How To Choose a Good Rental Company in Dubai?

Renting a car in Dubai is very easy and inexpensive. All international rental companies are available in the UAE. In addition, local rental companies are a worthy alternative. Before renting a car, it is worth understanding how to choose a good rental company so that you Rent Rolls Royce Cullinan Dubai and do not overpay a huge amount.

Rent a car in Dubai

The indisputable advantages include the pleasure of driving, because traffic in the United Arab Emirates, and in particular in Dubai, is more than well organized. Everywhere you need there are signs, indicators, traffic lights, and convenient interchanges. And driving on high-speed broadband roads is a real pleasure!

A small car with air conditioning and an automatic transmission can be rented for $25 per day, and a full-fledged SUV for $50 per day. Moreover, regardless of the class, cars in the UAE are rented quite new (usually they are a couple of years old at most) and with an automatic transmission.

How to choose a good rental company?

In all areas, not only in car rental in a foreign country, it is very easy to stumble upon scammers who are eager to pick the pockets of unsuspecting tourists. How can this be avoided?

Study and analysis

When coming to another country or simply planning your vacation, you study what attractions are worth visiting, what people advise you to like, and what they say you should never visit. do the same with rental companies.

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That is, you know that you will need to rent a car and you even liked the company, and then go to the forums and read what they say about this company. If there are few negative comments about this company, then you can safely rent a car from this company.

Price comparison

When choosing a car, everyone pays attention to the price, some want something more economical, while others want something more luxurious. If you are from the first option, then you may be interested in a company where the price for renting a car is half the market price.

However, we have to disappoint you, if you come across a company where prices are much lower than market prices, they are likely to cover the difference in a large tax for the slightest defects, delays, etc.

Rent terms

Sometimes, unfortunately, it may turn out that a company looks perfect from all sides. But in the end, everything turns out to be the other way around: when the contract is signed, the car is returned, and they demand some more money from you.

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To avoid such situations, we advise you to carefully read the contract before signing, so that all the conditions that the landlord and you must fulfill must be spelled out. Read even the small print, no matter how long it takes you. And never sign blank sheets of paper.

Vehicle check

And last but not least, check the car. You must inspect the vehicle before signing the above contract. Before handing over this car, the rental company must show you a list of the shortcomings that are present in the car. You, in turn, must look through it again and note any damage that was not specified in the contract.

Before signing the contract, it is important to take photographs of the car in order to prove your innocence if something happens. You can also make a video so that you have a complete set of evidence.

Features of driving in Dubai

Road signs

Road signs in the country are quite standard, there are no problems with understanding. In general, navigation in the city is well thought out; all signs are duplicated in English. But you should be careful because of the numerous forks and change into the right lane in time, because… There are many lanes on wide roads, so you can miss the right turn and then spin around for a long time.

Toll roads

Marked with prominent Toll Gate or Salik inscriptions. For a single trip, 4 dirhams are charged, but per day no more than 16 dirhams. In addition, tolls are only charged from 7:00 to 9:00 and from 17:00 to 19:00 from Saturday to Thursday, and travel is free on weekends and holidays.

Traffic jams

Like any other modern city, this problem has not escaped Dubai. In the morning and evening, traffic jams form on many roads connecting residential areas and centers of business and cultural life.


In conclusion, we just want to say to follow our recommendations and then you will get maximum pleasure from your vacation and from traveling in a rented car.

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