The Under 25 Year-Olds Guides to Renting Cars in Orlando

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Orlando, Florida is quite the tourist hub for visitors coming from all over the world. For this reason, you will find that conventional taxi services and other modes of public transport are way too cumbersome and expensive. Those under the age of 25 are the most affected because on average, they aren’t the most financially stable age demographic. It is for this reason that a car rental under 25 Orlando deal should be considered heavily.

Orlando is home to two international airports: MCO and SFB. Each of them is home to quality dealerships like Carngo that offer car rental under 25 Orlando services. These services are more than likely to improve your stay for several reasons, which should sway you from going the conventional route.

What is Needed to Begin the Rental Process?

Rental companies usually have an online platform that allows customers the opportunity to qualify for a rental agreement. To rent a car in Orlando or anywhere in the country for that matter, the following things have to be met:


This is the most important thing to have as it is proof that drivers can perform safely on the road. Anyone looking to rent an automobile has to have a working international driving license. International drivers with foreign licenses are required to have them translated into English.

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This is done only if they come from a country that speaks another language. Equally, they are encouraged to seek international driving permits in case a license is not readily available.

Meeting the age requirements

Florida as a state has completely embraced the fact that those who are 25 and older can rent a car without paying additional age-related fees.

If you fall below that mark, you have to expect these fees to be dished out. The youngest you can rent a car is 21, which means that as your age decreases closer to this mark, the fees will increase. These fees are paid because of how inexperienced drivers of this age are thought of as being. The fees go into the beefing up of insurance to help with this risk.

The right method of payment

Having good credit in the US is the key to purchasing anything freely. Rental companies in particular employ this method to ensure that payments are made irrespective of the customers’ current bank balance.

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Those visiting from abroad are also required to do the same. However, these transactions can be lengthy due to the likely communication issues between foreign banks.

How to rent a car in Orlando

The above requirements are mandatory as without them you wouldn’t even get passed the early stages of a company’s online questionnaire. If you do meet every point, the following car rental process will be fairly easy. The vehicle rental process can be separated into three stages and they are as follows:


At this stage, customers are supposed to look into their own preferences in order to find the right dealership. The internet has made it incredibly easy to conduct this research, which means that the rest is up to the customer. As an aid, here are a few factors that allow you to decide what dealer is right for you:

  • Pricing ㄧ this will refer to the price of the rental agreement and other additional expenses. These include insurance and the under 25 fees, which vary between companies.
  • Types of vehicles ㄧif a company has a wide range of vehicles, they are to be looked for. This is because these vehicles could not only meet the needs of your stay but also accommodate your budget.
  • Other offers ㄧ this can come as means that allow you to access the car from the airport, additional vehicular tools such as navigation, or simply added insurance. In short, if the company offers useful services, you should probably go with it


With the research completed, it would be wise for you to understand the driving rules in Orlando. This is directed at international drivers in particular, many of whom drive on the left side of the road.

Driving is always on the right in the US. When this rule as well as others are given to a competent driver, their country of origin won’t matter, because they can drive anywhere. You can easily rent a car of your choice and enjoy visiting the city.


At this stage, you have decided to rent a vehicle and every part of the rental deal is agreed. After this, you will provide your credit card information, after which you will be charged for the service. The rental company will always send a receipt as proof of the transaction. It is always advisable for customers to make a copy of this receipt to avoid any confusion or trickery.

Why Rent a Vehicle Online in Orlando

Additional fees brought about by being younger than 25, may seem discouraging, but it pales in comparison to public transport. The way in which rental agreements are set up makes them cheaper because it is a one-time payment based on a few things. These include:

  • vehicle type,
  • age of the customer,
  • duration the car is in your custody.

This means that the price will not surprise you, which is unlike public transport, where the payments are based on the distance of the trip. Public transport can also be suffocating because it cannot provide the freedom driving can and that is reason enough.

Final thoughts

There are various rental companies in Orlando all of them offering the same services, but only you can find what fits you. With every requirement met in all stages of the rental process, you can finally begin enjoying this city without the restrictions of public transport.

With the car rental process complete, it would also be a more comfortable stay if you buy a sim card to help with communication. More than anything, you don’t want to cause any unnecessary trouble that could result in road accidents. In short, always pay attention to the road safety rules.

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