The Dos And Don’ts Of Personalising Your Car

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Owning a car can provide an individual with freedom. It allows them to have independence from not relying on others for transport to going places and seeing people.

Buying a car can be an exciting process. Some will choose to visit various showrooms and dealerships to help them find a vehicle. Others will utilise the resources available online, with some choosing to purchase their cars online without seeing them in person. Regardless of how a car is purchased, getting a new (or second-hand) car can be a momentous occasion, especially if it is your first car.

One thing that many car owners will want to do is personalise their vehicles. There are many reasons for this, including:

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  • Highlight Your Personality – A personalised car can greatly reflect your personality. You can personalise the interiors and exteriors of the car to showcase your personality even further. This could be in choosing your favourite colour for the car or having detailing on the seats.
  • Suit Your Tastes – Similar to highlighting your personality, personalising your car is an excellent way to tailor it to your tastes. The detailing on the seats can showcase personality. The material for the seats is suited for your taste and comfort. The same can be applied to whether the car has tinted windows. For those who love to play their music whilst in the car, installing a quality sound system is one way to tailor your car to suit your tastes.
  • Easy To Spot – Whilst this might not be the primary reason why people personalise their car, it is an additional benefit that can come with having a personalised vehicle. A personalised car is easier to spot, especially when parked in a crowded car park. If you have gone for a bold colour or there is detailing on the car, it will make it easier to identify that the car is yours. This can be useful on days when you are not sure about where you parked your car.

However, before personalisation can begin, it is worthwhile knowing what the dos and don’ts of personalising a car are. Knowing these beforehand could help prevent you from making investments that add no value or decrease the value of your car if you plan on reselling in the future.

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The Dos

To start, these are some of the things that could help you sell your car in the future.

Update The Brakes

Ensuring that your brakes are working correctly is a top safety priority for any vehicle owner. If the brakes have passed inspection but could be improved, consider investing in updating the brakes. Updating the brakes can offer peace of mind that your brakes are to the best standard they could be.

If you were to sell the car in the future, having the brakes updated could be a key selling feature of the car. The potential buyer will see that they would not have to worry about having to invest in updating the brakes anytime soon as they would have been updated recently.

Personalising Your Number Plate

A common way to personalise your car is through a personalised number plate. Some of the reasons many choose this option are to highlight their personality or because of the status that is associated with having a personalised number plate.

One way to begin the process of personalising a number plate is to look at the private number plate services available from Regtransfers. The company can help you find your dream number plate that you can use to personalise your car. It could be a profitable decision if you choose to sell your private number plate in the future.

Choosing An Air Freshener

Odours can linger in a car. Those who smoke in the car might not notice that their cigarette smell is embedded in their car seats. When they pick up friends or family, they will likely be able to smell the odour of cigarettes in the car. Whilst this scent might not bother some, it can bother us. Additionally, those that travel with pets might not realise that there is a lingering scent in the car.

One way to help mask the scent of cigarettes and pets is to invest in air fresheners. Aside from helping to improve the smell within your car, it is a simple and effective way to incorporate your personality into the vehicle. You can find air fresheners in some of your favourite scents or ones you like and place them in your car to help improve the overall smell.

The Don’ts

Of course, personalising your car is a fun and creative way to showcase your style and personality. However, if you are planning on selling your car in the future, some changes could potentially hinder your chances of finding a buyer. These are some of the don’ts of personalising your car.

The Choice Of Paint Colour

It might not seem like a big decision to be made but choosing the colour of your car is one that many people take their time with. Some people choose their favourite colour, others prefer to keep it simple with a black car, and a few will want a colour that is easy to spot. Some choose to invest in having their car repainted a new colour completely. Having your car in your favourite colour is a great way to showcase your personality. If it is a bright colour, you can easily spot it in a crowded car park.

The downside with choosing a bright or bold colour for your car, especially in a colour that you rarely see on the road, is that many might not be interested in buying it. When the time comes to sell, you might find very few people interested in the car, or the value might have decreased.

Decals And Adding Spoilers

Similar to the car’s colour, adding decals and spoilers to your car is an effective way to showcase your personality. However, like with the colour, not everyone will be a fan of decals and spoilers on a car.

If you want to add these details to your car to showcase your personality, consider how long you will hope to have the car. Those looking to sell the car after a few years of having it may want to reconsider, as these details could impact the value and chances of selling the car to a new owner. However, if you have plans to drive the car until it fails all tests and is not suitable to drive, you might choose to invest in decals or spoilers to personalise your vehicle.

In Summary

Personalising your car is an excellent way to showcase your personality. It can be seen as an extension of you, especially in how you customise it. Some will choose to personalise the colouring or add decals and spoilers to help it stand out. Others will personalise it to enhance comfort and safety whilst driving. Any of these changes can make a noticeable difference to the car.

Those considering injecting their personality into their vehicle keep some of these tips in mind. Some might help you to avoid making a costly investment that does not offer a great return.

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