5 Smart Safety Upgrades for Your Vehicle

Smart Safety Upgrades for Your Vehicle

Knowing how to make our vehicles safer can often be a very daunting task. From replacing old parts of the vehicle to upgrading the security, the options almost feel endless. Here, we break down what smart safety upgrades you can make to your vehicle, a lot of them not breaking the bank either.

  • Backup Cameras and Sensors – Some of us may not be as confident when reversing into a tight spot, and even more so more nervous when doing it at night, without the benefit of having good light. By installing cameras and sensors, you will be providing yourself with much-improved visibility when reversing, which in turn makes you a more confident and composed driver.

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  • Electronic Stability Control (ESC) – It can be a terrifying thought of potentially losing control or skidding while driving. Having an electronic stability control system installed would enable you to drive confident that, if such a situation arises, this system would aid you by selectively applying the brakes and reducing the engine power if necessary.
  • Improved Flares and Grills – One many of you may not be familiar with, but by having good quality flares and grills installed on your vehicle, you can help protect the engine from flying debris such as insects, road debris, and rocks, give you added protection at the front of the vehicle, while also improving air-flow to the engine, providing cooling to critical components under the bonnet. For a look at a great range of flare and grills parts in Sydney, take a little peek here.
  • Child Safety Modifications – We all want to make sure the little ones are safe and sound when popping them in the car, whether we are just popping to the shops, or driving across the country. By ensuring you install the age-appropriate child safety seats, that they are installed correctly, and having window locks that prevent children from accidentally, or not so accidentally, opening windows while driving, means we provide as much peace of mind as possible when taking those little souls out and about.
  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) – This could be having a forward collision warning, meaning you are warned of an imminent collision with something in the road ahead, adaptive cruise control, which adjusts the speed of the vehicle to maintain a safe distance from any vehicles up ahead, lane departure warning, which will give you that little nudge you need to make you aware that you are drifting out of the lane without indicating, and automatic emergency braking, which pretty much does what it says on the tin – automatically applies the brakes to help prevent a collision if possible.

Here are five good, solid improvements or adjustments you can make to your vehicle to improve the overall safety and security of your vehicle. There are, of course, far more things that can be improved, but this is certainly a good start point for any of you that need a helping hand.

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