9 Best Shocks For GMC Sierra 1500 4×4 Review You Can Buy In 2023

best shocks for gmc sierra 1500 4x4

Choosing the Best shocks for GMC Sierra 1500 4×4 might be tricky at times. Some shocks aren’t a good fit for a GMC Sierra.

The GMC Sierra 1500 pickup truck line is vast, powerful, and challenging, making it the ideal work truck or towing vehicle for lifting heavy loads. The GMC Sierra 1500 is a heavy-duty truck that requires some heavy-duty parts to work correctly due to its sheer size and power.

Shocks are one of the essential components of any large pickup truck. Shocks mediate the movement and performance of your spring system, ensuring ideal tire-to-road contact at all times.

With good shocks on your vehicle, you can feel hardly any road bumps while feeling like your entire suspension system is damaged.

Because every truck on the market has different suspension lift systems and chassis. And shocks are often calibrated to fit the exact specifications of a particular vehicle line or kind.

If you own a GMC Sierra 1500, you’ll be pleased to learn that various shocks are available. It’s essential to determine whether you need new shocks for your vehicle before purchasing them.

Pick Top Heavy-Duty Shocks For GMC Sierra 1500 With Buying Guide

Shocks have excellent maneuverability, stability, and stopping power. It has a significant impact on a vehicle’s overall performance, particularly when cornering, accelerating, and braking.

The best GMC Sierra 1500 shocks are designed to provide a smooth ride. It aids in vehicle stability by minimizing wheel vibration and motion while driving on a rough road surface.

As a result, strong shock absorbers are essential for pick-up trucks and commercial vehicles. Our top 9 choices are the result of much research and analysis. The following are the best 9 struts for GMC Sierra 1500.

best shocks for gmc sierra 1500 4x4
Bilstein 24238304 Shock Absorber
  • Aids wheel alignment.
  • Easy Installation.
  • Zinc-coated design.
  • It fits the GMC Sierra 1500
Our Pick2
best shocks for gmc sierra 1500 4x4
ACDelco 530-301 Shock
  • It includes a Piston rod.
  • Self-lubricating technology.
  • Reduced fluid aeration.
  • Scratch-resistant frame.
best shocks for gmc sierra 1500 4x4
KYB 565104 MonoMax Absorber
  • Position: Center
  • It offers a positive seal.
  • Monotube design.
  • Upgraded suspension performance.
  • Coated in Zinc.
best rear shocks for gmc sierra 1500
KYB SR4079 Strut Plus
  • Optimizes the vehicle’s height.
  • Better handling capabilities.
  • Pre-assembled fitment.
  • Corrosion-resistant.

5 Things To Consider Before Buying Best Struts For GMC Sierra 1500

When selecting a suitable shock absorber, selecting the one with the best features is vital. They ensure that your car has the necessary support to operate while on the road.

This section discusses factors to consider before choosing the best shocks for GMC Sierra 1500 4×4.

Take a look at the following.

1. Mounting Accessories

Before buying it, installing Shocks on a GMC Sierra 1500 is something to think about.

Shocks are crucial since a difficult-to-install one will cost consumers additional time. Then you may need professional assistance. Using a professional requires the user to spend additional funds to pay for their services.

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Check the product and how well it arrives. Even the user can quickly fix those requiring specific equipment to complete the installation process.

The kit includes washers, mounting bolts, bushings, reservoir clamps, and other accessories. With all of this, installing the shock absorber becomes considerably easy.

Some may not directly state the properties, but they are still an excellent option. Some shock absorbers come with all of the necessary accessories already installed. Then all that’s left is to install it in the proper location in your vehicle.

2. Durability

A durable shock absorber can function in harsh situations without degrading its performance. The sort of components utilized to make the shock absorber in the first place, however, is a sign of durability.

The metal components of some shock absorbers are very durable. The paint keeps out water and prevents corrosion.

When a metal frame is exposed to water regularly, its quality degrades, becoming less effective. This occurs when a shock absorber is not covered, allowing rust to enter the absorber.

