Top 5 Best Honda CRV Seat Covers Review To Buy Online In 2023

best honda crv seat covers

Are you tired of getting your Honda CR-V’s seats getting dirty every now & then? Does it make you frustrated to see your Suv’s interior getting ruined by the actions of you, your family & pets?

If yes, then you need an effective immediate solution like owning the relevant seat covers. Today in this article, we bring you the list of the 5 best honda CRV seat covers.

Seat covers are one of the few ways that can ensure the safety of your vehicle’s seating area. You don’t have to worry about your seats getting stain, water spill, or pets’ hair.

We will talk about the most relevant products to your Honda CR-V and discuss in detail their features, price, buying guide.

So keep reading to find out the honda CRV 2023 seat covers.

Our Best Picks Of Honda CRV Seat Covers With Buying Guide

If you ever thought of protecting your original seat covers, then buying seat covers might have crossed your mind. Well, you are not alone in this. Almost every car owner or rider thinks of such a thing, but not many go with the plan.

The sole reason is lack of willingness to look as they find so many choices available confusing. It is justified as having too many choices can overwhelm you, making you unable to decide.

To help you with this, below we bring you the five best honda CRV seat covers that will protect your SUV for good.

seat covers for honda crv
EKR Custom Fit Full Set Car Seat Covers For Honda CR-V
  • A secure fit is ensured by high-quality buckles and zippers
  • Tailor-made
  • Easy to install
  • Two-year limited warranty against defects
  • Suitable for Honda CR-V 2023
Our Pick2
genuine honda crv seat covers
LUCKYMAN CLUB Car Seat Cover Full Set For Honda CRV
  • Easy To Clean
  • Airbag & armrest compatible
  • The product comes with covers for front & rear seats and armrests
honda crv waterproof seat covers
Aierxuan 5 Car Seat Covers Full Set Universal fit for Honda CRV
  • Unique storage pouch
  • Zipper design
  • Airbag and seat belt compatible.
  • Designed to fit 50/50, 40/60, 60/40 split rear benches

How To Purchase The Best Honda CRV Seat Covers?

Buying seat covers can help you in many ways, and they serve different purposes. The 2023 seat covers for honda CRV can increase your comfort level while driving and the overall practicality of your seats.

Not only this, the best seat covers for honda CR-V will enhance the aesthetic of your vehicle’s interior. But not many are aware of the benefits the car seat covers hold.

Below we have the benefits that you can enjoy by owning the car seat covers, followed by the easy way to purchase the best one out there.

Benefits Of honda seat covers crv:

Car seat covers can help you in many ways. Here, we have listed the five major benefits that buying the best honda CRV seat covers will provide you.

  • Damage Protection– Over time it is common for a vehicle’s seats to wear & tear, get damaged, and weather poorly. There can be numerous reasons like kids, pets, spills, stains, etc.

They all can ruin your seats, but if you own seat covers, they can protect your original seats from such issues and save you on repair & maintenance costs.

  • UV Protection– Sun is the biggest bully of all. The high UV rays of the sun can damage or fade away the seats & dashboard of your Honda CRV.

However, the dashboard & seat covers will protect your interior from the high-end sunbeams and shield them from getting faded away.

  • Value– The leather seat covers for hondacrv will help in protecting the value of your ride. Protecting our car’s interior is protecting its resale value for later.

The better condition your ride is in, the better value you get for its sale. And the seat covers help you in retaining the originality of your vehicle’s original seats.

  • Aesthetics– Throughout usage, the vehicles start to look old and weathered out. You can change it by applying seat covers of different styles and colors to your car.

This will not only protect your interior but also spruce up your interior and make it livelier.

Easy Purchasing Guide For Genuine Honda Seat Covers:

Now that you are clear on what benefits owning car seat covers holds, we will now move forward to talk about how you can purchase the best seat covers for your sport utility vehicle Honda CR-V.

You have to have a clear idea of what type of seat covers you want. Your needs can be different from others, so do not rely on others’ advice completely.

– Budget

This may sound cliche, but nothing works out if you can not afford it. So, set a budget that you can spend on buying the honda CRV seat covers and stick to it.

– Material

The next thing that you need to decide is what type of material you would like to have in your car. You are the only one who can decide on it.

Review your lifestyle, the weather conditions in your city, and your daily routine in your car.

Leather, Neoprene, Faux Leather, Velour, etc., are the prime materials available in car seat covers. So, choose a material that fits your budget well.

– Color Scheme

Nowadays you can find car seat covers in different colors& styles. You can have calm gray to funky pink and many other combinations to hype up your interior.

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So choose your color style and narrow down the choices from there.

– Features

Now you need to decide on the features. Yes, you need to decide about the touch, water resistance, wear & tear resistance, durability, installation, washing, etc. 

Decide on what top features your car seat covers should hold, then look for only those products.

– Number of Seat Covers

Decide how many seats covers you want. Do you want seat covers only for the driver’s seat, front row, or the entire car?

Check what your requirement is and search accordingly. See if honda CRV back seat covers are all you need or you want to redesign the entire interior.

Shop Around

Now that you are all set on the features you want in your car, search around. Look up online and see which products fall into your line of desire.

