How To Get A Dent Out of a Car – Know The Top 7 Most Effective Ways

how to get a dent out of a car

Denting a car is normal on narrow roads and rough roads. However, a dent easily mars the appearance of your car. If you know how to get a dent out of a car, then it will be easy for you to get out of that bad time.

No matter how careful you drive or how well you take care of your vehicle, chances are you’re going to end up with a dent or two sooner or later. Dents on the car’s body can have many different causes.

Like someone opening their car door against yours, or a careless driver rear-ending you in a traffic jam and putting an unsightly dent in your fender. It doesn’t matter what the reason is. People have no idea how the dent got there.

Whether you have a small or large dent in your car, you need to consider how to get it out. We’re sure you’ll take your vehicle to a nearby auto body shop or mechanic for repairs. But their rates can be unbelievable, costing you anywhere from $100 to $200 for a small dent.

However, there are some methods that you can use yourself on your car. Here are some things you might want to try for yourself. Read on to learn how to get a dent out of a car and why you should fix the dent on the car yourself.

Why You Should Remove A Dent From A Car Immediately?

Whether you try to fix the dent yourself or take it to a professional body shop, the best approach is to have it fixed as soon as possible. That way you don’t have to look at the dent every day and have that little voice in the back of your head nagging you when you want to fix it.

Also, here are some good reasons to fix car dents as soon as they happen, not when they finally do.

1. Prevents Corrosion Formation

Dents can cause corrosion, especially if the car’s paint is damaged. Water and moisture easily penetrate the exterior of your car and cause the metal frame to rust. When this happens, rust begins to build up on the surface of your vehicle.

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Not only does this affect your vehicle’s performance, but it can also lead to costly repairs. If you don’t repair the dent and repaint the area, your car will soon begin to rust. That’s why if you get a dent out of a car, then it prevents corrosion formation.

2. Maintain Good Resale Value

A key reason you’ll want to fix those dents sooner rather than later is the resale value of your car. Let’s say your car has deep dents and creases from various stones and small boulders that have worked their way into the fine paint finish of your vehicle and damaged it.

When you sell your vehicle, the damage and repair costs can potentially reduce its resale value by thousands of dollars.

3. Stop Paint Damage

One important thing to keep in mind when repairing a dent on your car is that there are other things to take care of besides the dent itself. If the dent has scratches, the car will also need to be painted.

However, most people don’t have the tools or experience to paint their vehicles. This usually results in an urgent repair being postponed indefinitely, which of course leads to more damage. 

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However, after getting a dent out of a car, there will no paint damage will happen to your car. Furthermore, for complete protection of your car paint, graphene coating for the car is a good option.

4. Ensures Safety

What looks like a small dent can mean something more serious. For example, a dent in your bumper can weaken its structural integrity. 

This needs to be addressed as this component protects the occupants from collisions. Make sure your car is safe by getting dents repaired right away by expert mechanics.

7 Top Ways On How To Get A Big Dent Out Of A Car Easily

Sometimes the smallest damage to your car can be the most frustrating. Many car owners leave minor damage, such as dents or scratches, assuming it will be too expensive to repair. They would rather live with imperfections than solve the problem.

Fortunately, there are several easy ways to remove dents from your car without spending a lot of money or time. Look at these top methods to take dents out of a car

A. Use a Plunger

The first thing you can try is an ordinary household plumber’s plunger. They come in a variety of widths, so measure the diameter of your dent and compare it to a piston covering that dent on a car.

With this method, you simply attach the plunger to the dent and pour a little water over both before pushing down and then back as you normally would with a plunger.

Repeat this several times until the dent comes out. The good news is that this is probably a lot less of a hassle than jumping into a toilet.

B. With a Vacuum Cleaner

Depending on the power of your vacuum, It can help you get rid of a dent in your car. To improve the suction power of the device, you can use the help of a bucket – just make a hole in the bottom of the bucket and stick it to the suction nozzle.

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Place the template over the dent and turn on the cleaning device. If the size of the dent is small, it can pop up and get a small dent out of a car.

