8 Best Car Interior Cleaners and Protectants for 2023 Review To Buy Online

best car interior cleaner

Whenever there is a talk about cleaning the car most car owners focus their attention on the exterior. The biggest mistake they make is overlooking the importance of the interior’s cleanliness. Sure your vehicle’s exterior goes through a lot outside but the interior also undergoes its struggle. Your car’s interior is where you spend most of your time thus you must keep the area clean & well maintained. 

Using the best car interior cleaner is one of the best ways to ensure the cleanliness of your vehicle’s interior. No one likes to sit in a car that stinks, is covered in dirt & debris, and is highly unsanitary. 

Just like the name suggests, the best interior car cleaner is something that will help you keep the dashboard, the seats, and the floor of your car well maintained.

You can find numerous products for the job but if you want to protect yourself from the massive headache of going through every available product out there, our list of eight best car interior cleaners will help you big time.

Top Picks Best Car Interior Cleaner Review & Buying Guide

Cleaning your car’s interior means cleaning every area in that restricted area. You need to take care of the dashboard, seats, floor & mats. Using a vacuum for the floor and mats is the best option as it is easy to use but for the upper regions of the interior, you need more than just a vacuum cleaner.

Below we have a list of 8 best car interior cleaners that come with the best cleaning formula and will not harm or damage the fabric & material of your vehicle’s interior:

Our Pick1
interior car cleaning
Chemical Guys InnerClean Interior Quick Detailer and Protectant
  • A perfect product to clean LCD navigation screen, steering wheel, and seats.
  • The product cleans, conditions, and protects your car’s interiors well.
best interior car cleaner
Meguiar’s Quik Interior Detailer Cleaner
  • Deep cleaning formula leaves a dark, rich shine without the greasy appearance
  • Cleans & protects the interior of your car
interior cleaner for car
Car Guys All Purpose Super Cleaner
  • Not safe to use on glass
  • No Harmful Chemicals
  • Easy to Use
  • Applicator Included
  • Made in the USA

What Are The Different Types Of Car Interior Cleaners?

Before you jump on cleaning your car’s interior there are a few things that you need to know. If you want to purchase the best car interior cleaner, first you need to understand what different kinds of cleaners for cars are available in the market.

Prominently there are two types of car interior cleaners that you can buy. Both are good choices to consider but to know which one suits you best, it’s time to learn about each of them.

– Interior Wipes

If you are looking for an efficient and quick cleaning option, then interior wipes are an excellent choice. They are the most convenient as you do not need any extra items to use them. All you need is to get one out of the pack and rub it well against the surface you want to clean.

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Sure they are not ideal for the in-depth cleaning, but they are sure the better alternatives for immediate cleaning and stopping that spill from settling down in your car’s interior.

– Spray Cleaners

If you are thinking of buying the most used or most selling car cleaning interior item, then the spray cleaners are the obvious winner. Spray cleaners are the easiest to use as you get better control over the product distribution. You can find some of the strongest car interior cleaners in this category.

But the thing that you need to remember is that method of application varies from product to product.

You will come across some products that can be directly sprayed on the surface whereas there will be some that need a cloth or towel for application.

Things To Consider When Purchasing Car Interior Cleaner

Now that you are familiar with what different types of car interior cleaners you can find in the market, it is time to move forward to the next step.

Knowing about different types of cleaners is not enough. You must learn about different attributes that will help you to buy the best cleaner for car interior plastic.

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The following are some of the features for you to consider when buying a cleaner for your vehicle’s interior:

– Suitability

One of the most crucial factors for you to look at is the suitability of the product. You need to check if the product you are about to purchase is compatible with your car’s interior or not.

Some products work well with leather surfaces, whereas some are meant to be used only with textile and nothing else. So check what is the material of your automobile’s interior and check if the product you like suits your vehicle or not.

– Security

Your security should be your topmost priority. Chemical components are usually prime ingredients in cleaning agents, so you need to check if the product you choose contains harmful chemicals or not.

