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Auto Body Repair is Made Easy

Cars are a serious investment. For many people, having one is a mark of pride and a sign of social status. That’s why any damage to your vehicle can quickly become a big source of discomfort.

At Auto Color Inc., we’ve had the privilege of servicing a wide variety of vehicles. If you need any repairs or detailing done on your car, here are some reasons why (and one reason why you probably wouldn’t!) want to invest in our services.

Auto Body Repair is Made Easy

If your vehicle suffers damage of any sort, getting it fixed is not just an aesthetic concern. It solves any issues concerning safety as well. Since cars are such intricate machines, even the smallest damages may call for specialized tools and knowledge.

There are at least four different kinds of repair projects that can take place on your car. Here’s a quick overview of each category and the service you can expect.

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Dent repairs, while still requiring a professional eye, are the most straightforward repairs one could need on their vehicle. A trained technician starts the process of paintless dent removal, which involves reshaping the material slowly and carefully. They effectively push the body back into place, taking great care to avoid damaging the paint.

Paint Jobs and Windows

Paint jobs and window replacements are more or less at the same level of difficulty. It is possible for damage to be so extensive, that a new paint job is required. This will require more effort than dent repairs because the new paint should be applied carefully in order to cover imperfections to the exterior like scratches, rust, and chips.

There are several steps to a successful paint job and each one requires a lot of attention and precision. The work area should be sanded down and any primer on the frame removed. After, the technician uses a paint sprayer to apply several layers of paint. The freshly applied paint will take up to seven days to dry.

Once that’s over, a clear coat is applied for a high-gloss finish.

For window repairs, glass specialists are usually called to do the job. They are in charge of looking into the structural integrity of your vehicle’s windows and assessing what needs to be done.

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Repairs to the car frame are the most difficult to carry out. In order to ensure that the end product can function properly while safeguarding the people inside the vehicle, a trained technician should be in charge of this job.

This technician will conduct a visual inspection of the vehicle. If there is extensive damage, then they will need to place your vehicle on a frame alignment machine. This machine is responsible for straightening out the frame and restoring it to the original factory specifications.

However, it is possible that your car suffered damage so severe that frame straightening is no longer a good option. In this case, auto body replacement will be suggested instead.

Projects Are Completed in Record Time

The privilege of being able to travel in a safe and comfortable space is often taken for granted, especially when we are used to having it all the time. That’s why car repairs can seem like such an exhausting experience. They do not just hamper your ability to move around. It is also possible to have experienced long waiting times, poor service, or plenty of red tape just to file an insurance claim.

Auto Color Inc is proud of its capacity to offer world-class services at incredibly competitive prices. Some services, like paintless dent repairs, may even be fully covered by your car insurance deductible.

To sweeten the deal, some repair services can even be done on the same day. We know how important it is to have a good car you can rely on. That’s why we put so much work into making sure that you get it back as soon as possible.

You Are a Part of the Repair Process

Since car repairs are such a niche industry, people usually feel intimidated by the idea of approaching a repair shop to get something fixed. You may be worried about getting scammed or looking silly in front of the technicians.

But here at Auto Color Inc, we treat all cars and customers with respect. Regardless of the make and model of your ride, you can bring it to us for repair and detailing. We can make an initial assessment and walk you through all your possible options.

Only Open in Madison, WI

If there’s one disadvantage to becoming a customer of Auto Color Inc, it’s that we are only available in Madison, WI. We currently have one branch in Parmenter Street, Middleton; and another in Stoughton Road. The pandemic has hampered our plans for expansion but as an essential business, we remain open and dedicated to repairing cars.

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