7 Best Snow Chains For 4×4 Trucks In 2023 With Expert’s Guide

best snow chains for 4x4 trucks

Like your Jeep, truck, or SUV, you’re an explorer made to last. Little snow will not deter you from reaching your next location. You’ll be ready to take on that icy drive with our pick of the best snow chains for 4×4 trucks.

Mother nature is utterly unpredictable, so prepare yourself for her winter majesty in all its wrath. You’ll need tools like a deicer, a snow scraper, microfibre cloths, gloves, snow chains, snow cables, or other tire chains on snowy and icy roads.

It’s a popular misperception that snow chains aren’t necessary for 4X4 trucks. While passenger vehicles will struggle to drive very far in deep snow without chains, some trucks may not require them until the first frost.

The winter blizzards that plague various parts of the US often require trucks to have heavy-duty chains. Even larger trucks may require even stronger chains for maximum safety on slick roads.

Therefore, we’ve reviewed the 7 best snow chains for pickup trucks ( 4×4 trucks ).

Top Picks For The Best Snow Chains For Ton 4×4 Trucks

It’s more important than ever to prepare for driving in icy conditions after the arrival of winter and a deluge of snow across much of the country. Driving safely when Mother Nature unleashes her winter wrath necessitates using the correct gear. Snow chains for pickup trucks are a “must-have” addition for navigating through thick snow.

Below is a list of the 7 best snow chains for 4×4 pickup trucks to enhance their grip and safety on icy and snowy roads.

best snow chains for ton 4x4 trucks
Peerless Series 2300 Auto-Trac Truck Tire Chain
  • Brand: Peerless
  • Material: Alloy steel
  • Compatibility: Truck, SUV
  • Weight: 14.4 Pounds
heavy duty truck tire chains
KÖNIG CB-12 104 Snow Chains For 4×4 Truck
  • Brand: KÖNIG
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Compatibility: Truck, SUV, Car
  • Weight: 10.08 Pounds
  • Heavy-Duty Chain
best snow chains for ton 4x4 trucks
3Our Pick
Security Chain Company SZ143 Cable Tire Chain For Trucks
  • Brand: Security Chain
  • Material: Rubber
  • Compatibility: Truck, Car, SUV
  • Weight: 1 Pounds

Guide On How To Choose Best Snow Chains For 3/4 Ton 4×4 Trucks

The closer you go to buying a piece of outdoor gear, the more small characteristics appear that distinguish one model from the next. It’s critical to select the best snow chains for pickup trucks. It can mean a safe commute and a collision on an icy road.

Here are a few things to think about while picking between different types of snow chains.

A. Self-Tensioning

Self-tensioning technology is available on many current, higher-end chains, which can aid installation. Self-tensioning chains will center and adjust with built-in ratchets as the vehicle moves, and the tires rotate.

As a result, the chain has less slack, which improves its overall performance in the snow. Self-tensioning chains are the way to go if you plan on using your chains frequently.

As far as other possibilities go, there are many aided tensioning and manual tensioning chains on the market. These chains are frequently less expensive and easier to set up at first.

They do, however, require drivers to retighten them once they start driving. Self-tensioning chains can reduce the time you need to kneel by the side of the icy road in cold and snowy circumstances.

Before committing to either manual or self-tensioning chains, consider the advantages and disadvantages of each as they pertain to your specific vehicle location.

B. Automatic Releasing

An automatic release is standard on many high-end tire chains. The automatic release option can be useful if you drive over large mountain passes with changing snow conditions.

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An automatic release can considerably reduce the time you spend manually removing your chains while exposed to the weather and potential hazards on the roadside.

C. Size

It is critical to purchase a suitable chain size, regardless of the style. This is necessary for the chains to fit properly and perform as intended.

Fortunately, determining your tire size is simple. You can find it on the tire’s sidewall, including parameters for tire width, sidewall height ratio relative to width, and diameter.

Don’t get too caught up in the details of the sizes. All you have to do is match the overall number to the chain manufacturer’s model number. All of the chains we’ve chosen on this list come in various sizes.

D. Material

Over the last few decades, tire traction chain technology has progressed. Some traditional materials are still in use, while other inventions have entered the market.

Manganese, titanium, and nickel steel alloys commonly make higher-end metal chains. This ensures that the product is both strong and long-lasting.

