Best Oil Filter For Duramax Diesel Engines Review In 2023 To Buy Online

best oil filter for duramax diesel engines

Oil changes are significant in powerful engines, such as Duramax diesel. You’ll need the best oil filter for Duramax diesel engines to go along. 

The smooth operation of your car depends on lubricating the engine properly. In a couple of seconds, your automobile’s engine will be operating! Your fuel filters are doing their job.

We do not need to introduce you to Duramax, as you are all familiar with its services and brand. It would be more meaningful to talk about something else. And that is the oil filter. Despite many years of experience with the engine, many of you still might have difficulty finding the right oil filter.

However, you need not worry since we will assist you! Simply read the text to have a basic understanding of the best oil filter for 6.6 Duramax engines, among many other filters.

7 Best Oil Filter For Duramax Diesel Engines With Synthetic Oil

What is the best oil filter for Duramax diesel engines currently available? When trying to choose a brand from the many alternatives available, buyers may feel overwhelmed. In addition to low-cost knock-offs, there are just too many options on the market.

Here is a list of 7 alternative oil filters to consider for your Duramax diesel engine after evaluating and analyzing it. We analyzed a number of factors to determine the best oil filter, including durability, materials, designs, expert reviews, and user ratings.

Our Pick1
best oil filter for duramax diesel engines
FRAM Ultra Synthetic Automotive Replacement Oil Filter
  • Product Grade: Performance Part
  • Easy Installation
  • Durable Dual Layer
  • Superior Engine Performance
  • High-Temperature Resistance
best oil filter for 6.6 duramax
Motorcraft FL2016 Oil Filter
  • Product Grade: Performance Part
  • Maintain Proper Oil Flow in Extreme Weather Conditions
  • Steel-Iron Outer Casing
  • Silicone Anti-Drain Back Valve
  • Easy-To-Install
best oil filter for 6.6 duramax
ACDelco GM Original Equipment Engine Oil Filter
  • Product Grade: Replacement Part
  • 98% Filtering Efficiency
  • 25-30 Micron Filter
  • Cellulose Media
  • High Durable Design

What To Consider Before Buying An Oil Filter?

We’re helping you to find the best oil filter for the Duramax diesel engines. But, you need to know what aspects to look for and evaluate to acquire the best oil filter for 6.6 Duramax diesel engines. Before making a purchase, consider the following criteria:

A. Oil Filtration

An oil filter must filter all potential contaminants to qualify as high-quality. All filters would have a micron rating, which would assess the particle size that the filter medium can effectively catch.

For peak performance, use an oil filter with a micron level of 5 or higher. An appropriate oil filter also features a metal end cap and a middle tube.

B. Properties For High Temperature

Almost all filter media are suitable for use with water-based products. When filtering hot oil, glue, or any high-temperature substance, use a filter medium to withstand high temperatures and extended exposure.

The best oil filter for Duramax LML should withstand high temperatures for efficient filtration.

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Filtration media is a filter used to remove contaminants from engine oil. The most regularly used filtering medium is listed below:

  • Mechanical: It consists of pleated filter paper, which collects impurities on the surface and separates oil from pollutants.
  • Magnetic: This type of oil filter uses electromagnets as the filter media.
  • Sedimentation: There is no unique filtering material in this. These rely on gravity to perform all of the filter’s functions.
  • Centrifugal: This design compels the oil to spin at a set pace inside the enclosure.

C. Durability

Top-tier oil filters can withstand continuous contact with trash, air particles, dirt, and even tiny pebbles or gravel. When exposed to these factors, a lower-quality product may degrade.

You need to ensure that the oil filter can handle harsh climates and terrains. Filter materials include the following:

  • Cellulose: These filters are disposable filters that may stop particles as small as 8-10 microns.
  • Synthetic: These filters use glass, nylon, and polyester. It can remove even the tiniest particles from the fluid. And it can last up to 6000 miles before changing.
  • Micro-Glass: Most of the best filter manufacturers use micro-glass in the making. These filters are almost ten times better than cellulose filters. This can eliminate even the tiniest particles and can last up to 10,000 miles before needing to be replaced.

What Are The Different Types Of Oil Filters For Duramax LML?

An oil filter is a mechanical device that keeps contaminants, dirt, and unburned gasoline out of the fuel supply. The component only enables new oil to circulate into the engine while keeping dirt out. You should treat or replace the oil filter after a particular period.

Other car hydraulic systems use an oil filter, such as automatic gearboxes and power steering. Oil filters are also usable in gas turbine engines like jets. The filter is used in vehicles, boats, and airplanes to purify the oil and remove dirt.

Therefore, there are 5 different oil filters, which help keep the mechanism dirt-free. So, we’re here to discuss these types of oil filters. Keep reading.

