5 Items You Should Always Have In Your Jeep For Off-Roading

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Off-Roading Must Haves for Jeep Owners

Jeeps were made for off-roading. However, there are a few Jeep Wrangler accessories that can increase your safety if you plan to participate. These are five must-haves you should consider.


Every jeep needs a tool kit. In addition to your jack, you should have an air deflator and a small compressor. Your tool kit should also include a hammer, duct tape, screwdrivers, pliers, a socket set, and any other tools you think you may need. You also need jumper cables or a jump starter box.

These should be portable and work quickly. You also need navigation tools, such as a GPS system or app. Don’t forget to include communication capabilities, such as walkie-talkies, emergency radios, and your cell phone.

Lift Kits for Suspension

When you are off-roading, you never know what kind of terrain you may encounter. Therefore, consider a lift or suspension kit. These kits allow you to add larger tires to your jeep because they lift the body off of the axles. Look for a kit that gives you at least 8.5 inches of clearance between your tires and body.

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You should also invest in high-quality tires. Consider mud- or all-terrain tires based on the area you plan to visit on your off-roading adventures. Don’t forget to add a spare tire.  

Winch for Emergencies

Off-roading enthusiasts typically purchase a winch for Jeep as part of their recovery kit. You should also have straps and shackles. You should include items that can help you gain traction as well, such as kitty litter, old carpet squares or a Maxtrax system. Include anything you can think of to get your Jeep unstuck.

This is especially important when you are driving through soft terrains, such as mud, dunes, beach sand, and snow.

Upgrades for Safety and Protection

Jeep tends to build its vehicles so they can handle light off-roading adventures. However, if you plan to get in the thick of it, you should upgrade some of your components. For example, you should invest in more durable front and rear bumpers. You may even add a grille guard.

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Also, your vehicle’s underbelly should get some protection, especially around the oil plate, gas tank, drive shaft, radiator, AC condenser and other sensitive parts. You can do this by adding skid plates. These metal plates create a barrier between rocks and other rough terrain and systems and parts that make your Jeep run properly.


First, you should add some provisions for your vehicle. For example, you should have backup fluids, such as antifreeze, water, brake and power steering fluid, gas, and oils for your motor, transmission and gears.

However, you should also pack for yourself and any passengers you have. Therefore, consider including additional water and nonperishable food. If you plan to be out for a while, consider powdered milk and eggs, crackers, rice and canned foods, including fruit and vegetables, beans, and tuna.

These are the main things you should have if you plan to go off-roading. As you purchase your all-terrain tires, ask what other accessories and upgrades your service provider suggests.

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