Always go through this step, always do a spot test to ensure that the product is not harmful. If you see no reaction during your spot test, the product is good to go.

– Aroma

Aroma or fragrance needs to be sorted out as well. Some cleaners come with a strong aroma, some with a light scent and then there are a few that are odorless.

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Buying a cleaner with a strong scent is ideal if the interior of your car smells as it will help in neutralizing the odor. But you also need to take into consideration that many people are prone to headaches or nausea to such aromas. In such a situation going for an odorless one is the right decision.

– Ease Of Use

Doesn’t matter if you are a veteran car user or a new one, any item you buy for your car should be user-friendly.

It is not only about applying the product but the ease of handling it. You should look for a bottle that does not strain your wrist.

– Price & Quantity

Another crucial factor for you to look out for is the price and quantity of the product. You must never buy a product that exceeds your budget.

Also, keep an eye looking for how much quantity you will get for a particular amount. Try to find a product with a better price to quantity ratio.

8 Best Car Interior Cleaners and Protectants for 2023 Review To Buy Online

You sure have been there when you are enjoying your car ride, and out of the blue, you needed to step on the brakes. Though no damage was done physically, you found your entire coffee spilled on your dash, seats, and floor.

This is just an example of a regular incident that keeps happening inside our car. There are moments when we can’t afford to have a messy car.

At such times owning the best car interior cleaner is your ticket out of Misery-Ville. Below we have a list of eight cleaners for your car interior that is not only the best in the market but also come with ease of use and price.

So let us check them out and see which one suits you best.

1. 303 Interior Cleaner – All Surface

best interior car cleaner
  • The product is highly versatile. You can use it on all kinds of electronic devices.
  • It is safe to use on vinyl, plastic, leather, rubber, metal, gauge panels, dashboards, windows, and door panels in your vehicle.
  • You get a streak-free sparkling surface after cleaning.
  • Repels dirt & dust
  • Easy to use. Shake and spray. You can use it directly on the surface or use a microfiber towel for the process.
  • Comes with a 2 years shelf life.
  • Made in the USA

One of the most versatile products on our list of best car interior cleaners is the 303 Interior Cleaner. This product is safe to use on glass, leather, vinyl, electronic screens, and any other surface you find in a regular vehicle.

This product repels the dust very well and cleans every surface without leaving any streaks or residue behind.

Like we said above, you can use it on all kinds of electronic items which means you can use it inside your house to clean that television, laptop, or any mobile device you own.

The product comes with a shelf life of two years which is good for its price. Furthermore, the usage instructions are clear on the pack making it all easy to use. It is one of the best car interior cleaners and protectants.

2. Mother 18324 Speed Interior Detailer

best cleaner for car interior plastic
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Easy to use.
  • It quickly dissolves dirt, fingerprints, and oily films.
  • Do not leave behind any kind of greasy residue or streak.
  • Safe to use on all interior surfaces.

Mothers 18324 Speed Interior Detailer is every buyer’s dream. This product is not only budget-friendly but also holds some of the best properties you can ask for in a car interior cleaner.

This product will help you keep the fresh new look & smell of your car alive. It holds some of the best dirt repelling properties. It quickly dissolves any kind of dirt, fingerprints, and other stains.

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You can use it on any type of interior without having to think twice, and it is easy to use. Spray & wipe is all it takes to get a shiny surface with this item.

3. Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions Car Interior Misting Detailer Spray

best cleaner for car vinyl interior
  • The Flairosol technology helps in even misting applications.
  • The fine misting sprayer ensures the even spread of the product.
  • It is ideal to use all interior surfaces like plastics, vinyl, leather, rubber, tech screens, and glass.
  • It even deodorizes your interior and leaves a clean fresh aroma.
  • Natural cleaning enzymes clean & remove odor for up to 24 hours.
  • It provides a protective layer against UV rays.
  • You get clean glass surfaces without any streaks.