We suggest chains made of extra beefy materials if you operate a huge truck or any other type of heavy-duty vehicle. Most companies use hardened steel in middle-of-the-road and economy chains.

Metal chains provide more traction control than other materials, but they can also cause more damage to roads and automobiles. Although rubber chains and snow socks aren’t ideal for extreme conditions, they are unquestionably better for your vehicle and the roads.

E. Weight

You’ll notice weight differences as you shop for the perfect tire chains for your car. Lighter chains will give you more traction and save you money on gas. They’re also simpler to set up, dismantle, and store.

While bigger chains are less efficient in overall fuel economy, they provide significantly greater friction and are usually more robust. Transporting, carrying, and storing heavier chains is more difficult than lighter chains.

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Don’t get too worked up about fuel economy because you’ll probably only be driving for a few miles at a time with chains on your tires. Don’t select the heaviest chains if you’re only purchasing chains as a precaution and won’t use them much. Safety should always come first, regardless of the option you choose.

7 Best Snow Chains For 4×4 Trucks You Can Buy In 2023

Driving in the snow is made much easier when the best snow tire chains are firmly secured to tires or are at the absolute least ready to be installed. Even when the worst winter weather occurs, these auto accessories allow you to continue working and accomplishing your tasks.

It can be difficult to get superior tire chains that fit the driven car. It is irresponsible to drive with incorrect chains on snowy and slippery roads, especially if your wheel clearance is low. Knowing what options are available and how to pick the proper size makes purchasing snow chains less stressful.

We’ve reviewed the 7 best snow chains for ton 4×4 trucks. The below-listed snow chains are unique as per their functionalities. So, look and find the best fit for your 4×4 truck.

1. Peerless Series 2300 Auto-Trac Truck Tire Chain

best snow chains for ton 4x4 trucks
  • Brand: Peerless
  • Material: Alloy steel
  • Compatibility: Truck, SUV
  • Weight: 14.4 Pounds
  • Self–Tightening Ratchets
  • Diamond Pattern
  • Easy Installation/Removal
  • Durable

Consider what Peerless offers if you want tire chains with a more traditional chain link style. The Peerless Auto-Trac chain fits light vehicles and passenger cars and is known for its ease of installation.

Many people will argue that Peerless Auto-Trac tire chains are the easiest to install of all the chains on the market. But everyone knows this chain is one of the best snow chains for 4×4 trucks.

The ratcheting system on these chains automatically tightens them to your tires when you start driving. All you have to do now is connect the internal cables and exterior tighteners.

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It’s also worth noting how long the Peerless Auto-Trac chains last. The manganese alloy steel construction enhances overall strength and longevity.

The steel alloy material provides increased strength, making the chains smaller and lighter than comparable versions. As a result, this design style improves tire grip and provides more surface area for improved road traction.

 The Peerless Auto-Trac diamond pattern provides a smoother ride than many other chain varieties. Check out the Peerless Super Z6 for a comparable alternative if you prefer cables to traditional chains.


  • Easy to install and remove
  • Self-tightening ratchets tighten chains upon driving
  • Smoother ride than comparable chains
  • Provides a solid grip on the tire and superior traction on the road


  • Sizing can be tricky
  • Some concerns about the ratchet’s durability

2. Glacier 1046 Heavy Duty Truck Tire Chains 4×4

best snow chains for 3/4 ton 4x4 trucks
  • Brand: Glacier
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Compatibility: Trucks, Cars
  • Weight: 1 Pounds
  • Hardened Steel Rollers
  • Compatible With 4×4 Vehicles
  • Type “S” Limited Clearance
  • Meets Traction Requirements

The Glacier 1046 Passenger Cable Tire Chains are relatively thin hardened steel rollers. The fit is appropriate for 4×4 trucks and is one of the best snow chains for 3/4 ton 4×4 trucks.

Despite their modest manufacture and simplistic style, these snow chains operate admirably and meet tire traction standards. The Glacier tire chains also have a lower risk of damaging your car and voiding its warranty.

Tire cables are lighter and easier to store when not in use than traditional heavy-duty truck tire chains. When the weather turns snowy and rainy, these cables are a useful and simple solution for compact passenger vehicles.


