What is a Dispatching Service and How It Helps Trucking Company Owners?

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What is a Dispatching Service and How It Helps Trucking Company Owners

Truck dispatcher services are indispensable experts for freight transport companies. They possess extensive knowledge of the load board, truckers’ schedules, and customer communication. Collaborating with truck coordinators significantly streamlines the administration of your own enterprise, as affirmed on this website. Today, we will comprehensively delve into this occupation and comprehend its significance.

A dispatcher for a trucking company: what do they do? 

 What is a dispatching service? Essentially, they oversee the transportation of goods on behalf of the carrier. However, within this concise statement lies many obligations, operations, and interactions with various individuals. In reality, if an owner-operator operates without a dispatcher, a significant portion of their time is dedicated to tasks that a dedicated specialist could execute more swiftly and effectively. Therefore, we recommend closely considering the employment of a freight dispatcher to focus on more crucial matters.

So, what are the tasks of dispatch services for owner-operators?

  • Maintaining trip records
    Dispatchers electronically document brief particulars about each departure made by truckers with cargo to ensure accurate reporting. These records facilitate monitoring of truckers’ workload, conducting vehicle inspections, and resource management. Additionally, truck dispatchers generate invoices and oversee client payments.
  • Customer and trucker communication
    Freight dispatchers maintain constant communication. Customers often inquire about the status of deliveries, while truckers call to address urgent issues encountered on the road pertaining to their truck or cargo.
  • Prospecting for new clients
    These professionals actively seek new transport orders and new power only loads and communicate with potential customers to establish collaborative arrangements. Truck dispatchers inform prospective clients about the company’s pricing, delivery terms, and deadlines.
  • Resolving truckers’ issues
    Anything can occur during transportation. For instance, weather conditions may abruptly deteriorate, or cargo could sustain damage. In such cases, the dispatcher bears full responsibility and must effectively handle the situation.
  • Route planning
    Truck dispatchers strategize more efficient, cost-effective, and secure routes for both the cargo and the trucker. This entails considering weather conditions, truck road restrictions, and delivery schedules to devise optimal routes.
  • Facilitating information exchange between customers and drivers
    The dispatcher company also facilitates the transmission of vital information from drivers (such as delays in delivery) to customers and from customers (such as the loading point) to the trucker. Communication should be swift and comprehensible for all parties involved.

What tools do truck dispatchers utilize in their work?

Dispatcher service employs various software applications that expedite and facilitate their tasks, enabling them to focus on effective communication with customers and truckers. They utilize:

  • Route optimization software: Dispatchers input truck specifications, origin (point A), and destination (point B) into the program, which generates multiple route options. The dispatcher then examines these routes for areas with limited service, weather conditions in specific regions on particular days, and other factors.
  • Fleet management system: This software is essential for dispatchers better to understand driver schedules and the availability of vacant trucks. Often, a truck tracker is integrated into this system to expedite the identification of suitable truckers.
  • Delivery tracking software: Dispatchers can utilize this software to monitor ongoing deliveries, track the current location of trucks, and determine the remaining distance to be covered.

Why is a freight dispatching service necessary?

Establishing and growing their own business can be a formidable task for owner-operators. In many cases, these entrepreneurs have a background solely in trucking, with limited visibility into the comprehensive workings of a transportation company. The intricacies of dispatchers’ responsibilities, such as cargo procurement, often go unnoticed.

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This demanding task consumes significant time and effort. Similarly, engaging in effective communication with clients and devising optimal routes demands unwavering commitment. With numerous other obligations and responsibilities, owner-operators may find it advantageous to enlist the services of a dispatch service.

How to select a freight dispatcher service that complements your business without causing harm:

  • Clearly define the tasks and responsibilities you wish to delegate to the dispatcher.
  • Evaluate the cost of hiring specialists and determine if it aligns with your financial capabilities.
  • Seek input from fellow owner-operators to gather their experiences and recommendations.
  • Explore the offerings of various companies in the market.

Remember, the decision to engage a dispatcher should be based on your specific requirements and abilities. Nevertheless, these skilled professionals and their proficient services can significantly alleviate your workload. By entrusting them with these responsibilities, you will gain valuable time to make crucial business decisions and undertake trips, should you also assume the role of a trucker. Ultimately, this synergy enables you to handle larger cargo volumes and consequently increase your earnings. Such positive outcomes will alleviate any concerns regarding the cost of dispatch services.

How to choose an excellent freight dispatch service?

Several criteria can help you choose the ideal specialists for your needs.

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  • Reputation
    The opinions and experiences of your colleagues, truckers, and industry professionals are invaluable. Seek their feedback on various dispatch services or read unbiased reviews on independent platforms. Genuine reviews often provide more insightful information than mere advertising claims.
  • Dispatchers’ professional background
    While the duration of a dispatch service’s presence in the market does not guarantee suitability, placing slightly less trust in newcomers is still prudent. Verify the service’s experience, although it should not be the sole determining factor.
  • Communication with dispatchers
    These individuals will handle customer and trucker interactions on your behalf. Therefore, they must communicate with you in a straightforward and businesslike manner. The service should be responsive and easy to collaborate with.
  • Clarify additional expenses
    Before signing any contract, carefully review its terms to ensure that no unexpected costs will be imposed on you.

Remember that a dispatch service should simplify your work and life, not complicate them. If you sense any issues arising, exploring alternative companies and seeking assistance from other professionals is advisable. You can read our blog if you want to know how to start a dispatching service.

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