A. Primary Oil Filters

These are the most common motor oil filter types. They’re also known as full-flow filters, and they filter out all contaminants thoroughly. Oil filters limit the flow of oil since they must filter it continually.

Restricting the flow of oil can damage the engine. Primary oil filters help to avoid this by reducing the amount of impediment to oil flow.

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The engine oil sets in cold temperatures, causing it to travel more slowly through the system. Primary oil filters do not create this problem since they do not impede the oil from flowing freely through the engine.

This type of filter enables comparatively bigger particles to pass through. Automobile manufacturers provide a bypass valve if the membrane becomes too clogged with pollutants as a safety measure.

B. Secondary Oil Filters

Besides the basic oil filters, these are essential to your car’s system. On the other hand, secondary filters operate independently of their primary counterparts.

These filters purify a tiny amount of engine oil by filtering it and removing excess impurities. Since additional filters work alongside the other filters, it doesn’t require frequent oil replacement.

If your car does not come with secondary oil filters, you may always add them afterward. Secondary oil filters, often known as bypass filters, are not the same as bypass valves.

C. Thermal Chamber Oil Filters

These filters serve two purposes. They do not only filter oil like traditional oil filters, but they also offer an additional feature.

These filters raise the oil’s temperature to allow some impurities to burn or disintegrate. These filters require energy for this reason.

The filters deplete your car’s power source, lowering its fuel efficiency. This is a disadvantage of using this type of filter.

D. Centrifugal Filters

Centrifugal oil filters are another name for them. The contaminants in the oil are pushed to the bottom of the filters as they spin at high speeds. A membrane and a housing chamber make up the filters. You need to replace the membrane if it becomes blocked with pollutants.

However, you can still use the housing chamber if it is in fine condition. A base gasket at the bottom of the filters prevents oil from pouring through. After 3000 miles of driving, you should examine the base gasket.

E. Magnetic Oil Filters

As their name indicates, these magnetic filters attract and eliminate tiny metal impurities contained in the oil. These filters cannot remove dust because they cannot collect dust.

There is no need to replace these filters; simply cleaning them often and properly should ensure that they provide optimal performance.

Check Out The 7 Best Oil Filters For Duramax Diesel Engines In 2023

We all want our vehicles to be as safe as possible. Running a car without an oil filter is quite risky. Consequently, no one wants to mess with this delicate component that could leak water.

Oil filters prevent dirt, contaminants, and unburned gasoline from entering the engine. Instead, the component will only allow new oil to circulate into the engine, keeping dirt out. This is why you should replace oil filters simultaneously.

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We all know that Duramax diesel engines are powerful, demanding the best oil treatment available. So, if you’re seeking the best oil filter for Duramax diesel engines, we’re here to assist you.

1.  Bosch 3323 Premium FILTECH Oil Filter

best oil filter for duramax diesel engines
  • Brand: Bosch
  • Dimensions: ‎3.3 x 2.3 x 2.3 inches
  • Weight: 0.45 Pounds
  • Product Grade: Performance Part
  • Filtech Media Technology
  • Strong Steel Base Plates
  • Silicone Anti-Drain Back Valve
  • Meets or exceeds OEM requirements

Bosch oil filter is one of the best oil filters for Duramax diesel engines if you wish to keep your oil clean. The Bosch FILTECH technology offers superior filtration and wear prevention thanks to its combination of conventional and industrial materials.

It has a larger filter area than a standard filter and can filter more harmful pollutants. A silicone anti-reflux valve ensures a clean oil supply once you start your car. And it has solid steel base plates and housing that provide a secure fit with no distortion or leaking.

Furthermore, its filtering plates are 42 percent larger than regular filters. Also, the filter channel is approximately 30 percent wider than ordinary filters. It allows the filter to screen for more harmful contaminants.

These filters are better for your engine, providing more perks than other manufacturers. Moreover, they meet or exceed all OEM warranty criteria and will last a long time.


  • Filters more harmful pollutants to increase engine safety
  • Ensures a clean supply of oil when starting the car
  • Provides a tight seal yet is easy to evacuate
  • Double roller screwed seams


  • A bit of weak cellulose paper on the component filter

2. FRAM Ultra Synthetic Automotive Replacement Oil Filter

best oil filter for duramax diesel engines
  • Brand: FRAM
  • Dimensions: 3.01 x 3.01 x 3.63 Inches
  • Weight: 7.2 Ounces
  • Product Grade: Performance Part
  • Easy Installation
  • Durable Dual Layer
  • Superior Engine Performance
  • High-Temperature Resistance

The Ultra Synthetic Spin-On Oil Filter with SureGrip is of exceptional quality and has cutting-edge technology. And this filter is one of the best oil filters for Duramax diesel engines with synthetic oil.