Shortlist the products and look on different online selling platforms, compare prices, and choose the one that fits best.

– Fit

Check via different reviews and videos if the car seat covers that you choose will fit your car or not. You will find many makers making seat covers exclusively for your ride, while many come in a universal fit.

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So check which one is best for your Honda CR-V.

– Purchase

Now that you are all sure about the color, features, size, price, and number, now is the time to make the purchase.

Look if any offers or deals are available. And then make the final purchase for your car.

Review The 5 Best Seat Covers For Honda CRV

Honda is one of the biggest car manufacturers in the world. When it comes to owning reliable and safe vehicles, Honda makes it to the top of the list.

So to make sure your extravagant Honda CR-V Suv is safe & clean from the insides, the listed seat covers are the best alternatives.

They are not only affordable but also come with zero to low maintenance costs. Let’s begin and check them out.

1. EKR Custom Fit Full Set Car Seat Covers For Honda CR-V

seat covers for honda crv
  • The package includes front & rear seat covers, headrest covers, and airbag cutouts
  • Offers high durability, water resistance, and great breathability
  • Easy to clean and dry
  • A secure fit is ensured by high-quality buckles and zippers
  • Tailor-made
  • Easy to install
  • Two-year limited warranty against defects
  • Suitable for Honda CR-V from 2017-2023
  • Brand: EKR
  • Color: Beige, Black, Black-Gray, Black-Red, Leatherette(Black)-Suedette (Pink)
  • Material: Faux Leather
  • Cleaning Tip: Machine Washable

The EKR custom-fit car seat covers are custom made to fit your Honda CR-V, making them one of the best honda CRV seat covers. The package includes seat covers for the front & back row, headrests, and special cutouts for airbags.

This Honda car seat covers for cr-v are made of faux leather with foam padding and a protective polyester shell that offers high durability, great breathability, and excellent water resistance.

The high-quality buckles and zippers ensure a secure fit. These covers will protect your seats from spills, stains, and damage.


  • Full coverage fit Waterproof Good color range available Stylish outlook Side airbag compatible
  • 2 year limited warranty


  • Some customers claim that installation is a tough task

2. OASIS AUTO 2017-2023 CRV Custom Fit PU Leather Seat Cover

leather seat covers for honda crv
  • Suitable for Honda CR-V from 2017-2023
  • Minimalistic stitching
  • Provides a clean and simple appearance.
  • Soft, breathable, and waterproof 
  • Easy to clean and dry
  • Custom-fit seat covers are year & model specific
  • Step by step installation video available 
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Brand: OASIS AUTO
  • Color: Black, Burgundy, Orange
  • Material: Leather
  • Cleaning Tip: Air dry

OASIS honda CRV seat covers are available for CR-V models from the year 2017 to 2023. These seat covers are custom fit and are year & model-specific. These are some of the best honda CRV seat covers available in the market.

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The seat covers are made of PU Leather with minimalistic stitching that provides a simple yet clean appearance.

The material is soft, breathable, and waterproof protecting your seating area from any kind of accidental spill. You get a maker’s video for installation and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Thus, if you want leather seat covers for honda crv, OASIS AUTO is the brand you might want to look into.


  • Custom-fit provides full coverage The installation guide is simple & easy to follow


  • Installation is time-consuming

3. LUCKYMAN CLUB Car Seat Cover Full Set For Honda CRV

genuine honda crv seat covers
  • Easy to install with the assistance of the maker’s installation video
  • The material is soft, water-resistant, and scratch proof
  • Easy To Clean
  • Airbag & armrest compatible
  • The product comes with covers for front & rear seats and armrests
  • Color: Black, Gray, Black-Blue, Black-Red
  • Material: Leather, Polyvinyl Chloride
  • Cleaning Tip: Wet Towel Is Enough

Another genuine honda CRV seat covers you can get is from the LUCKYMAN CLUB. The maker offers a full set seat covers package suitable for your Honda CR-V. The seat covers are made with faux leather which offers immense comfort and is water & scratch proof. It is super easy to clean. All you need is a wet towel, and you are done.

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These seat covers for honda CRV are airbag and armrest compatible too making your ride comfy and safe.

For installation, all you need is to look up the suggested installation video and you are good to go with these best honda CRV seat covers. 


  • Highly compatible with all Honda CR-V models Side airbag compatible Armrest
  • compatible Durable, waterproof, scratchproof Easy to install


  • Do not provide full coverage

4. CarsCover Custom Fit 2017-2023 Honda CR-V Neoprene Front Seat Covers

honda car seat covers for crv
  • Water-Resistant, Scratch-Resistant
  • Soft cushion feel
  • Easy to install
  • Provides UV resistance
  • Protect against stains
  • Tailor-made to the exact specifications of all Honda CR-V models (2017-2023)
  • The Package consists of 2 bottoms, 2 backrests, 2 headrests, including map pockets
  • Brand: MFK
  • Color: Black, Gray
  • Material: Neoprene
  • Cleaning Tip: Hand Wash and Air Dry

If you are looking for honda CR-V seat covers 2023 or the former model years, then these custom-fit honda CRV seat covers by MFK might be the one for you.

