Automotive Industry Trends: What’s New for 2023?

There are always emerging trends in the auto industry. Some of them prove to be fads that fade out after a few years. Some of the more popular ones become standard, and you will see them in vehicles for decades.

If you want to visit a car dealership, Sandy, Utah, then that probably means you feel ready to get a vehicle or trade in your current one. Before you do that, though, you might find it helpful to know about some of the industry trends that dominate automotive conversations in 2023. We’ll discuss a few of those right now.

One thing that is undeniable in 2023 is that there are more hybrid cars and EVs on the road than ever. If you see new car commercials, many of them are for either EVs or hybrids.

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It seems clear the motor vehicle industry understands that it must gradually get away from fossil fuels. The execs know that if they want their particular car brand to compete, they must enter the hybrid and EV market. Most consumers seem ready to go with an EV, or they are at least considering hybrids if they are not quite ready to switch over to a fully electric vehicle yet.

Some Safety Features Are Becoming More Widespread

There are safety features that have been showing up in cars over the past few years that are becoming more prevalent with each passing year. 2023 has been no exception to that rule.

These days, you can find many cars with blind spot detection. Others give you lane departure warnings. Others have automatic braking if the vehicle detects an object in front of you and you don’t press down on the brakes in time. All vehicles are now required to have backup cameras as well.

That’s good news for car owners who might not necessarily get the most expensive vehicles, but they still want excellent safety from their cars. Cheaper vehicles that are starting to have some of these features standard can only make the roads safer.

Luxury Features Have Become More Varied

Many luxury vehicles on the road are coming with more options. For instance, car entertainment systems are more advanced than ever. This means TV screens in the back to keep kids entertained. It means you can charge your phone by setting it on the dashboard in some instances.

Other cars feature not just seat-warming technology but seat-cooling tech as well. You can turn on the seat-cooling feature in the summer on scorching days and stay comfortable.

Some cars have Bluetooth connectivity that lets you access your music library without needing to physically connect the smartphone to the car with a USB cable. You can also see text messages that come to your phone show up on the vehicle’s screen as you drive.

The new cars that come out in 2024 might feature even more impressive innovations, so keep your eyes open for those.

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