulbs do not have a filament, and the heat they produce is highly concentrated.

They remain intact even when subjected to consistent and intense road vibrations, as well as thermal shocks, rain, humidity and extreme cold. LEDs are specifically designed to withstand harsh road and weather conditions, making them an excellent choice for tail lights.

5. Slow Failure

As we have already mentioned, tail lights can sometimes fail. When this happens unexpectedly, it can leave you in the inconvenient and dangerous situation of being on the road without tail lights. A huge benefit of having Ford LED tail lights is that they mostly fail by dimming slowly over time. Unlike traditional incandescent bulbs, which usually fail abruptly, LED tail lights to give you something of a warning before they fail completely. If you notice that your tail lights are dimming, you can find and install replacements before they even have the chance to stop working altogether.

6. Fast On/Off Time

LEDs light up very quickly, with a typical red indicator LED achieving full brightness in under a microsecond. This makes them perfectly designed for tail lights, which rely upon speed to let other cars know that a vehicle is stopping.

7. Low Heat Generation

LEDs produce extraordinarily little heat compared to other lights, and are relatively cool to the touch. Only 20% of their energy is put towards heat generation, with the other 80% dedicated to producing light. As a result, they are less likely to damage any sensitive objects or materials surrounding them, including plastic car components. Halogen lights, by comparison, waste 80% of their energy on heat generation, making them a less energy-efficient option for tail lights.

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8. Ease of Installation

Installing LED tail lights is simple and does not require the assistance of a professional. Most of them are plug-and-play so even those who are not technically minded should be able to put them in place without issue.

9. Better Environmental Performance

LED light bulbs are more energy-efficient than alternative bulbs, but this is not where their environmental benefits end. Unlike fluorescents and mercury vapour lights, LED light bulbs are manufactured without the use of mercury. Upon reaching the end of their lifespans, they won’t require any special handling. With LEDs, you can feel good about choosing an environmentally-conscious option while giving yourself one less thing to worry about when it comes time to dispose of them.

10. Saves Money

Before you go about purchasing your new LEDs, it is important to note that they do have a higher initial cost than other tail light options. However, since they last so much longer than other varieties, investing in LEDs will save you money in the long run. With LED tail lights, you won’t need to fork out money for replacement bulbs nearly so often. They are also less likely to damage components of your car or drain your car battery. Overall, LED light bulbs are more compatible with vehicles and will save you the time and money associated with general upkeep and replacement.

What is The Advantage of LED Headlights?

If you’re getting LED tail lights for your Ford vehicle, why not consider LED headlights as well? Choosing LEDs for your headlights comes with all the benefits of having LED tail lights, plus a couple more. Many car owners agree that the bright, powerful light of an LED light bulb is more attractive than the weak, yellowish glow of a halogen headlight.

Traditional car headlights tend to age their vehicles, contrasting distinctly from the bright lights of luxury cars such as Audis, BMWs, and Bentleys. LED lights can also come in blue, purple, yellow, and white varieties, giving you the option of individualizing and stylizing your vehicle even further. Overall, LED headlights to give cars a more high-end and stylish appearance.

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In addition, the safety features of LED light bulbs are incredibly useful for car headlights as well as tail lights. Headlights make your car visible to oncoming traffic and provide you with the ability to see the road in front of you. They are essential for nighttime driving, as well as driving through fog or rain.

Therefore, it’s so important to choose high-quality headlight bulbs. LEDs emit bright, concentrated light, and are not as sensitive to rain, cold or humidity as other varieties. They are also more shock-resistant and have an impressively long lifespan. For these reasons, they are the ideal choice for the headlights of your car.

Where Can I Get LED Tail Lights for Ford Cars?

Are LEDs the right tail lights for your Ford vehicle? Absolutely! At Machter, we have a wide range of custom LED tail lights to suit a variety of cars. Our collection includes head and tail lights suited to Nissan, Toyota, Honda, and Mitsubishi vehicles. We also sell useful accessories such as tail headlight covers, which offer taillights an extra layer of protection from debris and moisture.

As one of Australia’s most trusted auto part suppliers, Machter can provide you with all the information and advice you need. If you have any questions about auto parts and your vehicle, please do not hesitate to contact us via our website. Alternatively, if you already know what you want, shop our online store today to find exactly what you’re looking for at affordable prices.

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