Introducing NASCAR – How to Watch, Promotions, and the Best Drivers

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Introducing NASCAR - How to Watch, Promotions and Best Drivers

The NASCAR season is in full flight as drivers, mechanics, sponsors, and fans look ahead to the next race on a busy schedule. Kyle Larson is a man in form, already claiming four races despite starting in pole position just twice. Larsson is a fearless pilot capable of getting the best from his vehicle for team Hendrick Motorsports. 

He is a favorite at the best gambling apps, joining teammate William Byron. This season’s champion should come from that talented stable, but Denny Hamlin and Martin Truex of Joe Gibbs Racing, the main danger, are poised to strike. The challengers aim to remain in the running, taking advantage of any errors made by Larson and Byron. Will Larson hold his ground and win the NASCAR Championship, or will one of the contenders strike later in the campaign?

The leading online gambling apps offer followers of NASCAR and motorsports the opportunity to make predictions, wager, and target a profit. But which driver is a safe bet, and where do you find the most generous odds? Do you know where to bet on NASCAR to get the best deal? Our article aims to help put you on the right path and boost the success of your predictions.

Get up to speed

Our team of NASCAR writers brings you up to speed on the season, how to wager on sports to land a free bet, and how to watch the races. We begin by registering an account with an online sportsbook. Research the leading gambling apps in your region and choose one that loves motorsports, offering great odds, bonuses, and coverage. When you have selected an app, follow the steps below to register.

  • Visit the homepage of your chosen bookmaker.
  • Click the Join Us button at the top of the page.
  • Complete the registration form.
  • Create a username and password.
  • Make your first deposit and wager.
  • Your account and bet are now live.

The best online gambling apps offer all new NASCAR bettors a welcome bonus. The best are free bets when you follow the points above, deposit $10 or more, and wager on the next race. You’ll receive free bet tokens equal to your first stake, and you can use these to wager on all NASCAR betting markets. Other promos include enhanced odds, cashback, and profit boosts.

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The most popular online gambling apps offer betting odds on the outright winner of the NASCAR season, but traders struggle to find a firm favorite. They can’t decide between Larson and Byron, with the two men currently joint favorites. The market changes and updates after every race, but it pays to act quickly. The earlier you bet, the better the odds and it pays to take advantage of that indecision on the trading floor. Choose a driver and visit any respected betting odds comparison app to find the best deal.

Larson's race to the top

Larson’s race to the top

Kyle Larson may be the bookie’s favorite to win this season’s championship, but he failed to match expectations last term, losing his title to 2022 champion Joey Logano. Will Larson bounce back and regain his crown at the first time of asking? He has a big job, but to show what the Californian is capable of when at his best, we reflect on his stunning 2021 success.

Roller Coaster Season

The 2021 NASCAR Cup Series commenced with high expectations and fervent anticipation as fans eagerly awaited the unfolding drama on the track. For Larson, however, the season began as a crucial opportunity for redemption.

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Suspended in 2020 for using a racial slur during an iRacing event, his return attracted scrutiny and skepticism. Yet, from the initial races of the season, it became evident that Larson was determined to let his driving prowess speak for itself.

Dominating Performances

Larson’s dominance behind the wheel was unmistakable, with his exceptional speed and precision capturing the attention of both fans and fellow competitors. Throughout the season, his consistently strong performances demonstrated unparalleled skill and focus.

Whether it was his remarkable victory at Las Vegas Motor Speedway or his impressive displays at Charlotte Motor Speedway and Sonoma Raceway, Larson’s tenacity and talent were on full display, earning him a formidable reputation as a force.

Collaboration and Resurgence

Larson’s success was not solely attributed to his brilliance but also the collaborative efforts of his dedicated team. The support, expertise, and strategic guidance provided by Hendrick Motorsports played a pivotal role in enabling Larson to excel on the track. 

The cohesive synergy between Larson and his team members, including crew chief Cliff Daniels, fostered a competitive edge that proved crucial in securing critical victories throughout the season. This collaborative spirit became a hallmark of Larson’s triumphant journey.

Personal Growth

Amidst the euphoria of his remarkable performances, Larson continued to grapple with personal challenges and introspection. His suspension in 2020 prompted deep reflection, leading to a profound transformation on and off the track.

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Larson’s commitment to personal growth and unwavering dedication to the sport garnered admiration and respect from the NASCAR community. His sincerity in acknowledging his mistakes and genuine efforts to learn and grow resonated with fans, solidifying his position as an exemplary role model in the sport.

Road to Victory

As the season progressed, the intensity of competition heightened, with each race presenting new obstacles and opportunities. Larson’s unwavering determination and focus remained unshaken, propelling him towards the ultimate prize, the NASCAR Cup Series championship. 

His relentless pursuit of excellence and ability to maintain composure under pressure cemented his status as a formidable contender for the title.

Climactic Victory

The defining moment of Larson’s triumphant journey unfolded in a nail-biting finale at the Phoenix Raceway. With the championship on the line, Larson’s exceptional driving skills and strategic acumen came to the fore, enabling him to clinch the checkered flag and emerge as the 2021 NASCAR Cup Series champion. 

The jubilation that followed his victory reverberated throughout the NASCAR community, with fans and fellow competitors acknowledging Larson’s extraordinary feat as a testament to his perseverance and unwavering commitment to excellence.

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