4 Reasons Why You Need to Invest in Car Trackers

4 Reasons Why You Need to Invest in Car Trackers

Cars are among the top most expensive financial expenditures for most individuals, so it’s just natural to secure them to avoid further expenses. Hence, most people will invest in car insurance to financially protect themselves against possible losses that could come up from unforeseen events. The thing is, there are a lot of instances that can’t be covered by car insurance, such as in the event of theft or kidnapping.

Vehicle tracking systems are a much better and cheaper solution for securing your cars. In this article, you’ll understand that car trackers aren’t only meant for monitoring someone’s whereabouts. Instead, check these four advantages of car trackers that will surely make you consider investing in them.

Improved Safety

A well-maintained vehicle is essential to ensure drivers’ safety, and a car tracker can help you with this. It comes with digital maintenance and inspection programs. These features allow you to set maintenance schedules with automatic alerting and receive notifications that report faults that need urgent care, preventing unexpected car issues on the road.

Besides vehicle maintenance, drivers must follow safe driving practices and avoid poor driving behaviors to ensure safety. Vehicle tracking systems have built-in accelerometers that help drivers be aware of their unsafe driving habits, such as harsh cornering, speeding, or braking.

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Car trackers can also be equipped with  AI-enabled dash cams with computer vision algorithms that can perform road condition analysis and detect unsafe conditions. When drivers are about to do distracted driving, tailgating, red-light violations, and other road violations, these AI dash cams alert the driver, consequently avoiding accidents.

Lower Fuel Costs

Poor driving behaviors aren’t only dangerous but also burn extra fuel, consequently increasing costs. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, just by overspeeding, fuel economy could reduce by up to 20%. However, this can be avoided with the help of car trackers’ built-in accelerometers, which, as stated earlier, alert drivers of their poor driving behaviors.

In addition, car trackers are equipped with telematics technology that collects large amounts of information about a vehicle, such as its average speed and engine consumption. This information can improve drivers’ poor driving habits and lower fuel costs.

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One particular telematics technology of car trackers that helps you save fuel costs is the fuel management feature. It can provide information on how efficiently your cars are using fuel. If you find out that your car is consuming more fuel, it can be one sign that your vehicle is facing some issues.

Car issues that could cause high fuel consumption include the following:

  1. Faulty engine
  2. Wrong engine oil
  3. Poor fuel quality
  4. Overused air conditioning
  5. Worn out tires
  6. Poor maintenance
  7. Driving in the wrong gear
  8. Erratic driving styles,
  9. Unnecessary idling
  10. Worn out clutch
  11. Overloading

With the help of car trackers’ fuel management, you’ll be able to identify car issues. Once you discover the problem in your vehicle, you’re putting your car in good condition and saving a lot from fuel costs. Additionally, car trackers have a built-in Global Positioning System (GPS), which can suggest drivers with shorter and more convenient routes. If you drive a shorter distance, you’ll basically save more fuel.

Lower Insurance Premiums

In addition to lower fuel costs, you’ll also enjoy lower insurance premiums with car trackers. Before preparing an insurance policy quote, car insurers delve into a policyholder’s information, specifically vehicle details like car security features.

For example, one crucial security feature they’ll look for is a GPS tracking device. For insurance companies, a tracking mechanism means quick recovery for stolen cars, which also means less likelihood of repair and potential claim costs.

In general, having a vehicle tracking system can mean enhanced security, which means lesser risks for insurance companies to pay for a total-loss claim. That’s why several insurance companies offer discounts to motorists whose cars are with vehicle tracking systems.

Accessible and Portable

All information stored and analyzed by the telematics technology of a vehicle tracking system can be accessed 24/7 and remotely. Irrespective of the location or time, vehicle owners can easily access and keep an eye on their driving, trip, and vehicle details from their electronic gadgets, be it their phones, tablets, or computers.

Moreover, there are various kinds of trackers of different sizes and forms. In the past, most trackers were wired and needed to be plugged into the vehicle. On the contrary, modern advancements have made car trackers battery-operated and wireless, making them more portable. Also, recent car tracking devices are much smaller, so they don’t create clutter and are easier to hide, leaving vehicles aesthetically clean yet safely secured.

Final Thoughts

Car tracking companies have been developing different schemes to make consumers’ purchases more affordable. For example, some companies offer payment options that could be monthly or annually. In contrast, others focus on what the motorists need so they can adjust the price to fit their financial capacity. 

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