Are You Planning to Acquire a Vehicle For the First Time?

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Are You Planning to Acquire a Vehicle For the First Time?

Which car to choose? For those who are planning to acquire a vehicle for the first time, this is one of the most important questions.

Now there are many experts who develop personal blogs on social networks to help people with the choice of their future auto. We recommend after reading our article to look for such people. When the world has a large selection, such experts do not even need to buy Instagram followers to become famous.

Before buying, you must clearly understand the purpose for which the vehicle is being purchased. First, decide where and how you plan to use the car.

Will it be long-distance travel or moving around the city on the route homework? What will the car be used for more often, for work or leisure? Do you need a roomy family car or a compact runabout?

Regardless of the purpose for which you buy a car, it should meet your requirements as much as possible. Focusing on them, you can decide which is better to choose.

Today we will help you figure out what you should pay attention to when choosing a car. After reading this article, do not forget to search social networks for expert accounts that can help you personally. As a rule, they have a large audience and gain the trust of users without the need to buy real Instagram followers.

How to choose the right transmission?

Consumer properties of the car largely depend on the type of transmission. There are two types of transmissions available today: manual and automatic.

There are three types of automatic transmission:

  • hydro-mechanical machine;
  • variable speed drive;
  • robotic.

Each of them has its own characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages.

When considering which auto to choose for beginners, it is worth remembering: that driving a car with a manual transmission is more difficult. For beginners, this often distracts from the road, which is unsafe. Many experienced drivers like to change gears on their own, to achieve a smooth ride on their own, or vice versa, to show sports skills.

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A stalled vehicle with an automatic transmission must not be towed for a long distance. But driving a car is much more comfortable: there is no clutch pedal, and the gears switch themselves.

The driver makes fewer movements, respectively, and does not get tired. The design of automatic transmissions has also undergone a long evolution. Modern automatic transmissions are reliable, and work clearly, quickly, and smoothly shift gears.

Which type of drive to choose?

The type of drive affects the cross-country ability, stability, and controllability of the car. For driving on smooth, dry roads, any transmission is well suited. If you do not break the speed limit and monitor the technical condition, you may not feel the difference.

In addition, modern models are equipped with electronic assistants that help maintain control over the car in difficult conditions. In this case, even an experienced driver may not feel the difference.

Due to the fact that the conditions of our roads are far from ideal, the type of drive is very important. This criterion for choosing a vehicle should be given special attention.

Autos are produced with three types of drive:

  • front (engine torque is transmitted to the wheels of the front axle);
  • rear (rear wheels are driving);
  • full (traction is transmitted to all wheels).

The front-wheel drive transmission is compact, cars of this type are quite stable on slippery roads and economical. But it is sometimes problematic to overcome a slippery slope with a significant slope. Due to the redistribution of weight on the rear axle, the front wheels on the slopes are unloaded and lose traction.

A rear-wheel-drive car has better maneuverability, since it has a larger turning angle than the front wheels, starts well from a standstill, and is not afraid of climbs. The main disadvantage is the tendency to skid the rear axle. However, driving a rear-wheel-drive car on a slippery road, especially when there are no stabilization systems, is not easy. Many rear-wheel-drive vehicles are heavier and less efficient than front-wheel drive vehicles.

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The all-wheel-drive scheme is more versatile. It allows you to combine the advantages of front and rear-wheel drive. For low-quality roads prevailing in Russia, this is the best option. All-wheel drive helps to achieve high stability and safety even on slippery surfaces, it significantly improves cross-country ability in the most difficult road conditions.

How to choose a package?

Currently, manufacturers endow vehicles with a large number of different options and offer equipment of varying degrees of equipment, and additional options are installed for an extra charge. Often, many of them remain unclaimed.

It should be remembered that the main criterion for choosing an auto is safety, so you cannot save on active and passive safety systems.


We hope that our article will help you a little with choosing a car. Read more information to buy the car of your dreams.

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