  • Quick to install
  • Lightweight and easy to pack away
  • Great for vehicles with minimal wheel well clearance


  • Provides less traction than more robust tire chains
  • Not durable enough for long-distance use

3. Security Chain Company QG2228CAM 4×4 Quik Grip

snow chains for pickup trucks
  • Brand: Security Chain
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Compatibility: Light Truck
  • Weight: 6.5 Pounds
  • High-Quality Chain
  • Optimal Traction
  • Include CAM Tools
  • Easy Installation

The Security Chain Company produces a wide range of high-quality snow chains. The company offers one of the best snow chains for ton 4×4 trucks, SUVs, and passenger vehicles.

The Quik Grip Model is a strong chain designed to bear the weight of rugged 4×4 pickups. Square link cross chains with an extended life span ensure excellent long-term endurance.

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These chains are manganese alloy steel and are gripping and reliable on almost any surface. There are a variety of sizes to fit various types of trucks.

You do not require additional tensioners for installation due to a built-in CAM tightening system. Most customers find these chains rather simple to install. Thankfully, there are explicit step-by-step directions available.


  • Very durable
  • Relatively easy installation
  • Effective on all surfaces


  • Tends to rust faster than some other chains
  • Does not meet SAE Class S clearance requirements

4. KÖNIG CB-12 104 Snow Chains For 4×4 Truck

heavy duty truck tire chains
  • Brand: KÖNIG
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Compatibility: Truck, SUV, Car
  • Weight: 10.08 Pounds
  • Heavy-Duty Chain
  • Sturdy Tensioning Chain
  • 12MM On-Tread Clearance
  • Provides Smooth Ride

The König CB-12 tire chain is one of the most affordable and best chains for 4×4 trucks. Their straightforward design has stood the test of time.

The König CB-12 offers heavy-duty tire chains enough for the snowiest of climes. König is of great value among mountain drivers because it can make dangerous and steep climbs through ice mountain routes easier. These tire chains provide a smooth ride on snow and reduce rumbles when traveling over bare asphalt.

These chains are quite easy to install due to their conventional style. Like the Peerless Auto-Trac, these traditional-style chains do not require jacking up your car to install.

The manual tensioning method on the König CB-12s is effective and simple to understand. These chains also come with a mat to kneel on when installing them in the cold winter weather.

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They’re high-quality and straightforward, but they don’t meet Class S specifications. They won’t fit on all automobiles, especially those with limited wheel well clearance.


  • Simple, no-frills, and effective design
  • Affordable price point
  • Smooth riding on snow
  • Generally easy to install for traditional tire chain system


  • Not the most durable chains on the market
  • Hard to match tire sizes online

5. ISSE Shark Snow Sock For 4×4 Trucks, SUVs

best snow chains for 4x4 trucks
  • Brand: ISSE
  • Material: Polyolefin Fabric
  • Compatibility: Trucks, Cars
  • Weight: 1.81 Pounds
  • No Driving Vibration
  • Offers Great Traction
  • Various Size Fits
  • Easy-To-Use

The ISSE Shark Snow Sock is a tire traction device relatively new to the market. These snow socks are for those who want to avoid dealing with snow chains. Also, these snow socks are one of the best snow socks for 4×4 trucks.

Although snow chains are easy to install, some people dislike the rumble they produce while driving. Likewise, if you don’t keep chains properly, you have to untangle them every time you use them. The Snow Sock is here to help with those issues.

The ISSE Shark Snow Sock is a polyolefin fabric covering, but you can not drive faster than 30 mph like chains. With its supple fabric and variety of sizes, Snow Socks work with virtually any tire, whether a small car or a big truck.

If you’re worried about installation, the ISSE Shark Snow Socks are simple to install. You won’t get the rumbling and vibration of other chain styles after they’re mounted.

Snow Sock provides exceptional traction in the same challenging and dangerous icy situations. Because some places do not allow the use of snow chains, the ISSE Shark Snow Socks are an excellent legal alternative.


