Performance Transmission vs ATK Transmissions: What’s Best for Your Vehicle?

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The transmission is one of the most critical pieces of the internal combustion engine. It is effectively the vehicle’s gearbox and it functions kind of the way the gear shifter and chain system of bicycle functions. It ensures that, among other things, your wheels are getting the right amount of power.

Without a transmission, automobiles would be tremendously difficult to start and almost wholly undrivable. There are two main types of transmissions used in most automobiles: standard or manual and automatic transmissions.

What Is a Manual Transmission?

A standard or manual, transmission is one in which the driver of the vehicle manually selects the desired gear and shifts into it using a gear stick and clutch system. Effectively, pressure is gradually released from the clutch with one foot while being applied to the gas pedal with the other, while the gear stick is slid into the appropriate gear. Most manual transmissions feature four or five speeds, plus reverse.

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Operating a manual transmission is a more engaging experience for the driver, as they’re exerting more control over switching gears every time it’s necessary. When an automatic is sitting in traffic, the driver simply leaves it in gear and releases the brake every now and then, which prompts the vehicle forward. The driver of the vehicle with the manual transmission must switch between first and second gear until traffic is moving efficiently again.

What Is an Automatic Transmission?

An automatic transmission is a multi-speed transmission that doesn’t require any input from the driver to change forward gears under normal driving conditions. In these vehicles, there is no operator-controlled clutch. The only pedals are for the brake and the gas. The vehicle is simply put into the desired gear with the foot on the brake pedal, which is gradually released. 

What Is a Performance Transmission?

A performance transmission is the type of transmission used in equipping vehicles built for speed and excellent road performance. High-performance transmissions provide both the speed and power that drivers look for when trying to establish and maintain peak performance in their vehicles. In these engines, it is the high capacity, flexible, heavy-duty parts that provide enhanced smooth and consistent power.

What Is an ATK Transmission?

ATK rebuilds quality transmissions that extreme testing and simulations to eliminate premature failures. Each of the transmissions that are rebuilt will include fluid and an application-specific torque converter that is tested for leaks, lock-up, concentricity, and balance.

The Zumbrota transmission is one that offers quality and reliability for various foreign and domestic vehicle applications. They are dynamometer tested to ensure lasting durability and dependability.

A vehicle’s transmission makes sure that the engine spins at the correct rate without going too fast or too slow to suit the driver’s needs. In this way, it gives a serious measure of control to the driver. Whether you’re talking about GM remanufactured transmissions or the manual transmission from a classic Volkswagon, their performance demand is similarly crucial. Visit an auto parts store today to check out the best potential transmissions for your vehicle and have it running to its potential tomorrow.

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