The best cars for students in 2022 – Best Cars of the Year

Your budget as a student is focused on studying and living expenses. You don’t want to upset this delicate balance by changing the way you travel. Not only does a car require money for the actual purchase, but it also costs a lot of money to maintain it.

As you know, students rarely have enough money for all of their living needs, so sooner or later they have to get a job. Work often takes up a lot of time which is never enough for studies, you can take care of your final grades in advance and buy research papers from professional writers in special services. If you’re trying to figure out which car is right for you, consider whether or not you really need a car for college. If so, the next step for you as a college student is to find the best and most affordable car and insurance.

We’ve compiled a list of the best cars for college students to help you compare different makes and models with a focus on budget, efficiency and safety because you have so much to do before you head off to college or university.

Do you need a car for college?

The first hurdle to overcome when buying a car for a college student is choosing between need and want. Is a car necessary for a college education? If not, a car will be another source of expenses for gas, insurance, and possibly parking. It will also be a serious source of distraction from your studies.

Some colleges forbid freshmen from owning a car. Many institutions use parking permits to restrict parking on campus. Having a car while in college can be a big problem. If you don’t need a personal vehicle to get to work or an off-campus flat, it may be more of a desire than a necessity. If so, give it up for the first two years.

Can I afford a car at college?

The cost of a car determines whether or not you can afford it. Whether the monthly cost is incurred by your parents or the student themselves, it should be as low as possible. Most car manufacturers, such as Ford Credit and Honda Financial Services, have their own finance companies that offer to finance new and certified pre-sales (CPO) vehicles. These are excellent places to start.

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If you get a loan outside of additional financing, all other things being equal, the monthly payment for a used car will almost always be lower than for a new one. Credit unions are known for offering car loans at low-interest rates.

Something to keep in mind when you are buying a car for a college student.

There are many factors to consider when buying a car, let alone buying a car for a college student. This procedure can easily be overwhelming. Don’t let the hassle of buying a car discourage you from buying one! By analyzing a few things, you may find that buying a car is not that difficult!

1. Decide on a car budget.

Start by setting a budget. Your goal will seem more attainable if you set a realistic budget. Think about how much you have in savings, how much money you earn or can afford to pay each month, and how you can save to invest in a car.

2. Do your homework

Now that you know how much you can spend, it’s time to explore your options. You’ll have a much better chance of finding a car that you can afford and that meets your requirements if you spend a little time researching before you buy.

3. Decide on the type of car you want to buy: new or used.

One of the most important decisions you will need to make is whether to buy a new or used car. Choosing a new car should be based on your budget and research. If so, it’s time to weigh the advantages of a new car over a used one.

4. Take a few test drives

While research can help you learn about what’s available and narrow down your options, it can’t tell you how the car will feel when you get behind the wheel. A car that looks good on paper may not turn out as planned. It is especially important for novice drivers to test several models so that they can see how the performance of different cars differs.

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5. Master the art of negotiation

Don’t be forced to pay a sticker price! Price is negotiable, unlike most things you will buy. Used car prices tend to be more volatile because they are not tied to the manufacturer’s production costs. Even if you take the lead in negotiating, it is important that a parent or other adult is present when discussing the price.

How much will motor liability insurance cost a college student?

The cost of insurance is a significant part of the total cost of owning a car. It is common knowledge that it costs less to insure some cars than others. Car insurance is quite competitive and a vehicle inspection can help you save money. In any case, car insurance requires a cash reserve, which you can get by taking on extra hours, and college grades can be handled by the best cheap essay writing service, which employs a real professional for a small fee, especially for students.

On the other hand, insurance premiums are affected by various personal characteristics such as driving history, annual mileage, place of residence, etc. D. Insurance has historically been a big part of the total cost of car ownership for drivers under 25 years old. Involve your insurer in the decision-making process. What role does car safety play for students?

Regardless of age or purpose, safety features and ratings should always come first when buying a car. Check the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) crash test results when narrowing down your list of options.

What other factors do you consider when choosing a college car?

Four doors, original laptop storage solutions, convenient parking, etc. are crucial, especially if the car will be used for commuting from college to your first job.

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On different levels, technological features are crucial. For example, voice recognition allows you to change the radio station or temperature level without taking your eyes off the road. For most students, however, what matters most is staying in touch.

At the very least, they want to be able to charge and integrate their devices into the car’s infotainment system. Again, the newer the model, the more connectivity options there are.

Finally, petrol is one of those monthly expenses that fluctuate greatly from year to year. This is due to fluctuations in oil prices. You should look for cars with better fuel efficiency, especially if you are on a tight budget.

Best cars for college students

This is a top list of the best autos for students of colleges:

1. 2021 Toyota Corolla

  • Starting price: $20,780 (4.4)

The Toyota Corolla is one of many cars on this list that has been named best in safety by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). It also has a low cost of ownership and a long history of reliability. The entry-level L model is reflected in Corolla’s starting price. By paying an extra $400, you can upgrade to the LE trim level. It has many more standard features such as automatic climate control, remote keyless entry, and a center armrest in the rear seat.

Toyota Safety Sense 2.0 is standard on all Corolla vehicles. Frontal collision warning, automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, lane assist, lane centering, traffic sign detection, and high beam assist are all included in this package.

2. 2021 Hyundai Elantra

  • Starting price: $20,645 (4.8)

Hyundai totally redesigned the Elantra for 2021. For a small entry-level SE price, you get the Hyundai SmartSense safety package for driver assistance, as well as predictable combined mileage of 37 miles per gallon. Available features include frontal collision warning, automatic emergency braking, lane assist, lane centering, driver attention warning, blind-spot monitoring, and rear cross-traffic alert.

