Why Installing LED Flood Lights On Your Truck Is A Good Idea

Safety on the road is paramount for every traffic participant. With the advancement of technology, we are seeing new ways we can ensure safety on the road and minimize accidents. Nowadays, LED technology is paving the way to safety with its serious visibility enhancement capabilities and applicability. 

LED headlights and especially flood lights for trucks have gained enormous traction as of late. Some countries have even given the green light for traffic signs powered by the power of LED.

If you are a truck owner that’s looking to get better visibility while on the road and improve overall traffic safety, you probably considered installing LED flood lights on your truck. To help you make the right decision, we’ve compiled a list of the benefits of using LED lights, so make sure you read on.

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Where Are Flood Lights Most Common

Flood lights are most common among slow-moving vehicles such as tractors, but that does not mean that they can’t serve a purpose in everyday traffic. Since flood lights are mounted on the side or on top of the vehicle, they are easily mountable on trucks as well.

Why Are Flood Lights So Good For Trucks

Truck flood lights are a great asset to have if you are off-roading more often than not.  The improved visibility that truck flood lights bring can possibly save your life on the road. LED lights are brighter than the usual halogen lights and produce a larger amount of lumens per watt which means that your truck battery will keep running longer. 

Truck LED flood lights are extremely durable and can withstand extreme weather conditions. The lack of filaments that can burn out and the fact that they are shock-resistant make them the perfect option for off-road enthusiasts.

On top of all of those benefits, LED flood lights are extremely easy to mount. You can follow the manual or if you want to ensure that the mounting process is done properly, you can consult a local mechanic. However, be wary that installation done by a professional can be a bit pricy.

Their Effectiveness

There are many sizes and shapes of LED lights, including floodlights and spotlights. They can also be found in combination, which increases their efficiency. You may have noticed that some of your fellow motorists are now using LEDs if you have been driving with incandescent light bulbs. Incandescent bulbs have been preferred by truckers for decades, but they can be very pale in comparison to LEDs which are extremely bright. To achieve the desired effect, you don’t need multiple light bulbs.

They Are Environmentally Friendly

Since no lead or mercury is used in the production of LED flood lights, the carbon emissions are completely eliminated. If you want to feel good and be environmentally conscientious, LED flood lights are your best pick. They will also last you much more than normal lights, around 30.000 hours. 

LED floodlights are much more environmentally friendly compared to other types of lights due to the fact that after they fulfill their purpose, they can be easily recycled.

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They Are Perfect In The Combination With Spotlights

On work vehicles, spotlights and flood lights are often combined. They can be used together to serve as a beacon, locator, or tracking tool for different types of night work.

Combining spotlights and flood lights allows them to perform different tasks at once. Flood lights can be activated to help with driving through fog, while spotlights can be turned on to aid in seeing further away and spotting potential obstacles.

When choosing work lights for your work vehicle, think about the visibility required for the task and whether you require a pattern of depth (spotlight) or breadth (floodlight). There are many specifications/preferences you should consider, such as the material, dimensions, color output, number and wattage of the product, and their expected life expectancy.

Be aware that light intensity is only one factor in Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. When reviewing lighting applications for future builds, make sure you know the specific requirements.

Final Thoughts

LED flood lights are an overall great addition to any vehicle, especially trucks. The added visibility of the lights will result in safer roads and a reduced amount of accidents. If you are a truck owner that’s environmentally conscientious, led lights are less toxic than other alternatives and can be easily recycled.

If you are looking for easily mountable lights that are extremely durable and effective, LED flood lights are the perfect fit for every truck owner to stay safe on the road.

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