When selecting a shock absorber, make sure it has a proper coating and is corrosion-resistant. Users won’t have to buy a new one as regularly as before, saving them money. The higher the quality, the longer it will serve you.

3. Shock Boots

Shock absorbers are used frequently on the road and throughout this time. It is natural to collect dirt, dust, and debris as it travels. When the car is driven off-road or in unclean locations, such things are more likely to occur.

These dirt and other components, on the other hand, may go into shock, causing the performance to decline. As a result, it’s critical to choose one that can address the problem quickly and easily.

A shock boot is a cover for a shock absorber made of plastic or a non-abrasive material. Shock boot ensures that none of the hazardous particles are in the shock. Then it works as well as it would in a normal setting.

When choosing a shock absorber for the GMC Sierra 1500, make sure it includes a shock boot. Unlike the other methods, they would eliminate the prospect of the shock requiring regular replacement.

4. Pricing

Users of the GMC Sierra 1500 may not always have the same budget, so the shock absorber they choose will vary. As a result, you must select one within your budget.

Because there are numerous on this list, any of them could be a good fit because they are all as effective. Note that a shock absorber that is larger than your budget will cost you more in the long run.

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A price set too low may compel the user to take advantage, which is undesirable.

5. Performance Level

The shock absorbers enhance the performance of the GMC Sierra 1500. Better suspension is a desirable feature in any vehicle.

As a buyer, you should seek a company that provides these properties. They’d maximize their buy and make it easy to end up with a fully working automobile.

5 Different Types Of Heavy-Duty Shocks For GMC Sierra 1500

When purchasing shocks for your truck, the type of shocks you choose is the most important.

There are five different types of shocks available, each with its performance, handling power, and suspension support characteristics.

Read the descriptions of each shock type below to determine the best struts for GMC Sierra 1500.

A. Twin Tube

Twin-tube shocks are affordable and make a good choice for people who only do occasional interstate driving. If you take your truck off-road frequently, you should avoid twin-tube shocks because they aren’t optimum.

The fact that twin-tube shocks heat up quickly when exposed to high speeds is one of their disadvantages. And the fluid in them tends to mix with air, resulting in foam that impacts performance.

B. Gas Charged

Aeration isn’t an issue with gas-charged shocks. After all, the nitrogen gas in the outer chamber is present. They help prevent brake dive, which is a common symptom of other shocks.

Gas-charged shocks have some drawbacks, including the potential for leakage over time and installation difficulty.

C. Monotube

Monotube shocks have the advantage of allowing their installation in any orientation. They also feature excellent heat dissipation, allowing them to perform at higher levels for longer periods.

They’re also perfect for drivers who frequently travel off-road because their design allows for precise damping. MonotubeMonotube shocks have only two drawbacks: they are pricey and can reduce travel time owing to system stacking.

D. Coilover

Coilover shocks are excellent for towing since they are adjustable and can bear big loads. As a result, you will save money and be able to change the ride height for maximum damping performance.

E. Reservoir

Reservoir shocks can be rebuilt and come with valving options, allowing you to fine-tune performance. Because the pistons may fully stroke through the whole body of the shock, they pose no risk of aeration and allow for increased travel.

Reservoir shocks have several drawbacks, including their high cost and the need for specialized mounting equipment.

Browse The 9 Best Shocks For GMC Sierra 1500 4×4 In 2023 To Buy Online

Shock absorbers provide a comfortable ride for any vehicle on the road. They’re more important for trucks that frequently go off-roading for fun or jobs. You can purchase them separately or with a suspension raise, increasing ground and fender clearance.

In trucks and other vehicles, shocks serve two purposes. Shock absorbers, for starters, aid in managing the vehicle’s springs and suspension impact and rebound movement. They make the voyage more pleasant for both the driver and the passengers.

Therefore, it can be tough to determine which shock absorber is best for your raised truck. To help you choose the best shocks for GMC Sierra 1500 4×4, we’ve compiled a list.

