Top 5 Reasons Why Your Air Bag Sensor Light Would Turn On

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Why Your Air Bag Sensor Light Would Turn On

When it comes to driving safety, airbags are a crucial feature in all vehicles. In fact, a 1998 law stipulated that all cars and light trucks in the U.S. include front-seat airbags in their designs.

In the event of a crash, airbags deploy to minimize injuries to drivers and passengers. Certain problems can trigger the airbag warning light, however, and you must address the issue immediately to ensure you’re protected in the event of a crash. Here are a few possible causes of an illuminated warning light and what you can do about them.

Malfunctioning Sensor

Airbag impact sensors detect collisions and signal the airbag to deploy to protect drivers and passengers. Sensors can also develop issues, such as corrosion, which necessitates a 590-204 impact sensor replacement. Safety technology cannot function without intact sensors, so part replacement is crucial when driving.

Battery Problems

Battery issues can affect airbag function, as the battery provides power to internal airbag mechanisms. Airbags do have a backup battery, but this battery will also lose power over time if the main battery depletes. Fortunately, repairing or replacing your battery will ensure that airbag components function in case of a crash. Here are a few signs that your vehicle has a battery issue:

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  • Clicking noises when starting the vehicle
  • Backfiring engine
  • Corrosion on battery terminals
  • Low fluid levels
  • The need for continuous jump starts
  • Dimming headlights
  • Slow engine cranking

These signs indicate that your car battery could fail soon. Replacing the battery is usually the best option when it comes to faults and defects.

Component Replacement

Clock springs are an electrical component found inside the steering wheel. They enable the driver to move the steering wheel in different directions without impacting the 26101828 airbag clock spring and other components. In the event the spring is faulty or experiences wear, it can trigger the warning light. Like sensors, defective clock springs require immediate replacement.

Faulty Seatbelts

Seatbelts also have sensors, and these can impact the airbag warning light. For instance, debris inside the seatbelt receptacle can trigger the warning light. The light can also come on if vehicle inhabitants fail to wear their seatbelts. Vehicle safety features work in conjunction to keep you safe. Accordingly, a problem with one safety feature can impact the function of other features, including your airbags.

Airbag Reset

In the event of a minor crash, the airbag sensor may trigger but not actually deploy. In this case, you must reset the airbag to ensure it functions as expected during a more serious crash, meaning one that involves a collision when the vehicle travels at 16 mph or faster and when occupants use their seatbelts. This highlights the importance of performing timely repairs after a crash, even with minor damage.

Whether it’s an issue with a 2011 Silverado airbag sensor location or a damaged clock spring, you must act in a timely manner when your airbag warning light comes on. By getting to the bottom of the issue and making the necessary changes, you can rest assured of a safe driving experience.

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