Before oil passes through the engine, the dual-layered film captures 99 percent of metal particles, carbon, and dirt. As a result of these characteristics, it has earned a place among the top Duralax oil filters.

The pressure relief valve prevents unfiltered oil from entering the engine and ensures a constant oil flow. The filter’s components are composed of high-quality materials. The casing is composed of painted steel for perfect fitment and erosion resistance.

Companies make anti-drain back valves made of silicone to resist extreme temperatures and wear and tear. SureGrip anti-slip material covers the case for simple installation and removal.


  • Top-grade filter components
  • Resist erosion and fits perfectly into the engine
  • It can tolerate high temperatures and guarantees the free supply of oil to the engine
  • Coated case with SureGrip anti-slip material
  • Comes with easy replacement and reinstallation


  • Average quality cardboard

3. Motorcraft FL2016 Oil Filter

best oil filter for 6.6 duramax
  • Brand: Motorcraft
  • Dimensions: 1.4 x 1.1 x 0.8 Inches
  • Weight: 0.35 Pounds
  • Product Grade: Performance Part
  • Maintain Proper Oil Flow in Extreme Weather Conditions
  • Steel-Iron Outer Casing
  • Silicone Anti-Drain Back Valve
  • Easy-To-Install

The Motorcraft FL2016 offers excellent engine wear prevention. Abrasives such as carbon, sand, dust, and metal fragments are screened out of your oil by the filter. Its outstanding qualities have made it one of the best oil filter for Duramax diesel engines with synthetic oil.

Its pressure relief valves reduce the possibility of impure oil returning to the engine. The valve keeps the engine’s oil supply flowing in freezing temperatures or when the filter is clogged.

It’s coated with iron for a precise fit, fluted for easy removal, and painted to resist corrosion.

Additionally, effective filter media increases the potential to gather dirt and catch more engine-harming particles. The engine collects harmful particles. In addition, the filter has an anti-drain back valve that is heat and pressure-resistant.


  • Works smoothly even in cold weather
  • It has a 12-month guarantee
  • It fits very well even on many other diesel engines


  • A bit expensive

4. ACDelco GM Original Equipment Engine Oil Filter

best oil filter for 6.6 duramax
  • Brand: ACDelco
  • Dimensions: 5.6 x 4 x 4 Inches
  • Weight: 1.1 Pounds
  • Product Grade: Replacement Part
  • 98% Filtering Efficiency
  • 25-30 Micron Filter
  • Cellulose Media
  • High Durable Design

The ACDelco shop manufactures the first product. This one is composed of stainless steel and paper and is a little heavier. Paper has a cellulose medium since it is composed of cellulose. You probably think about what’s so remarkable about it.

Well, this medium is highly effective in keeping the oil supply clean. This medium captures even the smallest particles. As a result, this cellulose medium may capture particles as small as one-third of a hair width.

This oil filter has a filtering effectiveness of 98 percent. It can filter particles down to 25-30 microns.

Furthermore, the thermostatic adhesive does an excellent job of keeping the filter paper in place. As a result, it can provide the trustworthy filtration that every Duramax oil filter requires.

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This filter is incredibly robust in addition to being good at filtering. It is built with a reliable flow management system to ensure its long life.

Another key feature of oil filters is their capacity to withstand high oil pressure. In this aspect, this product is 5 times better than other filters.


  • Manages the 30 microns at 98% output
  • Affordable
  • Provides adequate durability
  • You can mount on 97% of vehicles
  • 12,000 miles of coverage guaranteed


  • Poor packaging

5. Purolator PL14610 PurolatorONE Spin-On Oil Filter

best oil filter for 6.6 duramax
  • Brand: Purolator
  • Dimensions: 2.88 x 3.63 x 2.88 Inches
  • Weight: 6.4 Ounces
  • Product Grade: Performance Part
  • High-Density Synthetic Media
  • Silicone Anti-Drain Back Valve
  • Provide Wear Resistance
  • 99% Dirt Removal

It is one of the best oil filters for Duramax diesel engines with synthetic oil. We recommend the Purolator oil filter if you want a quality, long-lasting, and low-cost oil filter.

It all starts with a synthetic mix media with a high density. The mixed-media produces a 99 percent output and can go up to 10,000 kilometers. However, you must use full synthetic oil.

You should change the oil and filter every 5,000 miles. It will also save you a significant amount of money in the long term. Furthermore, it has provided a lot of value considering the low asking price.

The company makes the filter out of high-quality materials, including a silicone anti-drain back valve and a metal bypass valve. The metal center bar and end caps are also of excellent quality.


