10 Best Selling Cars, SUVs, & Trucks In United States In 2024

Best Selling Cars In United States In Previous Model Year

The car sales figures for 2023 are finally here. The US automakers have sold around 15.5 million cars in the last year, about a 12.4% increase in overall sales. Two of the biggest reasons for such a successful business year since the 2020 fiasco are the higher dealership inventory and moderating car prices.

2022 was a challenging year for auto manufacturers in America because of a vast supply chain and production demand mismatch. However, the companies finally made up for their losses last year as the supply chain issues were finally under control.

Top automakers like Toyota, Ford, GM, and Honda saw a significant rise in their sales compared to 2022. In contrast, companies like Stellantis could not keep up with their previous year’s sales speed.

Like all the times, in 2023, pickup trucks have topped the list as best-selling vehicles in the United States, followed by SUVs. Ford is the most selling brand, with its F-Series topping the sales chart.

So, if you were thinking of buying a brand new car but were not sure which one to choose, explore our list of chart-topping automobiles of the preceding year and see if there is something you would enjoy driving on it.

1. Ford F-Series

  • Total Units Sold: 750,789
  • Sales 14.8% up from 2022

Ford F-Series became the buyer’s favorite last year. The company saw around a fifteen percent increase in sales compared to its prior year. Out of 750,789 units sold, 24,165 were electric F-150 Lightning trucks.

The F-Series comprises light-duty pickup trucks like the F-150, F-250,  and F-350, and even larger ones like the F-750. Ford F-150 saw the most-selling in 17 American states, including Alabama, New Mexico, Texas, and more.

2. Chevrolet Silverado

  • Total Units Sold: 543,319
  • Sales 5.9% up from 2022

The second place was again captured by a pickup truck with about a 5.9% rise in overall sales. The sale of Chevrolet’s Silverado comprises both light-duty and heavy-duty model lineups. The Chevy Silverado 1500 saw the most sales.

The Silverado pickup is an old-school truck with a stylish interior and advanced technology. This is one of the biggest reasons this ride was top-bought across eight states: Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Minnesota, Mississippi, North Dakota, Tennessee, and Wisconsin.

3. Ram Pickup

  • Total Units Sold: 444,926
  • Sales 5% down from 2022

The top three spots are bagged by trucks, and the next one with the third highest sales is Ram Pickup. The company sold 444,926 units, combining sales of Ram 1500, 2500, and 3500 and the heavier duty models, but overall saw a 5% decline in sales.

An upgraded 2025 model is ready to hit the dealerships soon, and we think that can give Ram pickups the boost the company has been looking for.

4. Toyota RAV4

  • Total Units Sold: 434,943
  • Sales 8.8% up from 2022

The best-selling automaker in the world, Toyota retained its title of best-selling SUV in America with its RAV4 model lineup. Toyota finished the previous model year strong, seeing an 8.8% increase in its total sales for all standard, hybrid, and plug-in hybrid variants.

Also, the Toyota RAV4 saw the highest sales across six states, defeating the popular pickups. All RAV4s are spacious SUVs featuring comfort, style, roomy interior, modern tech, and safety & reliability of Toyota as standard.

5. Tesla Model Y

  • Total Units Sold: 385,900
  • Sales 56.5% up from 2022

Tesla Model Y is a fully electric vehicle with the fifth biggest deals the previous year. It sold an estimated 385,900 units and saw a whopping 56.5% increase in its sales, which is impressive.

The Model Y is a highly practical ride offering comfort, elegance, premium features, and about a 330-mile driving range. Tesla’s strong Supercharger network is another reason why this EV has done it better than its competitors.

6. Honda CR-V

  • Total Units Sold: 361,457
  • Sales 51.8% up from 2022

When practicality is the basis of car buying, how can we not have a Honda on this list? Honda CR-V came in sixth place in total national sales but was number one in four states: Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.

This best-seller is a standard small SUV for families, all thanks to its brilliant all-around ability, smooth ride quality, impressive passenger & cargo space, helpful tech features, and more.

7. GMC Sierra 

  • Total Units Sold: 295,737
  • Sales 22.4% up from 2022

Pickups are ruling this list as the most bought vehicles, as the popular GMC Sierra captures the seventh spot. The Sierra comprises full-size 1500 and heavy-duty 2500 and 3500. All three variants have had an amazing sales year, with the GMC Sierra 1500 becoming the most popular vehicle in Arkansas state.

GMC Sierra model lineup stands out due to its all-around utility, better value, integration of helpful technology, and an acceptable market price.

8. Toyota Camry

  • Total Units Sold: 290,649
  • Sale 1.5% down from 2022

Even after being in the market for over four decades, the Toyota Camry remains the cult favorite. This non-suv ride saw an estimated two percent decline in sales. However, it still maintained its spot among the best-selling motorcars.

Toyota Camry is the only sedan in the top ten. It is mainly because it is comfortable, fun to drive, fuel-efficient, has good value, and shows less depreciation. The Camry is once again the top-selling sedan in America.

9. Nissan Rogue

  • Total Units Sold: 271,458
  • Sales 45.6% up from 2022

Nissan Rogue is in the ninth spot with a 45.6% increase in its 2022 sales. This sport utility vehicle is highly affordable and offers a stylish look, excellent fuel efficiency, balanced driving dynamics, comfort, and loads of passenger and cargo space.

The impressive sales figures of Nissan Rogue include the sale of the smaller and now discontinued Rogue Sport subcompact crossover.

10. Jeep Grand Cherokee

  • Total Units Sold: 244,595
  • Sales 9.5% up from 2022

Off-roading is in the blood of American drivers. Their love for adventure and exploration can be seen as the Jeep Grand Cherokee has the tenth-highest sales number. It saw about a 9.5% growth from the year before.

2023 has been a great year for this lineup as it was one of the many Stellantis models seeing a decline in sales. The stellar on- & off-road prowess, gorgeous interior, balanced handling, smooth ride, upscale & comfortable cabin, and plenty of standard and available features are the reasons for a strong second-half closing for the Grand Cherokee.

These are the best-selling cars in the United States in 2023. The list comprises everything from pickups and SUVs to sedans, from gasoline and hybrids to EVs. European car brands are not on the list, but American and Japanese automakers like Ford, GMC, Honda, and Toyota have done impressively well.

So, did you find a vehicle you would like to test drive this year?

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