This Turtle Wax product does an amazing job at cleaning any kind of surface your car’s interior has. The unique Flairosol spray bottle provides you with ease of usage.

The product not only cleans the surface but also leaves behind a clean fresh scent. It is quite simple to use the product. All you need is a microfiber cloth to do the applying of the product evenly on the surface.

This Turtle Wax Hybrid solution even protects your interior from UV rays and is safe to use on glass and other electronic screens inside your ride. It is a perfect on-the-go use product that offers many functions to keep your car clean and is the best-smelling car interior cleaner on this list.

4. Chemical Guys InnerClean Interior Quick Detailer and Protectant

interior car cleaning
  • Advanced UV protection helps prevent breakage and fading.
  • Unique dust-repellent technology.
  • It is safe to use on plastics, rubber, vinyl, leather, glass, and other surfaces.
  • A perfect product to clean LCD navigation screen, steering wheel, and seats.
  • The product cleans, conditions, and protects your car’s interiors well.

The Chemical Guys Inner Clean is another best car interior cleaner. It does a marvelous job at removing and body oils from any interior surface while restoring the original OEM appearance.

The product leaves behind a layer that protects from harmful UV rays. It also holds a pleasant smell that will refresh your interior and your mood. 

All you need to do is spray the product on a microfiber cloth and wipe away the surface you want to clean. It is that simple. This product is one of the best out there as it is easy to use, works well on almost every surface and the pleasant scent puts it among the best. 

We think this product is going to be the ideal choice for many buyers like you.

5. Miracle Wipes for Automotive

best interior cleaner
  • All-purpose cleaner
  • Heavy duty
  • Dual texture
  • Polypropylene fibers
  • Multi-surface Electronic Cleaning Wipes
  • Home or Office Convenience
  • Microfiber Cloth Included
  • Easy Two-Step Cleaning
  • Quick-Dry Formula
  • Anti-Static, Surface-Safe Use
  • Gentle and Ammonia-Free

The MiracleWipes is an all-purpose cleaner that is ideal for all automotive interior cleaning. These wipes can easily remove grease, lubricants, sticky adhesives, grime, dirt, and more from your car.

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The dual texture of the wipes allows to scrub off the stubborn stains well. These wipes are available in small and large sizes. This product is designed to rehydrate the skin to prevent cracking, cuts, chapping, and dryness.

Furthermore, you can get a money-back guarantee deal on this product.

6. Meguiar’s Quik Interior Detailer Cleaner

best interior car cleaner
  • Safe to use on all car interior surfaces including plastics, vinyl, leather, rubber, metal, and even LCD and navigation screens
  • Gentle and high-lubricity formula 
  • Easily cleans dust, dirt, grime, and spillage
  • Contains sun-blocking agents to guard against aging, fading, cracking, and drying
  • Deep cleaning formula leaves a dark, rich shine without the greasy appearance
  • Cleans & protects the interior of your car

When it comes to taking care of your car, Meguiar is one of the best brands you can buy. This Meguiar interior cleaner not only cleans the surface of your interior but also protects it well.

This item comes in easy to use spray bottle making it easy to do the cleaning job. It is safe to use on all kinds of car interior surfaces, including plastics, vinyl, leather, rubber, metal, and even LCD and navigation screens.

The high-lubricity formula makes it easy to spread evenly on the surface and wipe the dirt off. It is ideal to lift off the settled dirt, dust, spills, stains, and give a rich shiny appearance.

7. Car Guys All Purpose Super Cleaner

interior cleaner for car
  • Made with nanotechnology
  • Effectively clean the dirt and grime at the molecular level
  • A multi-purpose product to clean your dashboard, seats, floor mats, etc
  • Best for leather, vinyl, plastic rubber
  • Not safe to use on glass
  • No Harmful Chemicals
  • Easy to Use
  • Applicator Included
  • Made in the USA

The CarGuys super cleaner is an effective all-purpose cleaner made with advanced nanotechnology that helps in effectively removing away all sorts of dirt, dust, and grime at the molecular level.