Have a look at the list below.

1. Bilstein 24238304 Shock Absorber

best shocks for gmc sierra 1500 4x4
  • Brand: Bilstein
  • Dimensions: 68.58 H x 10.16 L x 10.16 W ( cm )
  • Weight: ‎6.6 Pounds
  • Position: Front
  • Aids wheel alignment.
  • Easy Installation.
  • Zinc-coated design.
  • It fits the GMC Sierra 1500

The Bilstein B6 4600 Monotube Gas OEM Shocks Set is pre-tuned to fit your 1500, making installation simpler. This shock absorber is at the top of our list of best front shocks for the GMC Sierra 1500.

These shocks are pre-tuned means that you can expect excellent performance straight out of the box. You’ll also appreciate that they provide a smooth ride while boosting vehicle control.

These OEM shock absorbers provide fade-free performance, so you may ride for miles without worrying about your vehicle’s stability. Because of their high-quality construction and long-lasting performance, we chose these shocks as an option.

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It helps lift the shock from the ground and offers more distance after installation.

There is frequently no need to employ a professional or adjust the edges while installing the absorber. It was built from the start to fit into the car with ease.

The zinc coating on the shock absorber is also important since it protects it from scratches. Users will benefit from a more durable design.


  • OEM Shocks
  • Vehicle-Specific Pre-Tuning
  • Performance Upgrades
  • Improves Drive Quality


  • Availability

2. ACDelco 530-301 Shock

best shocks for gmc sierra 1500 4x4
  • Brand: ACDelco
  • Dimensions: ‎19.9 x 4 x 3.2 Inches
  • Weight: ‎4.37 Pounds
  • Position: Front
  • It includes a Piston rod.
  • Self-lubricating technology.
  • Reduced fluid aeration.
  • Scratch-resistant frame.

When installed on a vehicle, the ACDelco 530-301 Gas-Charged Shock Absorber improves control. When you use a gas-charged shock absorber, you get a self-lubricating component for your car.

As a result, the shock absorber is highly resistant to oxidation and corrosion. Such features make this product one of the best front shocks for the GMC Sierra 1500.

Thanks to a reinforced but chromed piston rod, the shock absorber features an ultra-smooth surface that looks nice on the vehicle. It does an excellent job of repelling scratches on the surface when considering the chroming feature.

Even when used on bad roads, the surface remains the same and appears brand new.

This one cuts when looking for a shock absorber with a longer seal life. Internal friction is kept to a minimum inside the shock, contributing to its exceptional durability.

The gas charge in the ACDelco 530-301 allows for less fluid aeration. This results in a faster response time and less foaming, among other benefits.

This shock absorber provides more control than non-gas-filled shock absorbers. An o-ring hydraulic piston seal is included in this package, which helps to reduce piston blow.


  • It comes with more control.
  • Designed to be durable.
  • It offers a better response time.
  • Resistant to scratches.


  • It could be stiff sometimes.

3. Rancho RS55265 RS55198 Absorber pair

best shocks for gmc sierra 1500 4x4
  • Brand: Rancho
  • Dimensions: 24 x 5.53 x 3 Inches
  • Weight: 11.82 Pounds
  • Position: Rear
  • It includes protective boots (red).
  • Specific tuning features.
  • Designed for a 4WD.
  • Velocity-sensitive valving.

Rancho offers this product as a set of shock absorbers for the front and back of the car. These shocks have the advantage of eliminating the need to purchase shock absorbers separately for each vehicle.

The shock absorber set also comes with a pair of red protection boots, making it stand out. Users appreciate the addition of such boots when purchasing shock absorber pairs.

The Rancho pair is preferred because it allows consumers to change the shock to match their vehicle’s specific needs.

This product comes with a ten-stage velocity-sensitive valving system in the design to enable these tuning features.

Because the GMC Sierra 1500 is a four-wheel-drive vehicle, this shock absorber is only available for GMC Sierra. And that’s why it is one of the best rear shocks for the GMC Sierra 1500.

