Camping Car Upgrades for the Holidays

Camping Car Upgrades for the Holidays

During this time of the year, it’s only best for you to get weeks of rest and recreation. Moreover, with the holidays fast approaching, you’ll need tips to avoid making mistakes on how to enjoy the season.

So before you venture onto the road, you must ensure your camping car is ready. The engine needs to be in its best condition, the water and oil levels are good, and the batteries are changed. Moreover, it’s even better if you install it with the latest upgrades to get you the enjoyment you deserve:

Boat Trailer

Although you’ll have to trade the warm racing breeze of the summer for cozier clothing in the winter, holiday boating is also beautiful in its own right. You can even enjoy it by attaching a boat trailer to your car.

Adding a trailer will mean choosing suitable boat trailer winches to load your boat quickly. Once you arrive at your destination, your winch will help you smoothly lower your boat. With a quality winch, you won’t have to worry about any mishaps on the road as well. A bump on the road may cause a winch to release. However, hooks, bow chains, and tie-downs are options to prevent such.

Additionally, adding a boat trailer allows you to enjoy sceneries on land and water. During the holidays, you can explore a little lake and get the privacy and relaxation you deserve. And the best part about holiday boating is that you won’t have to pay any parking fees.

Mid-Sized Awning

Another upgrade you won’t regret trying out is an RV awning. With this, you get an outdoor room for you and your family. You can choose the best size and material depending on the number of people and various functionalities.

Here, you can choose acrylic awnings with good circulation and breathability. It can withstand harsh climates like intense sun, rain, ice, and dust. Another option is vinyl awnings, which are helpful during the summer since the material resists UV rays.

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You can even try patio awnings, which create a makeshift room outside your RV, giving it walls, a roof, and a doorway. With this additional space, you have increased privacy and protection.

Roof Box or Rack

If your RV is out of room, getting a roof box or rack is best. Since storage can be quite an issue when traveling, storage ideas like roof boxes or racks are a great addition to your car. Moreover, it’s beneficial since it can store items that don’t need to be used regularly – a perfect condition when traveling during the holidays. Also, roof boxes and racks can vary from hard-sided to lightweight materials.

Leveling Blocks

Camping spots are never perfectly even. When you’re in the great outdoors, there’s a possibility you might park overnight on uneven terrain. This means more hassle and time trying to find the perfect terrain. It could also mean leaving your car tilted, making walking around at an angle difficult.

With this, you should get leveling blocks to straighten out the terrain. Although there are indeed higher-end cars built with an automatic leveling system, there’s no telling if the systems are sophisticated enough to adjust to every camping spot.

Moreover, you can also choose the leveling blocks you want. You can factor in the weight and size of your car with its storage and the terrain you commonly encounter during camping. Doing so will give you an idea of the best leveling blocks to buy.

TV Signal Booster

Just because you’re camping doesn’t mean you’d have to leave the digital era behind. Even if you’re exploring the great outdoors, you can always enjoy television shows to unwind—you can even do it with clearer video and audio reception with the help of a signal booster.

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A signal booster is a kit containing an antenna and a top box to boost your channels. Moreover, it will give you access to high-definition television shows approximately 100 miles in radius.

Surveillance Systems

During camping, feeling fear is inevitable because of any perceptions you may have. This could be due to past experiences, news or events you’ve read, or an overall perception. With this, any fear is best fought with safety precautions.

For this, it’s best to install surveillance systems to help keep your mind at ease. You could add wireless backup cameras around your car to monitor the perimeter. You could even go with a simple camera for the tight spots around your RV. Nonetheless, any upgrade made for your safety is never a wrong decision.

Holding Tank System

Wherever you are, it’s always important to know how much clean water you have. That’s made possible when you go for a holding tank system in your car. With a holding tank system, you can monitor your water levels regularly. It can even alert you when the water levels are too low or too high.

Final Thoughts

Enjoying the holidays means upgrading your car for better relaxation and comfort. Moreover, these upgrades will likely bring you peace of mind as these focus not only on your well-being but also on safety. Thus, add these to make your camping life more pleasant and elevate your experience while exploring the outdoors.

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