The Best 4 Door Sedan Cars to Consider in 2022

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4 Door Sedan Cars in 2022

There was a time when four-door sedans were all automakers’ point of approach. But with the rise of SUVs, four-door sedans were out-favored. As of now, only a few four-door sedans are available. And so, to speak, this guide is keen to take you through the best 4 four-door sedan cars in 2022. 

GAC All-New GA8 

You get the GA8 in Benita Grey, Elegant Black, or Ivory White shades, but the sharp lines and the blend lights make this simple sedan barely unnoticeable. 

Its simplicity starts with the fuel consumption of 7.8 liters on every 100 km traveled, cutting through 185kw for maximum charge. It will take 65 liters of fuel to get the fuel tank full, leading to about 1705kg of the curb. 


GAC All-New GA8 is five meres and 2.9 meters on the wheelbase. On the outer body, it’s contemporarily classical with a sleek polishing that’s fitted with LED lights. It further extends to the five-spoke grilles on the front side. Lastly, the GAC All-New GA8 wheel hub comprises 18 inches of aluminum alloy. 

The interior of GAC All-New GA8 is a true definition of superb craftsmanship. Easy on the eye, it starts with spacious seats at the back. Add to that, the seats are ergonomic, and there’s no gravity between them and the base. For convenient storage, it’s fitted with 27 storage shelves and a 500l trunk.

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No argument; this is one of the world’s most advanced cars. Speaking of which, it’s fitted ACC adaptive cruise management panel, which works hand in hand with LDW departure warning. The FCW warning system will work if a frontal collision is imminent. Lastly, the GAC All-New GA8 torques are graded at 390N-m and a Bosch 9.3 dynamic ESP. 

GAC GS3 202is fitted with two four-cylinder engines, 1.3L and  1.5L engines. The first one produces 135 horsepower with 202 Nm of peak torque, whereas the second delivers 114 horsepower with 150 Nm torque. 

All engines use a 6-speed automated gearbox and a front-wheel-drive system. Its 1.3L engine takes 9.0 seconds to reach 100 km/h, while the 1.5-liter engine takes twelve and a half seconds. Lastly, the the1.5L engine has a peak rate of 180 kilometers per hour, whereas the 1.3L engine has a maximum range of 200 kilometers per hour.


It has a 7-in. color LCD panel and an 8-inch screen display. Besides, there is a USB port, and you also get to make your phone calls through Bluetooth. There are fewer chances of faulty driving by keeping tabs on your parking sensors and concentrating on driving controls only. In the event of impacts due to collisions, there are two airbags at the front with Side Curtain Airbags. The engine has an immobilizer with a car theft alarm. 

2022 Toyota Corolla Hybrid

It’s time for you to shift from the mini-SUV to the Toyota Corolla hybrid. You get this powered with a 169 hp four-cylinder engine. The inside is a blend of the corolla and hatchback.

It has 169-hp two-liter 4-cylinder engines with automated gearing and front-wheel driving. All-wheel driving is also optional, and its duration is from 60 miles per hour to 9.2 seconds.

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It uses 31 mpg in the city and 33 mpg on the interstate, whereas the all-wheel-drive gets 29 and 32.

Storage and interior 

The increased size of the Corolla hybrid provides extra space for travelers, especially in the rear, and extra baggage capacity. Lastly, it features attractive faux-leather seating, warmed front seating,  and a velvet gear knob. 

Interface and aesthetics

The dash of the Corolla Hybrid includes a square multimedia screen surrounded by shortcut controls. This configuration is featured in numerous current Toyota vehicles with 7.0- and 8.0-inch monitors. Apple CarPlay and  Android Auto are the standard features, with wireless cellphone recharging as an additional.

Driver Assistance and Safety

You receive a ton of capabilities on all trims, including cruise control, emergency brakes, and driveway warning. An automatic emergency stop with human recognition is included.
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2022 Nissan Versa

If you care about safety and comfort, this is your go for it. Still, for 2022, the Nissan Versa is priced fairly. some of its features are 

High performing Engine

Each Versa is powered by a 122-hp 4-cylinder engine, driving the front tires. The standard gear is a five-speed manual with automatic inputs. On the other hand, their precise steering sensation is matched with braking feedback.


If fitted with the CVT, Nissan Versa achieves up to 32 miles to the gallon in cities and 40 miles per gallon. The manual drive is projected to  27 MPG on urban and 35 highways.


It boasts soft-touch materials on the sides and dashboards, warmed seats, and a velvet steering with a gear knob. A driver-seat-mounted armrest and a touchscreen screen inside the instrument cluster and Nissan SR add an automatic temperature control. The boot, on the other hand, can hold six carry-on luggage.

Connection and aesthetics

A conventional 7.0-inch smart play infotainment panel with helpful controls and dials allows you to connect to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Each Versa includes 3 USB ports with voice control.

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Driving aids and safety 

  • Front and rear automatic emergency brakes are by  default
  • Oblivious detection and reverse cross-traffic warning are optional
  • Cruise control 

Honda Civic Si 2022

The Civic Si is indeed the company’s tiniest car. Still, with a specifically adjusted chassis and fast turbo-four engines, it gets the ability to rival sports compact cars like the Subaru WRX. The Civic’s sub-$30,000 price tag contributes to its worth. It’s also standardized for front tire driving and manual transmissions. 


The Civic Si’ has a 1.5l turbo and 4-cylinder engine capable of two hundred horsepower and one hundred ninety-two lb of torque. Propulsion is routed to the front tires via a conventional six-speed manual gearbox. The manual transmission now has rev-matching.


The 2022 Civic Si gets 27 miles to the gallon in town and 37 MPG over the interstate.

Cargo and interior 

When inside, the red embroidery on the doorways, steering, and other areas denotes the car’s ride quality. The elaborate mesh that runs through the middle of the dash hiding HVAC ducts is likewise trimmed in crimson.

The user of the Si looks at a gauge panel with a traditional speedometer and a computerized tach towards the left, and it has a similarly comfy rear seat with a boot that can store six carry-on luggage.

Connectivity and aesthetics

The basic infotainment unit inside the Si is a 9.0-inch display protruding from the center of the dash. This gadget has a useful volume knob and several additional tactile controls. Every Honda Si comes standard with cordless Android Auto and twelve speakers.

Driver Assistance and Safety 

  • Basic forward-collision detection and automatic emergency brakes
  • Basic driveway indication and path-keeping aid

Wrapping up

So that’s it. If you have been looking for a four-door sedan, you just went through the two best. But there is more from where these came from. So should you wish to explore, GMC Motor car models should be your point of approach.

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