As a result, customers with 2WD vehicles will find that this is not the best solution.


  • It works best with the GMC Sierra 1500.
  • It allows being tuned.
  • It comes as a pair of shock absorbers.
  • It comes with a protective boot.


  • Not suitable for a 2WD.

4. KYB 565104 MonoMax Absorber

best shocks for gmc sierra 1500 4x4
  • Brand: KYB
  • Dimensions: 25.2 x 16.14 x 9.06 Inches
  • Weight: 5.50 Pounds
  • Position: Center
  • It offers a positive seal.
  • Monotube design.
  • Upgraded suspension performance.
  • Coated in Zinc.

The KYB MonoMax Absorber is the ideal modification for a vehicle’s shock absorber. KYB shock absorbers provide 40% higher damping performance than other shock absorbers on the market. This shock is also one of the best shocks for the GMC Sierra 1500 4×4.

If you require a shock to deliver the best performance upgrade, this will be a fantastic choice. The shock also serves as an improvement for a car that requires extra suspension.

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A truck monotube design is used in the shock absorber, which performs better than other typical options on the market. The shock maintains its integrity even when users are forced to travel through harsh situations.

This is made possible by the shock’s zinc-coated yet stainless steel piston ring. This characteristic has the advantage of being very resistant to dampness and other adverse conditions.

Protective rubber boots are included with the shock absorber to keep dirt and debris off the road. They protect the shaft and ensure that the seal is always safe.

It does not deliver as much smoothness as one could expect when driving. Following your purchase, the installation process is simple and quick. It is also unnecessary for users to employ a professional to install the shock absorber on their automobiles.


  • A piston ring is included as well.
  • More suspension is available.
  • Dirt and trash are kept at bay.
  • Working in harsh environments.


  • Not very smooth

5. Monroe 34504 Shock Absorber

best shocks for gmc sierra 1500 4x4
  • Brand: Monroe
  • Dimensions: ‎23.3 x 4 x 2.8 Inches
  • Weight: 2.6 Pounds
  • Position: Front
  • More fluid operation.
  • Consistent performance.
  • It uses non-dust shields.
  • It offers a long service life.

The Monroe 34504 Gas-Magnum is a gas shock absorber that helps to reduce the amount of pressure required for a vehicle to perform. Due to the reduced pressure, the vehicle would have a longer operational life with the shock.

This is feasible because of a one-inch bore unit included in the design. Also, this product is among the list of best heavy-duty shocks for the GMC Sierra 1500. So, this shock is the product you can look up to.

A two-inch reserve tube is contained within the shock absorber. The shock absorber’s components provide a more fluid and spontaneous action.

Users are given a more consistent performance while put in their vehicle for a shock. The Monroe shock absorber also has a 5/8-inch piston rod, a unique feature.

This piston rod is a heavy-duty nitro-carburized rod that keeps shielded from harsh conditions for the users to have a more robust shock absorber.

Users of the GMC Sierra 1500 will have no problems installing this shock absorber in their vehicles.


  • Designed to last long.
  • It has a heavy-duty piston rod.
  • It ensures a more fluid operation.
  • It comes with protection from dust.


  • Difficult to get a return order.

6. Bilstein 33-238319 Shock Absorber

best shocks for gmc sierra 1500 4x4
  • Brand: Bilstein
  • Dimensions: 26.3 x ‎5.5 x 2.9 Inches
  • Weight: 5.5 Pounds
  • Position: Rear
  •  Sturdy design.
  • Improves the vehicle feel.
  • It includes front leveling.
  • Durable designs.

Bilstein 33-238319 is a shock absorber with high-quality components that can withstand extreme conditions. They stay robust on the road despite their oddity. Unlike other shocks, which may become noisy due to the unstable position it is forced to assume.

The shock absorber at the front of the vehicle provides some leveling. It is now possible to drive, and the Sierra remains stable on the road. And this shock can be your best rear shock for GMC Sierra 1500.

