The Best Cars to Learn to Drive For Beginners and Teenagers

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Best Cars to Learn to Drive For Beginners and Teenagers

No one will deny that a personal car is the best option for getting around the city quickly. Most states have problems with public transportation, such as illogical routes, few buses, or inconvenient transport schedules. That is why even students decide to buy a car to arrive on time for lectures and seminars. But which vehicle should a beginner choose? Here are the best cars to learn to drive!

What Type of Car Is Preferred for a Beginner?

In general, you can start learning to drive with any B category car. But think about what kind of vehicle you buy after completing your driver training courses. Usually, newcomers go for compact sedans and hatchbacks, but you can also look into crossovers, especially if that’s important. Perhaps you should focus on what tasks your vehicle should perform. In addition, the final amount also matters, so you will probably narrow your search to 10-15 car models.

Volkswagen Up             

And here is the first candidate for those who have just started learning the basics of driving and are not ready to buy large SUVs. Volkswagen Up is a compact urban hatchback that is quite maneuverable and consumes little fuel. Since this is one of the most budget models of Volkswagen AG, you do not have to worry about the price.

By the way, you can buy a used Volkswagen Up in order not to worry about possible car breakdowns or scratches. Even a student can afford to buy such a vehicle. However, you will have to analyze the engine’s condition before buying, and this procedure will take a lot of time. That is why it will be easier for you to delegate the assignments and enlist the support of a car expert. Read a few John Milovich collected nerdify reviews, and you will learn about all the possible pitfalls.

Ford Fiesta

Surely you have heard that most of the cars from the Ford family are very popular in the US and Europe because of their reliability. Another plus is the affordable price of some models. For example, you can buy a used Ford Fiesta and learn to drive with an instructor.

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The main plus is that such a car is quite compact and maneuverable. In addition, you can choose a version with a robotic gearbox, which will allow you to comfortably drive a car and not learn the nuances of gear shifting. And do not forget that even the basic modern versions are equipped with rear-view cameras and parking sensors, so it will be easier for you to park on noisy streets.

Skoda Fabia

You can buy a Skoda Fabia in the secondary market if you are lucky. The fact is that this car is known for its reliability and affordable prices for consumables. Like all previous models, Fabia has a compact, teardrop-shaped body and is very maneuverable in urban traffic.

Low fuel consumption and high engine efficiency mean the Fabia is suitable for those who value their money and time. If you are lucky, you can buy a model with cruise control or even a hybrid car. The fact is that many enthusiasts equip the Skoda Fabia with additional batteries, which allows you to have a range of 50-80 miles.

Toyota Aygo

Surely you have already understood that it is easier for beginners to learn to drive using a compact sedan or hatchback. That is why you can pay attention to Toyota Aygo. With its compact body and frugal 1.0-liter engine, this vehicle is ideal for city driving. You will not use much fuel even if you want to visit your relatives in a neighboring state.

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Thanks to the high maneuverability and comfortable seats, you will not have to feel discomfort while learning the basics of driving. Moreover, you can purchase a model with a rear-view camera and parking sensors. Surely, modern technologies will allow you to move around the city more comfortably and park near shopping centers.

Kia Picanto

If you are looking for an inexpensive car with a reliable engine and automatic transmission, the Kia Picanto is a good option. The fact is that this vehicle received high Euro NCAP test results. If your budget is limited, you can buy the early versions (2004-2008).

If you are willing to pay extra, then pay attention to the third generation, which has some of the most modern security systems and an advanced cruise control system with adaptive functions. The car’s side windows are comfortable enough, so you don’t have to turn back when parking or driving out of a narrow street.

Final Words

As you can see, there are quite a few good city cars suitable for beginners. The above models are relatively inexpensive, especially if you decide to buy a used car. But do not forget that the final choice should be made after testing each model. Perhaps you should take a test drive and make sure the seats and steering wheel are comfortable. These parameters are very important as beginners should quickly adapt to the nuances of driving a car and not constantly try to adjust the angles of each panel inside the car.

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