There are no harmful chemicals in the cleaner, and you can use it to clean almost every interior surface. You can even call it one of the best cleaners for car vinyl interiors.

However, it is not to be used on glass surfaces. The spray bottle makes it easy to use, and all you need to do is spray and scrub it off.

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An applicator is also provided in the package which saves you from buying one for an extra cost. It is made in the USA. So if you want something local, this is the product for you.

8. Nextzett Cockpit Premium Interior and Dashboard Cleaner

best car interior cleaner
  • Silicone-free
  • Gives non-slip finish
  • Leaves a factory matte finish
  • Protects against fading from heat
  • Leaves a low gloss sheen finish
  • Strong UV blockers
  • Leaves a sealed in water and dust repellant finish

The NextZett cockpit premium interior and dashboard cleaner removes dust and light dirt from all the surfaces but also leaves a shine-free factory finish that even repels dust to give you a long-lasting finish.

You can use it on the dashboard, armrests, steering wheel, instrument cluster, audio and navigation screens, rubber floor mats, shift knob, and center console. 

It even shields your interior from UV rays giving long-term care and protection. This product makes it easy to wipe down the tough leather surfaces keeping them clean without a trace of greasy or slippery look.

Top FAQs About Interior Cleaner For Car

How do I keep the inside of my black car dust-free?

Regular cleaning is the only way to keep your black car dust-free. It is better to have a car vacuum cleaner, microfiber cloth, and exclusive cleaning product available in the car all the time so whenever there is a need you can just use it as soon as you need it.

What is the best product to clean the interior of the car?

There are many products available in the market that you can use to clean the interior surface of your car. While you can make your head struggle to narrow down the best choices or you can simply check out the best of the best products that will work wonders for your car cleaning purpose.

  • 303 Interior Cleaner – All Surface
  • Mothers 18324 Speed Interior Detailer
  • Turtle Wax 53482 Hybrid Solutions Car Interior Misting Detailer Spray
  • Chemical Guys InnerClean Interior Quick Detailer and Protectant
  • MiracleWipes for Automotive
  • Meguiar’s G13616SP Quik Interior Detailer Cleaner
  • CarGuys All Purpose Super Cleaner
  • Nextzett Cockpit Premium Interior and Dashboard Cleaner
How can I clean my car interior like a pro?

Cleaning a car’s interior is all about preparation. You need to understand what you want to clean and what is needed to do the process.

To clean your car interior like a pro, all you need is a cleaning product suitable for your interior materials, one or two clean microfiber cloths. If your product is not for glass cleaning, you may want an exclusive glass cleaner as well.

Thus, with all these products you are set to clean your car interior well. Do as per the instructions on the product you are using, and it will smooth like butter.

Is dish soap safe for cleaning the car interior?

Never use a household cleaning product like dishwasher detergent, hand soap, or a regular glass cleaner to clean your car’s interior.

Such items are not formulated to be used on the car’s paints, and there are chances they might strip off the protective wax 

Don’t use household cleaning agents like hand soap, dishwashing detergent, or glass cleaner on the paint. These aren’t formulated for use on a car’s paint and may strip off the protective wax from the surface.

So either go for old school with simple water or use exclusive cleaning products.

Can I use baby wipes to clean my car interior?

Never use just random stuff to clean your vehicle’s interior. You should always go for the best all-purpose cleaner for the car interior. But if somehow you want to use one, always do a patch test.

For your leather interior, use products that are specially designed for leather. However, for vinyl interiors, a microfiber cloth comes in handy.

How often should I clean my car’s interior?

To ensure your car interior is all sparkling and shiny, you should do the deep cleaning at least once a month.

But as you know, you cannot predict when you will end up spilling something in your car, so it is wise to always carry the cleaning items with you all the time. They are small and won’t take much space in your cargo area.


Our list of best car interior cleaners ensures you get excellent items for your vehicle. The list contains a detailed description of each product which makes it easy to compare and choose. So which product is ideal for your car?


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