  • Longer lifespan ensured with metal and silicone components
  • Filters 99% or more of the dirt
  • Decent, 15 g greater than average efficiency
  • Reasonable price


  • Not the best for high-performance cars

6. Royal Purple 10-2867 353465 Oil Filter

best oil filter for duramax diesel engines with synthetic oil
  • Brand: Royal Purple
  • Dimensions: 2.75 x 2.75 x 3.62 Inches
  • Weight: ‎8 Ounces
  • Product Grade: Performance Part
  • Thick Shell Material
  • Synthetic Media
  • Premium Nitrile Rubber Gasket
  • Silicone Anti-Drain Back Valve

Royal Purple is one of the top producers in the auto-care industry with the extended life oil filter. This filter provides 99 percent efficiency at 25 microns, thanks to the 100 percent synthetic micro-glass medium.

You may be confident that the impure oil that enters the filter will emerge clean and ready to use in your engine. These factors make it one of the best oil filters for 6.6 Duramax diesel engines.

The synthetic fibers are extremely light and robust, preventing practically all pollutants from passing through. All of the components are top-notch.

You can use a silicone anti-drain back valve and a nitrile rubber base gasket to prevent leaks and dry starts. The metal end caps, middle tube, and bypass valve have a useful life of over 10,000 kilometers. This is a significant figure that justifies the filter’s relatively high cost.

The filtration system’s casing is also extremely thick, protecting the interior components from road debris and harsh weather.


  • Durable design with premium components
  • Expect at least 10,000 miles of use before the filter change
  • The cleaning efficiency of 99% at 25 microns
  • Extra-thick coat


  • High expensive

7. IFJF Spin-On Oil Filter For Duramax Diesel Engine

best oil filter for duramax lml
  • Brand: IFJF
  • Dimensions: 3.3 x 3.2 x 3.1 inches
  • Weight: 0.8 Pound
  • Product grade: Replacement part
  • Prevent abrasives
  • Provide efficient fuel flow
  • Advanced filtration efficiency
  • Easy-to-install

It’s time to reveal another useful oil filter that looks great under a microscope. So, let us explain why we believe this product is one of the best oil filters for Duramax LML engines.

The ability to avoid contaminants is the first feature that makes it a suitable choice. It is particularly excellent in removing carbon particles, grime, and dust. As a result, the engine will not get gritty or unpleasant.

Thus, the engine will have a longer lifespan. Yes, this feature has a significant influence on the engine. It also can withstand transmission wear.

However, selecting this product will provide you with a positive user experience. You will also benefit from the ease of installation. So, if you think this will work for you, go ahead and do it.


  • Capable of filtering out harmful particles.
  • It prevents transmission wear.
  • It fits quickly and easily.


  • Low gasket quality

FAQs About Best Oil Filter For Duramax LML

What Does The Oil Filter Do?

Motor oil is required to lubricate your vehicle’s engine and moving parts. The engine also needs to seal out impurities that might hinder performance when utilizing the oil.

The filter removes any debris, metal fragments, or dirt that may have gotten into the oil. We strongly recommend installing the filters on your Duramax truck to improve drivability.

When Should I Change My Oil Filter?

According to most experts, you should change the oil and oil filter every 7,500 to 10,000 miles. These are the three signs that it’s time to replace it:

  • Change your oil filter every time you change your car’s oil
  • When the service engine light is off
  • When being driven in extreme terrains and conditions
Does Synthetic Engine Oil Require A Special Filter?

Major motor oil producers say that synthetic oil does not require a unique or specialized oil filter. Oil filters of high quality will filter pollutants more effectively since they are of higher quality.

It is entirely OK to use any type of filter with oil. On the other hand, synthetic oil may not give the requisite service life. You must change the conventional oil filter during the oil drain period. However, it is difficult to use synthetic oil with prolonged drain intervals.

Do Oil Filters Matter?

Oil filters extend the life of your oil and allow you to travel further between oil changes.

The oil may circumvent the filter in rare situations. Such as when the filter is blocked or when oil thickens and cannot move through it correctly during icy conditions.

Does The Oil Filter Brand Matter?

The manufacturer is generally the one who makes a decent, excellent, or best filter. You won’t have to pay extra for a better filter if you use mineral oil and change your filter regularly.

You should choose a top-of-the-line filter brand if you use synthetic oils or plan to change them more regularly.

Can I Use The Same Filter Twice?

The filter captures pollutants and keeps them within the medium of the filter. Dirt particles, agglomerated soot, metal particles, and other debris accumulate in the medium over time.

The pressure differential will activate the bypass valve if the filter blocks. It allows oil to bypass and prevent oil starvation. Sure, dirty oil is better than no oil, but it’s not a long-term solution.

Final Thoughts

The oil filter is crucial for a healthy and smooth-running vehicle. Anyone familiar with automobiles is fully aware of this.

However, choosing the right and perfect product might be challenging at times. As a result, we attempted to include all the required information and insight to make it easier for you.

We hope that our evaluations will assist you in finding the goods you need. You can choose the best oil filter for Duramax diesel engines from the above list.

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