What is the difference between BYD Han EV and Model 3?

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BYD Han EV and Model3 are two of the most PK models in the new energy market. Some people insist that Model 3 is good, while others prefer BYD, plus the price is similar, and both OEMs think they are stronger and have their own loyal fans, so the controversy has never stopped one wave after another.

If you are also hesitating, then today we will analyze the car in depth and hope to provide you with a touch of rational guidance.

Han EV has three models, two are long-range versions, a four-wheel drive version, Model 3 has a standard range version and a long-range version, we first use the low version of this car PK:

BYD Han vs Tesla Model 3: They have similar prices

Han EV is 235,800 yuan, and Model3 is 265,700 yuan, this is the official offer, the actual purchase price should be combined with the subsidy policy around, no matter what, Han EV is 30,000-40,000 yuan cheaper than Model3, and Han EV may also have 4S store’s various concession activities, the price may be lower.

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BYD Han vs Tesla Model 3: They have different ranges

The battery capacity of Han is 76.9KWH, while that of Model3 is 55KWH, so Han is 605km and Model3 is 468km range.

BYD Han vs Tesla Model 3: They have very different performance

The maximum power and torque, as the main performance indicators of the car, determine the top speed and acceleration performance of the vehicle, respectively, Han EV is 163KW and 330NM, while the Model 3 is 202KW and 404NM. in this regard, Han EV is obviously not a rival of Model 3, which also indirectly shows that Han’s motor performance is not as good as Model 3.

BYD Han vs Tesla Model 3: They have different sizes

In terms of body size and space, Han EV is defined as a mid-size sedan, while the Model 3 is defined as a mid-size sedan, and it is immediately apparent from the exterior that Han EV has more space and a longer wheelbase. This is because the former is almost 30 centimeters longer than the latter.

BYD Han vs Tesla Model 3: They have close weight

Body weight, which is an easily ignored parameter, is critical in new energy vehicles because it is closely related to the range, and at this point, the Model 3 does better, about 1.7 tons, while the Han reaches 2 tons.

For buying a car, there is no best car, only the most suitable car for yourself, according to your own needs, combined with the characteristics of the model, understand the advantages of the model at the same time, and then think about whether the disadvantage is within your tolerance, I believe you will make a wise choice.

If you want to know more to compare, just look at byd han vs tesla model 3.

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