6 Best Towing Accessories You Need for Your Vehicle

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Towing Accessories You need

Even after the installation of the towing mechanism whether it’s a 5th wheel hitch or some other, you need to maintain the system as you use it. There are some accessories no one can do without. Towing is such an unpredictable job that you never know when you are going to need something.

Moreover, there are no hard and fast rules for the job and very often you have to customize the situation as per your needs. To do that, you need some accessories like alarms and cameras to keep the vehicle safe, straps, chains, and much more.

Here is a list of some of the most commonly used accessories when it comes to towing.


Kingpin is very important too for the smooth working of the hitch system. It connects the steering axle to the steering knuckle. In this way, it supports the whole steering geometry and allows the wheel ends to turn the vehicle.

The goal is to keep the knuckle in proper alignment so these kingpins work in sync with bushes to handle the force exerted. Be careful in choosing the kingpin and prioritize the quality of the product. Tulga kingpin truck is a good option.

Tie-downs or Straps

Once you have loaded to full capacity, it needs to be tied down and secured. If not, there is a risk of swaying your trailer. Ropes, bungee cords, ratchet straps, or other related items can be used to tie down the load. The item you choose for a tie-down depends on your load too. Ratchet straps are known to have the most applications.

Safety Systems

A fully loaded vehicle creates some blind spots which can only be covered using camera systems. New trucks come with 360-degree cameras but they still may not cover the whole towed vehicle.

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Moreover, you also need backup alarms and a camera system to ensure safe reversing. In the absence of these devices, there is always a risk of damaging property or lives.

Two Lights

A towing vehicle is very different from any other vehicle in terms of weight and size so it must not be taken as such. Your vehicle’s original tail lights are going to be obscured by the towed load behind so you need an additional pair of lights to show when you are going to break or make a turn.

This accessory is very important to prevent any potential accident.

Side Mirrors

It falls upon the driver of the vehicle to take care of his safety and the safety of those around him. It is not possible if the driver is unable to cover all his angles.

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The towing truck comes with side mirrors but the problem with them is that they are designed for the truck only and not always for the load behind too which is often greater in size. Hence, you need to broaden your view by altering your side mirrors.

Trailer Brakes

Different states have different rules for brakes but the standard rule is that the brakes must be able to handle the additional load towed behind. Standard brake pads wear out faster while dealing with such heavy loads so you need to get trailer-specific brakes in light of your towing capacity.

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