Difference Between Minivan and SUV That you Should Notice

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Difference Between Minivan and SUV

If you have a large family, you may have wondered what type of vehicle would be best for your family. An SUV and a minivan are the two types of vehicles that are perfect for a large family. And do you accept that knowing the main difference between a minivan and an SUV is good for you? 

Nowadays, the two hardly differ in terms of functionality and security. With the introduction of hybrid SUVs and the pursuit of the best gas mileage SUV, the differences between SUVs and minivans grew significantly. 

Deciding which large vehicle to buy and when is the right time to buy a car depends on your preferences and the other purposes that you plan to use the vehicle for. 

But as long as you know the key differences, strengths, and weaknesses of a van versus an SUV, you will find that choosing and buying your next vehicle won’t take too long since you already know what you are looking for. 

Hence, in the article, we discuss the main difference between a minivan and SUV that will help you make this difficult decision.

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How SUV Is Good For Your Family?

Once the badass dominance of sedans was a great attraction, but now the popularity of SUVs in the US has also grown steadily over the years. 

Convenient, safe, and spacious, there are many reasons this purely American symbol of exploration is making its way into the US automotive market. 

With their increased ride height, SUVs are designed and built to be powerful vehicles that outperform.

Easily to vans and minivans on any day of the week because they are equipped with larger and more powerful engines. 

Furthermore, SUVs are simply designed as large, powerful vehicles, equipped with the speed and power that allow them to perform well on the road.

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How Is a Minivan Good For Your Family?

While they aren’t the fastest, most powerful vehicles on the road, minivans are some of the most practical you can get. 

First things first, they’re great for everyday needs as they’re big enough to make you feel safe on the road and spacious enough to carry your kids and groceries. 

Second, minivans come with sliding doors that allow them to be more practical when it comes to your children’s safety. 

And third, carrying your luggage isn’t a problem if you have a minivan as you can simply remove the third row of seats to make more space for your belongings.

Top 9 Difference Between Minivan and SUV

Buying a new car is a big decision. If you have children, there is more to consider. What goes best with your car seats? 

Is there enough space for your double stroller and a large number of groceries? Will it be able to pull your pop-up caravan? 

These are just a few of the questions to consider when buying a new vehicle, especially when it comes to the minivan vs SUV difference. 

Both minivans and SUVs are very popular with families. While SUVs have gained traction in style over the years, a minivan makeover has also gained momentum. 

So what is the best? To give you an answer, here are the 9 most important differences between minivan and SUV.

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1. Interior Space

Depending on the size of your family, your interior space needs can determine the difference between SUVs and minivans. 

Three-row SUVs can be a great option if you have two children and need the best 8 passengers SUV in the USA, but keep in mind that the third row isn’t as roomy as the minivan. 

One of the great things about minivans is their versatility and large interior space. Such as Honda Odyssey, Chrysler Pacifica, and Toyota Sienna, all give you good flexibility and interior space for up to eight passengers and their luggage. 

No matter which minivan you drive, there is more space for your children than in any other SUV. And it is great for you.

2. Fuel-Efficient

Both minivans and SUVs are relatively fuel-efficient vehicles, especially for a family vehicle. The MPG difference between SUV and minivan no longer affects you. 

However, minivans are larger and more car-like, resulting in better fuel economy compared to midsize or large SUVs. SUVs also often have bigger engines that can use a lot of gas.

3. Comfortable

Over the years, all types of vehicles have improved comfort and technology for drivers and passengers. 

However, the biggest selling point of a minivan model is a station wagon, which means that it strives to create a more comfortable and fun interior space.

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4. Looks

One of the biggest differences between SUVs and minivans is their appearance. Compared to vans and minivans, SUVs are much better in appearance. 

An SUV is simply much more attractive compared to many different types of vehicles, not only because it was built and designed to look good.

But also because its appearance is often accompanied by a poignant presence that pickup trucks and minivans just don’t get. This works great for those who want to be stylish, whether they are single or have a family.

5. Ease Of Access

Minivans are generally designed with lower ground clearance than SUVs, which means the floor is also lower. 

This means that getting in and out of the car is much easier for kids. Minivans also give enough space for easier access to the rear seats, while some minivans have sliding rear doors that are beneficial when parking in tight spaces.

6. Performance

Minivans are usually equipped with powerful engines, but they generally only provide enough power to balance the weight of the vehicle and thus ensure a smooth ride. 

Meanwhile, crossovers and SUVs offer increased ride height, towing loads, and many additional performance and performance features and make a major difference between minivans and SUVs.

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7. Price

Another category where minivans dwarf SUVs is the pricing department. When comparing the cheapest three-row SUV to the cheapest minivan, it may seem like a tie. 

However, if we compare SUVs to minivans, the minivan will always be inexpensive and often a lot cheaper and the known price difference between SUV and minivan is good for you. 

For example, a top-trimmed Toyota Sienna costs around $ 50,000. In comparison, a full-featured, top-trimmed Ford Expedition can sell for nearly $ 80,000.

8. Reliability

Vans are more reliable vehicles that are not as prone to breakdown as SUVs. That’s why you can always count on a delivery van in comparing van versus SUV features.

Especially when you need to pick up your kids from a football game or when deliveries are pending at your trucking and delivery business. 

And if you live the life of a truck, you will find that your truck is more durable than most other types of vehicles.

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9. Safety

The perception of safe SUVs is based on their larger frame and higher ground clearance. But larger truck-based SUVs can also be prone to rollover accidents due to this higher center of gravity. 

Minivans have good handling that is more like a car than a truck. Many modern minivans offer high-tech safety functions and first-class crash values.


What’s the difference between a minivan and an SUV?

Minivans offer superior comfort, interior design, and cabin and cargo space. However, they are not as powerful as SUVs in terms of performance, and most minivan models are roughly the same size and price. SUVs offer a multitude of variations in size, price, and performance so you can find your perfect fit. 

Which should you buy: a minivan or SUV?

The decision of whether to buy or lease a minivan or SUV depends on your budget, requirements, and lifestyle. If you usually need space for a large family or do a lot of shopping, the extra space you have in a minivan will likely suit your needs. However, if you enjoy driving your vehicle over dirt roads or need to pull something larger than a small vehicle or boat, a three-row SUV is the right choice.

Is a minivan safer than an SUV?

When it comes to passenger safety, the minivan outperforms the SUV. There are more seat belts and airbags in a minivan than in an SUV. Minivan drivers also tend to be more relaxed compared to SUV drivers.

Why are minivans cheaper than SUVs?

The main reason a minivan is cheaper than an SUV is because of demand. SUVs are gaining in demand because most people feel they look prettier and not as pretty as an older person’s car.

Which has better gas mileage SUV or minivan?

Most SUVs have larger engines and are less car-like, which means they can use more gas. Compact SUVs have better fuel economy than minivans, but midsize and large SUVs have the worse fuel economies.

Which is a more comfortable minivan or SUV?

The minivan is the perfect vehicle for a long journey as the passengers feel comfortable in a spacious vehicle. You need not worry about running out of space on a long drive as the minivans are a great space for families and medium-sized groups.

Final Thought

Minivans and SUVs give you a lot of interior spaces and are generally safe vehicles. Which one suits your situation depends on what you need to do and the minivan vs SUV difference makes a lot for you. 

If your typical day involves cruising the suburban streets, taking the kids to soccer practice, and going to the grocery store, then a minivan may be more suitable.

 If you like camping, hauling, and traveling in harsh conditions, then an SUV is more suitable for work.

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