C. Boiling Water

Some people just use boiling water to repair dents. This method is more appropriate if the indentation is present on a plastic bumper or even some other plastic part of your vehicle. This approach involves bringing a pot of water to a boil before pouring it over the dented area.

You should then reach behind the affected area and press against the crack. After that, pour a pan of cold water over the area where the dent was originally present.

D. Hair Dryer Method

Using a hair dryer is a great way to remove dents from your car. First, you should have a hair dryer and some compressed air, such as the canned air that you use to clean the computer keyboard. Then use the hair dryer and heat the dent for about 30 seconds.

Then, quickly turn the can of compressed air upside down and spray the area with your compressed air. The heat causes the dent to expand and the cold air to contract and the dent to pop.

E. Dry Ice

Just like a hair dryer and boiling water, dry ice can also be used to remove minor dents from your car. This trick is especially useful if your car was recently hit by a hailstorm and has small dents on the hood or trunk. Put on some protective gloves first before handling dry ice.

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After that take a piece of ice and rub it around the dent. Eventually, the extreme cold of the ice and the warmer temperature of the air will cause the dent to pop out.

F. Large Rubber Mallet

The next thing you can use to try to get the dent out is a large rubber mallet. Be very careful with the hammer and only tap lightly at first as if you are putting too much force into your blows so that the dent sticks out the other side.

G. Dent Repair Kits

If you’ve tried everything around the house and the stubborn dent is still visible, try buying a dent repair kit. This kit contains different types of tools and specialty items that can help in removing the dent.

You should read the reviews and find a dent repair kit that is most likely to work in your situation. Different tools will work best depending on the vehicle type and the location of the dent.

You can even use these dent repair kits to remove dents from your washing machine, refrigerator, or any plastic or metal surface.

FAQs About How To Take Dents Out Of A Car

Can all dents take out of a car?

Not all dents can or should be removed from the car. When the dent size is large, the dent removal method may not work. Moreover, If there are cracks in the panel, the entire panel should be replaced instead of removing the dent.

However, small to medium size dents can easily get out of the car. The are various methods are used to take these types of dents out of a car.

Can a plunge fix a dent?

If the dent is not too big, it can be easily removed with a plunge. This technique is most effective when the dent is small to medium-sized.

All you have to do is pour a little water over the plunger and dent. Start pushing the plunger up and down. Repeat this several times until the dent comes out.

Can hot water remove a car dent?

Yes, boiling water can be used to remove potentially unwanted dents on your vehicle as long as you have a plastic bumper and you can successfully access the dent from the rear. First, you should boil water in a kettle, wear rubber gloves to avoid burns, and have a pot of cold water handy.

Then pour the hot water from the kettle over the dent. Before cooling, pull the dent out from the inside. Then quickly pour cold water over the area to help it hold its shape and cure faster.

Do dent pullers work?

Dent removers only work on shallow dents placed on a flat, flexible surface. They are used to improve the appearance of the car but are unlikely to create a great finish.

Unfortunately, DIY dent removers don’t work for deep, angular dents or damage to body edges. Dents in thick areas of metal are very difficult to remove at home.

How much does it cost to take dents out of a car?

Dent repair costs can range from $50 to $2,500. While this is a wide range, most small dents that are about an inch in size can range from $50 to $125.

Small dents can be from a flying rock or hail storm. Dents that result from a collision are often larger and cost $150 or more.

Is it worth fixing dents in the car before selling?

Yes, if you have a large dent in your car it can affect the condition of your car which can ultimately reduce the value of your car. In most cases, fixing the dent can even increase the value of the car and help you get more money for it.

The other benefit of fixing a dent before selling a car is that it can help you sell your car faster. Buyers can be wary of buying a car with a large dent.

Final Thought

Dealing with dents and other damage issues on your car is never fun. But as much as we value the performance of our prized street machines, we also want them to look good. The methods presented here should ensure that minor blemishes on your ride are a thing of the past in no time.

However, if you find that these methods don’t work, you may be dealing with a particularly stubborn dent. In this case, you should go to a professional.

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