A Guide to Tein Suspension Coilovers: Why Go for Tein?

People wanting to upgrade their vehicle’s suspension system for the first time struggle to differentiate between the different terminology presented to them. Coilovers, shocks, struts… what do they do, and what’s the difference?

Guide to Tein Suspension Coilovers

They’re all suspension parts, but coilovers seem to be all the rage lately. Why? Well, coilovers are a type of suspension that enables you to adjust ride height, damping, camber, and much more, making them the more versatile solution for those who want to keep their options open. 

Driving through tight, curvy roads? No worries, you can adjust your suspension system to favour that type of driving, resulting in a lower centre of gravity, better steering response and less body roll. They’ll make your ride feel like you’re driving a go-kart. They replace your factory strut assembly completely and open a world of possibilities for you to tinker with. 

And when it comes to coilover manufacturers, Tein is emerging as one of the most popular ones. Drivers all across the UK frequently choose Tein coilovers because they offer an amazing blend of performance and comfort. What distinguishes them from their rivals? Let’s look more closely to determine that.

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Superior Ride Quality

The main reason people want new coilovers is to improve their ride quality. You can spend a few thousand pounds, or significantly less – it’s up to you. It’s just important to understand what you’re getting. 

With Tein coilovers, you get a quality product that offers just that – a superior ride quality, without having to break your bank. Their coilovers are known to provide a very smooth ride.

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This is a result of their unique construction and design that comes with a number of spring mounts. These spring mounts minimise distortion and provide a consistent ride when going through corners. Moreover, their coilovers are quite durable, meaning you can rest assured they’ll stand up to constant use and abuse.

Surprisingly Affordable

Surprisingly Affordable

If you find yourself buying coilovers for the first time, you’ll easily be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choices available. Naturally, you want quality and you’ll get flooded with expensive high-performance race coilovers that cost a few thousand pounds, at least. But those are out of range for the average gearhead. 

When you come upon Tein coilovers for sale, though, you’ll notice that quality doesn’t have to cost a fortune. In fact, they have a catalog of products that cost a few hundred pounds.

Great Price-Performance Ratio

As briefly aforementioned, many people think that a higher price tag equals higher quality, but that doesn’t have to be the case. High-end suspension parts don’t have to be expensive, and they don’t automatically mean a proper fit.

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Tein transfers the cost down to some of the more affordable things they’re selling. As a result, they’ve had great success around the world. Most of their parts are made in Yokohoma, Japan. And while they manufacture some parts in China like every other manufacturer, it’s worth noting that their tank parts and arms, as well as many other parts, are needed for their bikes.

Quality Control and Customer Support

As someone who’s bought from and used their coilovers, it’s safe to say their customer service and quality control are vital for their popularity and success. They have great products and knowledgeable people who were always there to help me whenever I had a question. You’ll see Tein products sold everywhere, at attractive prices. 

Flagship Tein Coilovers

Tein Suspension Coilovers

Flex Z

The Tein Flex Z is a coilover that won’t break your bank, is adjustable and comes with a great reputation. It’s not as adjustable as some other coilovers, but it supports loads up to 300 pounds. More importantly, it’s one of the most affordable coilovers available.

The Flex Z incorporates a modern and attractive design, allowing you to install it more easily. And even though they’re affordable, they’re made in Yokohoma, so you can rest assured of their quality. 

The Flex Z is a great introduction to the coilover world, for the given reasons – they’re affordable, easy to install and easily adjustable. Still, they’re of high quality, and feature a full-length ride height adjustment, damping force adjustment system, twin-tube structure, and come as a complete kit with all the mounting hardware. While they might not be outstanding on the track, they make for an amazing great daily driver.

Basis Z

The Street Basis Z is a suspension limiting system that’s ideal for those who want extra handling but don’t want to sacrifice in terms of comfort. These are also entry-level coilovers that are in the lower price range. However, they come with as many features. 

They’re mainly designed for those who want an aftermarket suspension that comes with new shocks and height adjustable springs, but don’t want damper and camber adjustment. That being said, you’ll have to reuse your factory top hats. The kit includes four pre-adjusted twin tube shocks designed to take the abuse of a lowered vehicle, yet provide enough shock travel to give you a more extended range of performance and a good price. 

Street Advance Z

These coilovers are a step up from the basis Z coilovers, coming with sixteen-way adjustable shocks. They still don’t come with top mounts, but you can fine-tune your suspension from firm to soft and anywhere in between. 

The Street Advance Z also lets you use the EDFC system, allowing you to adjust the damping from the cabin rather than manually. This system can come in handy when you need to make adjustments on the fly and feel the changes in real time to tune the suspension to your personal preference.

To Sum Up

To Sum Up

Some of the most well-liked suspension components available are made by Tein. And of course, there’s a good reason behind that. They are popular because they are reasonably priced, dependable, and highly adjustable. They offer a whole range of product lines designed for various driving scenarios and preferences. What’s more, they offer exceptional quality control and customer service in addition to a broad selection and reasonable prices, considerably boosting the experience of your trip.

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