  • A good alternative for drivers looking to avoid classic chains
  • Easy installation
  • Appropriate substitute for roads completely covered in snow
  • Workaround for areas that do not allow classic tire chains


  • Expensive
  • Not the most durable product on the market
  • Vastly shortened lifespan when driven on asphalt

6. Soyond 4×4 Truck Tire Snow Chains

best snow chains for 3/4 ton 4x4 trucks
  • Brand: Soyond
  • Material: Plastic
  • Compatibility: Car, Truck, SUV
  • Weight: 9.13 Pounds
  • High Quality Tire Chains
  • Upgraded Buckle Design
  • Universal Fit
  • Easy-To-Install

Soyond Snow Chain is one of the distinctive and best snow chains for 3/4 ton 4×4 trucks for budget buyers. Consider purchasing Soyond Snow Chains if you live somewhere that doesn’t get much snow or you barely drive through snowy areas.

The Soyond Snow Chains appear to be unlike any other competitor on the market at first glance. However, the unusual design serves a function. The hollow design prevents snow from accumulating on the tires while improving traction on slick roads.

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Both the tire and the road benefit from the thermoplastic polyurethane plates. This chain consists of steel studs to provide grip and friction in even the iciest conditions. These studs can effectively break them down as you drive over ice surfaces.

Snow chains from Soyond are simple to install. As you attach each strap to the tire, pull it taut. Like the Snow Sock, these chains are easy to store without tangling.

With suitable sizing, you can use these chains on a wide range of vehicles, like sedans and trucks. The package includes six chains, one snow scraper, a pair of nylon gloves, and a wrench.


  • Highly affordable snow chain option
  • Easy to install
  • It creates ample traction on snow and ice


  • Does not hold up on asphalt or cement surfaces
  • Not the most durable option on the market

7. Security Chain Company SZ143 Cable Tire Chain For Trucks

best snow chains for ton 4x4 trucks
  • Brand: Security Chain
  • Material: Rubber
  • Compatibility: Truck, Car, SUV
  • Weight: 1 Pounds
  • Practical Design
  • Best Traction
  • Rubber Tightening System
  • Easy-To-Install

Security Chain Company has been in the business for a long time and produces one of the best snow chains for 4×4 trucks. Years of tinkering and striving for perfection in production have culminated in the SZ143 Cable Tire Chain.

The SZ143 Cable Tire Chains provide a practical design for passenger cars, SUVs, and trucks. These chains have a low profile to fit into almost any wheel well. As a result, space between the tire and the vehicle’s body is rarely an issue.

The SZ143 from Security Chain Company offers some of the best traction for cable-style chains. The company created the cable system to improve upon the previous types’ traction.

The all-encompassing design ensures traction throughout your tire. Furthermore, the rubber tightening system maintains a secure fit and prevents falling off when driving.

Installation is one of the scariest aspects of purchasing snow chains for many individuals. The SZ143 has addressed this, and many users have remarked how simple it is to install. The Security Chain tire chain is a cable chain system that provides plenty of traction and is reasonably simple to install.


  • Versatile design works with virtually all vehicle types
  • Very low profile on the tires
  • Relatively easy to install


  • On the more expensive side
  • Installation can be finicky with small components in cold weather
  • Chains can slip off if not installed properly

Different Types Of Snow And Winter Chains For Pickup Trucks

Snow chains are a tried-and-true means of gaining traction on slippery roads. Even though chains appear to be the same, the truck driver must examine the differences. And, as is customary, different varieties offer varied advantages.

The basis of operation for snow chains is straightforward: By inserting rough metal chains, you can increase friction and traction.

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So, in practice, would different sorts of chains make a difference? To some extent, yes, but in the end, a chain is a chain, and the differences are more about comfort and handling. Let’s have a look at some of the various kinds.

A. Diamond Tire Chains

Tire chains consist of strings of metal chain links arranged in a diamond pattern in the conventional sense. The angle of the diamond vertices should be less if you’re facing more snow.

This chain has the highest traction since it has a larger contact surface with the ground. As a result, diamond tire chains are preferable in areas where heavy snowfall occurs frequently.

B. Cable Tire Chains

The cable design is a streamlined version of the original tire chains established in 1904. It uses the same steel material as the original tire chains. This type of tire chain has spaced-out lateral metal cables that connect to a chain that travels around the tire’s perimeter. It is easier to brake the vehicle when the cables are separated.

Small links are common in these chains, allowing them to remain lightweight while providing optimal grip. You can get these for the tiniest tire wells because they are usually smaller and have a lower profile. This chain is best for casual use in places with moderate snowfall.

