8 mistakes that you should never make when driving an aluminum tanker trailer!

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An aluminum tanker trailer is a vehicle for the transport of dangerous goods, it is mainly transported are gasoline, diesel, and other dangerous goods, if not in accordance with the normal provisions of the operation of driving, it is easy to have a safety accident, so driving aluminum tanker trailer owners must do an understanding of the relevant driving knowledge, in the process of driving the tanker can not make the corresponding mistakes. So, what are the mistakes that must be paid attention to when driving an aluminum tanker trailer?

Driving aluminum tanker trailers can not make the following mistakes.

1. Decelerate When Necessary

The time to slow down must be slowed down, such as in the crossing piers, hook cans, speed bumps, and other places must be slowed down when driving, can not feel that the vehicle installed shock absorption system will not have an impact on the fast driving, too fast driving may lead to increased chances of traffic safety accidents.

2. Appropriately Add Oil

The engine oil increase should be controlled in a reasonable range, and can not be added in excess, the engine oil if too much, in the process of work will continue to dump oil out, resulting in the entire cylinder wall being oil, affecting the normal work of the burner row, the engine will also be damaged inside the situation.

start remember to let go of the brake

3. Start to remember to let go of the brake

If the handbrake is not released, it will lead to relatively large wear and tear on the brake system, which will lead to the brake system becoming bad in the long run, and cannot play the role of brakes when it is critical to cause major traffic safety hazards. At the same time, the brake system should be inspected in a timely manner so that problems can be dealt with correctly.

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4. Timely refueling

During timely refueling of the tractor, many drivers will look at the fuel tank light to refuel, often in the tank completely exhausted, the fuel gauge light prompted refueling information before refueling, and the oil gauge light on behalf of the oil pump has been working continuously for a long time, the oil pump is in a high-temperature state and not sufficiently cooled, which will shorten the life of the oil pump in the long run.

5. Choose the right weather

Driving aluminum tanker trailers transport dangerous goods should be selected for the weather, generally, for rain, snow, fog, thunderstorms, sandy days, and hot and dry days, the transport of dangerous goods is prohibited. The fear of freezing dangerous goods in the event of a cold spell is also not suitable for transport (except for warming measures).

Transportation according to regulations

6. Transportation according to regulations

Liquefied gas tankers, gasoline tanker trailers, and fuel tanker trailers are not allowed to carry other flammable and explosive dangerous goods, when the liquid temperature inside the tank reaches 40°C, should take shade, outside the tank to pour cold water to cool down and other security measures.

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For a low boiling point of flammable liquids, gases, and more heat-sensitive flammable and explosive dangerous goods, in the summer heat of the season should choose to transport at night to avoid the sun’s rays.

7. Observe traffic rules

Normally dangerous goods transport vehicles are not allowed to overtake, chase, and be forced to meet, and non-special circumstances are not allowed to emergency braking, so as to avoid the excessive inertial impact of explosives. The road is uneven, poor visibility, and more people driving, should also take appropriate deceleration measures.

8. Can not blindly put out the fire

When a large number of gas tanker leaks and fire, in the absence of reliable measures to stop leakage, do not put out the fire, should immediately call the police at the same time, the vehicle to not dangerous and around a safe place, and try to control the spread of fire and strengthen the cooling of the tank, waiting for professional firefighters to arrive to take effective measures.

Driving an aluminum tanker trailer can not make a lot of mistakes, above these are the drivers that are easy to be ignored small details part, I hope the majority of owners are able to correctly understand clearly and do not make mistakes that should not be made, resulting in irreparable consequences.

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