The height for the leveling functions should be at least two inches high. Another benefit of leveling is that it slightly raises the car off the ground. This reduces the amount of time it spends in touch with speed bumps and the ground.

They both ensure that the vehicle is not harmed while traversing difficult terrain. This shock absorber is waterproof since it is a sturdy shock absorber that has been built to survive extreme situations.

Even when driving through a little flooded area, the shock absorber does a decent job passing through the water without rusting.


  • Designed to be waterproof.
  • It comes with a front lift.
  • Stays stable while in use.
  • Lifted from the ground.


  • Not enough review.

7. ACDelco 903-035RS Spring Assembly

best rear shocks for gmc sierra 1500
  • Brand: ACDelco
  • Dimensions: ‎26 x 8.8 x 8.6 Inches
  • Weight: 26.5 Pounds
  • Position: Front
  • High carbon steel construction.
  • Chrome-plated design.
  • It offers precision tolerance.
  • It includes anti-foaming agents.

ACDelco spring assembly is one of the best shocks for the GMC Sierra 1500 4×4. It guarantees that the vehicle will perform admirably following installation.

A pre-assembled kit is included in the packaging, eliminating the need for each component. The time spent coupling the shock in the first place is saved by using a pre-assembled installation.

The shock is rust and corrosion-resistant because of its steel construction. Users can employ this shock in flood-prone areas without the shock losing its effectiveness. The company uses high-quality steel for endurance and high carbon content.

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The shock is designed with a unique tube bore to provide consumers with a comfortable experience when using it on their GMC Sierra 1500. It’s a micro-finished tube bore. They make sure that the piston and seal are in good working order.

Another feature of the shock is its high-performance hydraulic oil, which comes with friction modifiers. They can achieve a tremendous level of friction as a result of this.

The anti-foaming compounds in ACDelco shock absorbers help reliably dampen the vehicle’s force.


  • Rust-resistant.
  • Anti-foaming agent included.
  • It allows for crisp blow-off waxing.
  • It regulates the temperature range.


  • It doesn’t come with hardware.

8. KYB SR4079 Strut Plus

best rear shocks for gmc sierra 1500
  • Brand: KYB
  • Dimensions: 27 x 11 x 12 Inches
  • Weight: 5 Pounds
  • Position: Rear
  • Optimizes the vehicle’s height.
  • Better handling capabilities.
  • Pre-assembled fitment.
  • Corrosion-resistant.

The KYB SR4079 Strut is a shock assembly from the OEM line of high-definition struts. As a result, the shock absorber is designed specifically for the GMC Sierra 1500. They ensure that the vehicle is more stable and controlled.

Users can have a shock that optimizes the car’s height when utilizing this shock absorber. It can sometimes assist in lifting the car higher off the ground than it would ordinarily be.

Even those looking for professional results can use this shock absorber for various reasons. One of the reasons is that it is pre-assembled and engineered to fit perfectly.

Pre-assembled shocks are more convenient to install and save customers time. Another feature of this shock absorber that stands out is that it has been fatigue tested.

It has a better coil spring and is supposed to last longer. These shocks are also coated to resist corrosion and prevent rusting, even when utilized in moist environments.

Suppose a vehicle is equipped with an electronic safety system. In that case, this is the shock absorber of choice for such a demand.


  • Engineered to fit without modifications.
  • It works with ECS designs.
  • It offers better handling.
  • Resistant to corrosion.


  • Packaging is not promising.

9. Fox 2.0 Performance Shock

best rear shocks for gmc sierra 1500
  • Brand: Fox
  • Dimensions: ‎19.5 x 9.1 x 3.5 Inches
  • Weight: 9.68 Pounds
  • Position: Front
  • Includes all required extras
  • Mounting bolts are reusable
  • GMC Sierra 1500 compatible
  • There are no mounting plates

Fox 2.0 is a performance shock that allows people to buy one that can serve several areas simultaneously. It comes in a four-piece kit that covers both the front and rear of the vehicle.

