The Best Electric Vehicles Review in 2022

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2022 is a great year to think about investing in an electric vehicle if you haven’t made the switch. Infrastructure has increased dramatically over the last few years – allowing more and more people to purchase electric vehicles. There are now more affordable vehicles and a great range to choose from – whether you are looking for fully electric or hybrid vehicles.

We’ve taken a look at some of the best electric vehicles in 2022 – looking at a range of budgets and manufacturers. It’s a great time to invest in an electric car if you are looking to make the switch or looking for your next vehicle – read on to find out more!

Best Value - Tesla Model 3

Best Value – Tesla Model 3

The 2022 Tesla Model 3 is available and has 3 trims available. Tesla has completely dominated and shaped the EV market and the Model 3 is an exceptional entry because of the fact that it doesn’t necessarily break the bank and is a great investment.

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It’s a surprisingly practical vehicle that has a long charge range and can fully take advantage of the Tesla Supercharger Network – this vehicle is probably the best electric vehicle to purchase at the moment – you don’t have to lose performance when looking in saving money. This is a great vehicle to consider in the electric vehicle market in 2022 and arguably the best choice.

Best Performance – Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo 2022

This is the choice for those who want extremely high quality and a high-performance all-electric vehicle. It’s fantastic both inside and out and is surprisingly practical considering that it is a sports vehicle. This vehicle is in the upper end of cash in terms of budget – but it’s worth it if you are looking for a fantastic vehicle in the luxury EV space. 

Best Value Contender – BMW i4

Fast, high-performance, and quiet when at high speeds – the BMW i4 is a big contender as an alternative to the Model 3 and is a great choice if you are looking for an alternative that can perform to this level then this vehicle is one to consider.

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It’s a fantastic vehicle in the electric vehicle market with the only drawback being that you won’t have access to the Tesla supernetwork – so expect slower charging times than if you did opt for the Model 3.

Best All-Electric SUV – BMW iX3

Essentially modeled after its combustion engine equivalent the X3 – this vehicle is a great contender and we thought we’d include this vehicle as the top pick for those who are looking at the SUV Market. It has superior handling compared to the competition and is a fantastic consideration.

Aerodynamics are included as standard and this SUV is a great consideration to make so we just had to include it in the list in terms of a larger vehicle to consider in the electric vehicle market. 

Best All-Electric SUV - BMW iX3

Best Luxury Vehicle & Market Veteran – Tesla Model S 2022

Released originally in 2012 but still receiving upgrades – the Tesla Model S in 2022 is still a fantastic vehicle in terms of the luxury market. The range has changed since 2012 but it’s amazing that this vehicle still competes with very slight but definitely impactful changes.

It has hugely powerful acceleration and a massive charge range which allows you to travel further without having to worry about charging. Plus – you have access to the Tesla charging network. This is also one of the most expensive if not the most in the luxury EV market.

Best ‘Affordable’ Consideration – Nissan Leaf S Plus

Equipped with all of the latest driving technologies – Nissan has coined the Leaf S Plus as the ‘100% all-electric family car.” Highly affordable especially compared to some of the other electric vehicles on this list – this vehicle has a large boot and storage capacity and is a great choice for you and your family if you are considering making the upgrade to an electric vehicle.

Nissan boasts a range of up to 239 miles which is very impressive for an ‘affordable EV.’ A great choice if you are looking for an all-electric vehicle with a number of features without having to pay a hefty price tag and great for the family.

Best (Longest) Charge Range – Mercedes EQS 450+

The Mercedes EQS 450+ boasts a hefty and powerful 107.8kWh battery and offers the best in terms of charge range (453-mile range.) The EQE saloon is now available which offers around a 384-mile range so the Tesla Model S is the second longest charge distance EV (at the time of writing) at a 405-mile range.

The EQS 450+ is a 6 figure sum vehicle so this is certainly not a vehicle for all buyers however this is a highly impressive range. For those who are still worried about the infrastructure of charging stations – you will want to consider the higher charge range vehicles that are on the market.

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