The product is made of neoprene which makers boast to be soft, UV resistant, and waterproof. These seat covers can protect your seats from any kind of spill & stain.

This product is tailor-made for Honda CR-V produced from 2017 to 2023. It will fit perfectly into your interior.

MFK seat covers are easy to install and clean. Simple hand washing and air dry are all you need to do.


  • Lightweight Easy to install Many storage pockets provided Waterproof, scratchproof, and UV resistant


  • Dated design Not many style choices are available

5. Aierxuan 5 Car Seat Covers Full Set Universal fit for Honda CRV

honda crv waterproof seat covers
  • High-quality wrinkle-resistant leather
  • Separate headrest cover for the front seat, easy to move.
  • Unique storage pouch
  • Zipper design
  • Airbag and seat belt compatible.
  • Designed to fit 50/50, 40/60, 60/40 split rear benches
  • Brand: Aierxuan
  • Color: Black, Black-Red, Black-White
  • Material: Faux Leather
  • Cleaning Tip: Regular wash

Another best Honda CRV seat covers that will ensure the safety of your original seats are the universal fit covers for Honda CRV from Aierxuan.

The cover package comprises 2 front-row covers, 2 front headrest covers, adjustable back-seat covers, a small bag of hooks & plates for installation, and an installation manual.

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The two-line zipper design makes it super easy to install & uninstall, plus the installation manual is always there to help. These leather seat covers for honda CRV are made of breathable material that provides maximum comfort.

This product is waterproof, wear-resistant, easy to clean, and is airbag compatible as well. Thus, get the best seat covers for honda CRV to buy in 2023.


  • Installation manual provided Neat zipper design
  • Waterproof Wear-resistant Airbag compatible


  • Not compatible with non-detachable headrest Can’t use on seats with built-in seat belt Designed to fit only 50/50, 40/60, 60/40 split rear benches

Top FAQs About Genuine Honda CRV Seat Covers

Should I look for a warranty while buying seat covers for my car?

YES. Warranty is the only thing that assures you of your purchase and provides security. 

Most of the time it happens that you buy a product but it comes damaged or it doesn’t fit well or it somehow wears out within a few days of purchase.

In such circumstances, a product under warranty can help you get your claim from the maker. You can either get your money back or the company will replace your product without any issue.

Are the seat installation instructions easy to follow?

That depends on the product you have purchased. Some makers provide installation manuals to their buyers that hold step-by-step instructions for placing the seat covers. 

Whereas some provide online videos that show how you can install the product.

Overall the seat installation instructions are easy to follow as there are not many variables. But if you still find the task difficult on your own, you can ask for a friend or family to help you.

Should I go for the custom-fit or the universal-fit?

The first preference of any car seat covers buyer should be the custom-fit. It is because the custom fit covers are exclusively made for your car model and will fit perfectly without a doubt.

However, with a universal fit, there can be a little deviation in the fit. It sure will cover your seats, but it won’t be a perfect one.

What is the best material for seat covers?

There are different materials in which the car seat covers to come. Some of the most prominent materials for seat covers are:

  • Leather
  • Neoprene
  • Faux Leather
  • Polyvinyl Chloride

You can decide on the best based on your requirements. See if you want waterproof, dustproof covers, and according to that, you can check which material provides all these features.

How often should I wash my car seat covers?

There is no fixed period to wash your car seat covers. However, you should clean them with damp clothes every day if possible and have them machine wash or hand wash every other week to get rid of the stain & smell.

The better you maintain your seat covers, the longer you can use them.

What are the top features that car seat covers must hold?

A car seat cover can hold many features that can assist you in the best way possible. However, there are certain features that you can not overlook, and any seat covers you buy must possess them.

  • Your car seat covers must be waterproof and highly wear & tear-resistant.
  • They should be easy to clean.
  • The seat covers should protect your interior from harmful UV rays.
  • Should come with a warranty.
  • Easy to install & uninstall.
  • Airbag & seat belt compatible as safety can not be compromised.
What are the best car seat covers that I can buy for my Honda CR-V?

In 2023 the best car seat covers that you can buy for your Honda CR-V should not only be able to protect your original seating but provide a complete makeover to your car’s interior.

To help you better, below we have listed 5 best seat covers for honda CR-V that will not disappoint you:

  1. EKR Custom Fit Full Set Car Seat Covers For Honda CR-V
  2. OASIS AUTO 2017-2023 CRV Custom Fit PU Leather Seat Cover
  3. LUCKYMAN CLUB Car Seat Cover Full Set For Honda CRV
  4. CarsCover Custom Fit 2017-2023 Honda CR-V Neoprene Front Seat Covers
  5. Aierxuan 5 Car Seat Covers Full Set Universal fit for Honda CRV

These products don’t only protect your interior from spills, stains, but scratches as well. These are the ideal honda CR-V dog seat covers.


Car seat covers are like silent protectors for the original seating of your car. They help you maintain your ride well and enjoy it to its fullest.

Our list of best honda CR-V seat covers contains the names of the five best seat covers for your SUV with the best features & rates.

So which car seat covers do you like the best?


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