This eliminates the need to buy a new one for each region of the car. If a vehicle with this installed travels off-road, it may behave very differently. According to users, it went a little harder and faster than it should have gone.

This shock absorber comes with necessary accessories, so users don’t have to bother about buying them during installation. A washer, mounting bolts, bushings, reservoir clamps, and other items are included in the box.

You can reuse the mounting bolt. All that may be required is to grease the bolts, and your new shock will be held in place with the same strength as the previous one.

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These shock absorbers are one of the best shocks for the GMC Sierra 1500 4×4 available in the market.  You can consider this product as per your requirements.


  • It comes with mounting hardware.
  • The cost of regular replacements is reduced.
  • Long-lasting design
  • It provides a boost in performance.


  • Off-road, it works a little harder.

FAQs About Front Shocks For GMC Sierra 1500

How can users identify a worn-out shock absorber?

When the shock absorber starts generating noises that weren’t present before, it’s most likely having issues. The shock absorber’s noise could result from anything entering the area and obstructing the functions.

Some of the particles may be dirt and trash picked up by the car along the way. They could get so strong that the vehicle’s shock functions are restricted.

Examine them, then thoroughly clean the area to ensure that any contaminants are clear. When rust begins to form around the metal frame of a shock absorber, it is another symptom that it is worn out.

Water that has persistently found its way around the shock absorber could produce rust. The shock absorber should normally have a water-resistant coating, but if it doesn’t, you should inspect it if it becomes weak.

What are the ways to maintain a shock absorber?

Users should always pay attention to the condition of their shock absorbers. One of the reasons is that it contributes to the absorber’s long-term functionality.

Make sure you inspect and oil the shock for proper maintenance. Also, look for any blockages that may have appeared in the area.

If they’ve already solidified, use a scraper to break through the grime that would otherwise be impossible to remove. Make schedules to ensure you inspect the region for any anomalies regularly.

Can the shock absorbers work for off-roading duties?

Because of their design, these shock absorbers may not be the greatest choice for off-roading.

Even while some are durable to be used in extreme roading situations, it is not recommended. Check out the ones that are specifically built for this type of duty.

How can shock absorbers be utilized for off-roading duties?

Driving off-road is a very different experience than driving on the highway. While off-roaders must deal with vertical and lateral movements, only two wheels touch the ground when passing a pothole or bump.

The solution is straightforward: an air/oil shock absorber that can be fine-tuned to match the unique demands of challenging terrain.

A three-way adjustable or two-stage shock absorber — used on cars with off-road capability – employs more than just oil as its damping medium.

How much does it cost to lift a truck?

The cost of lifting a truck is determined by various factors, including the type of vehicle and the lift kit being installed. A professional installation of a lift kit on your truck, on the other hand, will cost between $1,000 and $5,000 on average.

Should I repair all four shocks at once?

Your car’s shocks will provide you with a smoother ride, but they will also make it more prone to collide with the ground. Many mechanics and manufacturers agree that swapping them out is a good idea because they’re both necessary for safety reasons!

Is it possible to drive with a defective shock absorber?

Although it is possible to drive a car with damaged shock absorbers, it is not recommended owing to the inherent risks. For example, when you drive through potholes or make sharp turns, one of your shocks fails, and the weight shifts abruptly to the other side.

It might cause control issues for drivers like you who are attempting (and battling) to keep their cars under control!

Final Thoughts

All of the shocks listed above are the best shocks for GMC Sierra 1500 4×4, but we recommend Bilstein Shock Absorber if you just want one.

The self-lubricating, long-lasting unit reduces friction, making driving on difficult terrain more comfortable. As well as incorporating 10 steps of valving, it reduces the wear caused by potholes and other road conditions.

The ride is more enjoyable than the factory option, but it is also vibration-free and fatigue-free. It’s a terrific deal because of the monotube gas pressure technology and noise-free operation.

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