High-beam assistant, 8-inch touchscreen, wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth with voice recognition, and two USB ports are also standard.

3. 2021 Honda Civic

  • Starting price: $22,005 (4.7)

A suite of Honda Sensing driver assistance systems including frontal collision warning, automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning, lane assist, and adaptive cruise control are standard on every Civic. One USB port and Bluetooth are part of the connectivity technology. Honda isn’t known for offering option packages. You’ll have to climb the ladder of interior trim levels to get more materials. If you need extra cargo space, opt for the hatchback.

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4. Mazda2021 3 years

  • Original price: $21,445 (4.0)

The Mazda3 gets a Top Safety Pick + rating from the IIHS. It also scores 31 miles per gallon in combined city and highway driving, according to the government. The Mazda3 has excellent handling and can be fitted with an all-wheel drive (AWD). We chose this car in our top best cars for snow because of its available all-wheel drive.

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Inside, the Mazda3 seems more expensive than it actually is. Although blind-spot monitoring is only available in the Select model, the Mazda3 comes standard with a frontal collision warning system, emergency braking system, lane departure warning system, lane-keeping system, adaptive cruise control, and driver attention warning system, and high beam assist. Bluetooth with speech recognition is standard, as well as an 8.8-inch touchscreen and two USB ports. 

5. Subaru Crosstrek 2021

  • Starting price: $23,295 (4.3)

All-wheel drive (AWD) is standard on the Subaru Crosstrek. Although the Crosstrek comes standard with a six-speed manual transmission, switching to a continuously variable transmission (CVT) for an additional $1,350 adds some important safety features. The Crosstrek also has a feature that allows you to choose between fuel economy and power. The fuel economy is also improved with the variator. Cumulative mileage is 30 miles per gallon compared to 25 miles per gallon with a manual gearbox.

If you opt for the variator, the base Crosstrek comes with Subaru EyeSight Driver Assist technology, which is the IIHS’s top safety choice. CVT also adds frontal collision warning with automatic emergency braking, lane-keeping support, and adaptive cruise control to the Crosstrek. A blind-spot monitor with a rear cross-traffic alert is available as an option or as standard on higher-level models. One USB port, 6.5″ touchscreen, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Bluetooth connectivity, and hands-free phone integration are included in the connectivity package.

6. Kia Seltos 2021

  • Starting price: $23,110 (4.8)

The Kia Seltos is a brand new small SUV from Kia. All but the LX versions of the Seltos come with a full suite of safety systems, including frontal collision warning with emergency braking, driver attention warning, lane departure warning, lane assist, lane alignment, and high beam assist, according to the IIHS. To get the blind spot monitoring system, you have to upgrade to the EX level, which costs $3,400 more.

Bluetooth with speech recognition, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and a single USB port are among the connectivity options. The Altos offers best-in-class cargo space and a large enough second-row seat to accommodate adults.

7. Hyundai Kona 2021

  • Starting price: $21,540 (4.2)

The Hyundai Kona is a small SUV that is worth its money. Its tiny size makes it easy to park on campus, and the rear cargo area is ideal for carrying things. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are also standard on this car. With the petrol engine, you can get up to 33 miles per gallon. (An electric car is also available).

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8. Honda XR-B 2022

  • Starting price: $22,140 (4.5)

The Honda HR-V achieves a respectable fuel economy of 30 miles per gallon in combined city and highway driving thanks to its spacious cabin. It also gets high marks in government and IIHS crash tests. Prices are quoted for the base LX, but the Honda Sensing Suite of systems includes frontal collision warning, automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning, lane assist, adaptive cruise control, and a blind spot camera. , only available in the EX configuration.

9. 2021 Nissan Sentra

  • Starting price: $20,335 (4.1)

The Nissan Sentra is a practical car with an elegant appearance and sporty style. This small car is equipped with “weightless” seats, which should make a trip to school or work more comfortable. The Sentra gets up to 39 miles per gallon on the highway (33 miles per gallon combined), so trips to the petrol station won’t be too expensive. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are standard on all models, so you can stay in touch with your hands on the steering wheel and keep your eyes on the road.

Even the base model includes a full range of SafetyShield 360 driver assistance features, including automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, rear cross-traffic alert, automatic rear braking, blind-spot warning, lane departure warning, and high beam assist. up to 10 airbags.

10. Kia Soul 2021

  • Starting price: $18,610 (4.5)

Even as an option, the entry-level IIHS Top Safety Pick award-winning model doesn’t include driver assistance. Frontal collision warning, emergency braking, and blind-spot monitoring with rear cross-traffic alert are included in the S-Class, which adds $3,100 to the overall cost.

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Bluetooth (without voice recognition), Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and one USB port are included in the base model. The standard Soul with a six-speed manual gearbox gets 27 miles per gallon in combined driving.

Top FAQs

What role does safety play in a student car?

Regardless of age and purpose, safety and ratings should always be at the top of the list when buying a car.

Can I afford a student car?

The cost of a car determines the possible payment. Whether the monthly cost is incurred by parents or the student themselves, it should be as low as possible.

Do you need a car for college?

If you don’t need a personal car to get to work or an off-campus flat, it may be more of a desire than a necessity. If so, give it up for the first two years.


Here are the ten best cars for students, from tiny SUVs to mid-sized sedans. All of these cars have excellent ratings and rank highly in our ratings. They are not only suitable for personal use but also for running a car business, an industry that may also be of interest to aspiring business students.

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