Meal Deals for this Holiday Season

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If you’re looking for delivery meal deals to feed your family this holiday season on busy nights when you just don’t have time, Papa Johns has some great ways to stay within your budget while pleasing everyone on the list. Order the menu items that fit your dietary needs and likes. Wait for delivery.

There’s no cooking and cleanup is easy. Enjoy each other’s company with the time you save.

Papa Pairings Deal Builder

The Papa Pairings mix & match food deals let you choose a lot of different items for only $6.99 each. Medium one-topping pizzas are the first choice. Select your favorite toppings to serve a lot of people affordably. You don’t have to stop with pizza though.

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Papadias, Chicken Poppers, breadsticks, and desserts also make the cut for the Papa Pairings. Pick and choose several delicious items for a smorgasbord of food right in your own home. Make the perfect spread for a family get-together or a party for the neighbors. Holiday catering was never more accessible.

Why Pizza Is a Craveable Meal

When life gets busy, one of the best things to fix for dinner is something everyone already loves. Why do we love pizza so much? Maybe it’s the gooey, cheesy topping, baked up to have little crisp spots.

Maybe the yeasty dough is the perfect carrier for the sauce, cheese, and toppings. It could be the tomato sauce that adds a little sweetness to every bite. More likely, it’s the combination of things. Pizza is easy to eat. It tastes good. You can change it up with a different selection of toppings, allowing everyone to enjoy their own slices.

Bring Everyone To the Table

Everyone is so rushed during the holiday it can be difficult to get everyone to come and eat dinner together. Even if you can get everyone to the table, they may not want to put down their devices and enjoy the meal. Ask your family for one meal a day to interact and talk.

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Feed them what they love and maybe they’ll take you up on it. It’s worth a shot to have family time. At least you will know you fed them something good and no one will go hungry. Pizza is the right food for everyone in the family.

Pizza Delivery To Give You a Break

When you order pizza or the new Papa Bowls, which are a pizza without a crust for people who avoid carbs, give yourself a break by getting delivery. Great drivers will bring your pizza to your door, saving you time before dinner. Even better, you’ll earn points for your order, giving you the chance to order pizza again with a discount. Use our app to order pizza ahead.

Sit down and make your order out when you have time to focus on it. We’ll get your pizza to your home at the time you want. It’s one more way to reduce your stress through the holiday season. Ready to order pizza? Use the app or order online.

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