C. Alternative Chains

While they aren’t exactly snow chains, they serve the same purpose: to improve tire traction on icy roadways. Chains can be cumbersome and difficult to install. You can use an alternative to conserve space and make it easier to set up.

A textile cover, which uses a thick cloth to preserve traction with the ground, is a popular option. Others concentrate on a smaller surface area, using a thin but durable substance to grasp the ground.

These are great if your area doesn’t get a lot of snow and just wants to be safe. This is a perfect alternative for a big section of America because it is compact, lightweight, and easy to store.

Top FAQs About Heavy Duty Truck Tire Chains

What Type Of Snow Chains Are Best?

The accurate answer, like all outdoor gear, is generally personal. Examining differences in material, link patterns, weight, style, and pricing will help you make the best selection possible about the best snow chains for your situation.

Invest in a higher-end, more heavy-duty type if you plan to drive in harsh weather and utilize your chains frequently. However, if you just want a set of chains to keep in your car in an emergency, a less expensive model would work.

The choice is yours, as each snow chain on the market has advantages and disadvantages.

Are Snow Chains Or Snow Socks Better?

In some instances, snow socks might be an excellent alternative to snow chains. Snow socks, in general, don’t offer the same level of traction as regular chains.

The fabric of snow socks wears out faster than the more robust metal chain choices. On the other hand, snow socks are a terrific option for people who don’t plan on driving in the harshest winter conditions frequently.

Additionally, several car manufacturers strongly advise against using snow chains on specific models of vehicles. Low tire clearance is a common problem, and snow socks can help solve the problem.

Snow socks may not provide the same level of traction as metal chains, but they’re better than nothing for vehicles that can’t safely handle the volume increase caused by chains.

Can Snow Chains Damage My Car?

Snow chains may cause harm to your vehicle. However, they’re all purposefully engineered to avoid such a terrible outcome. It’s nearly solely the installation or driver’s fault when tire chains cause damage to autos.

You must correctly fit snow chains to your tires. If they don’t, your wheel wells may be damaged while you’re driving. They can also fall free and damage the underbody if not placed properly. Check and double-check that your chains are tight and secure before putting them on.

All chains come with a recommended driving speed, usually around 30 mph. Excessive speed can cause the chains to snap and further damage your car. Be especially cautious if you’re driving with chains on your tires and passing across the bare pavement.

Tire chains can cause damage, but their primary purpose is to provide traction and safety. Snow chains should not give you any problems if you install them properly and follow all manufacturer recommendations. Consider snow socks as an alternative traction device if you’re concerned.

Can Snow Chains Be Used In The Mud?

While many snow chains serve the purpose during winters, they can also be extremely useful in muddy conditions. When tires’ treads become clogged with foreign material, they lose traction (snow, ice, or mud).

Chains provide greater traction and allow for increased friction. Some snow chains perform better in mud than others, and each manufacturer should address their chains’ mud performance.

Driving in the winter is not to be taken lightly. Thankfully, there are a variety of gadgets available to assist you in safely navigating snowy and icy roadways. In wintry, mountainous environments, snow tires are invaluable, but replacing a full set of tires is costly.

Even if you don’t think you’ll need them, snow tire chains are a good thing to have in your car if the weather is very bad.

Are Chains Or Cables Better For Snow?

Snow chains are often long-lasting and provide better control in snowy and slippery weather. Their disadvantages include being more costly, heavier, and difficult to install.

Cables are less durable and provide less traction, but they are lighter and easier to install. Although chains are less likely to break, cables have the advantage of causing less damage to your vehicle if they do.

Are Tire Chains Illegal?

In some areas, especially those with high-elevation mountain passes, tire chains are essential to travel on public roads in the winter. On the other hand, other localities have outlawed snow chains due to the metal’s ability to damage the pavement. Before you go out and buy something, be sure you know the laws in your area.

Final Thoughts

Hereby we’re at the end of this blog. Hope you’ve found the best choice for a 4×4 truck. But if you’re still hassling to find the best fit, we’re here to help.

There are 7 best snow chains for 4×4 trucks on this list, but our top pick is the Peerless Series 2300 Auto-Trac. It simply has so many features that it’s difficult not to recommend it. It’s compact, light, and simple to put together.

Hoping we’re able to provide you with sufficient information about the snow chains.

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