How to Make Your First Car Last Longer: Tips for Newbies

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How to Make Your First Car Last Longer: Tips for Newbies

Learning how to take care of your first car can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. You are so afraid to do something wrong. Yet, you try your best to make your car last longer. After all, the first car is almost like your first love. You will remember it forever. Besides, by learning how to take care of your car early, you will have no trouble maintaining a car’s life in the future. So, here are some tips all newbies need to know.

Inspect your car

Have a walk around your car each time you want to start it. So, for example, take extra 2 minutes each morning to carefully inspect how your car is doing. Look at the tires. Is the pressure in tires as it should be? Check the battery and fluids. You’ll be surprised to know that cars can use energy even after they are turned off. See under the car. Are there any puddles? It can be a bad sign. Lastly, just see if your car needs to get washed today.

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Overall, you should never start your day without such an inspection. First, such a habit will help you take better care of your car. You will notice everything firsthand without even driving it first. Secondly, it’s even more about your safety. Driving a car with low tire pressure or leaks can be dangerous for you and other traffic participants.

Take care of your tires             

Always look at your tires. They don’t require much care, do they? Just check their pressure, make sure that there are no punctures, and change them according to the seasons. These are the basic inspections you should do every now and then. In addition, your tires can tell a lot about your driving habits or the state of your car. For instance, uneven traces on tires can indicate deeper issues with the car or your driving style. So, you better check how you wear your tires every few months.

Oil is everything

Most people can be divided into two groups when it comes to oil changes. One group forgets about car oil’s very existence till it’s too late. When your oil is on the low or too old, the engine already suffers. You recall the oil only once you hear a weird engine sound and think, ‘oh, no!’ Yep, now you need to check your car at the mechanics.

The second group is, on the opposite, too cautious.

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They tend to refill the oil with every opportunity they get. They worry too much, so they click their oil refill. However, following a specific schedule and refilling your car oil every 3000 miles or so is also a mistake. Oil consumption by your engine depends on many things beyond just mileage. Hence, you may do even worse to your car by trying to schedule it.

The best thing here is to check your car’s manual and follow the instructions. Ask mechanics for a check each time you are there. Don’t try to outsmart your car and listen to professional advice. Learning when to change your oil will keep your engine healthy. So, your car will serve you longer.

Always pay attention

A good driver knows their car well. They know each sound, door squeak, the sensation, etc. Thus, they instantly know when something is off. In fact, sometimes, a driver may feel that something is not right but have a hard time putting a finger on it. It’s just their guts sensing that something is different. However, it takes time for the mind to catch up with that feeling.

A young driver may not have such a powerful intuition yet. It will take months before your new car stops feeling ‘new’ to you. However, you can start your acquaintance from day one. Listen to all the sounds your car makes. Feel how it starts, stops, etc. Build your knowledge of the car. Pay attention to all the little details on the way. It’s better if you learn to feel like one with your car. So do as soon as possible, and you’ll know what your car is telling you.

Drive carefully

For the most part, we all get our first cars, whether in high school or college. Such a time can be rather stressful. Young people have to deal with many problems in school and life. Your driving skills can significantly suffer from such destructions. School pressure, poor knowledge of the city, lack of driving experience, etc., may affect how well you manage the road pressure and unpredictable situations.

It’s especially true when your mind is busy with something else other than driving. For instance, don’t drive while memorizing your notes or preparing for exams. Let your mind focus on the road. Better think, “Where can I pay someone to do my homework?” while taking care of your other chores. Don’t let yourself be distracted while on the road. Remember, you are responsible not only for your car or even your life but for the lives of others. Being a careful driver will keep everyone safe.

Wash your car

It seems like a small nuance, but washing your car on time may also prolong its life in the long run. First, you simply learn to take better care of your vehicle. Second, you don’t let dirt and dust set their roots and deteriorate your car. You don’t want any corrosion on the body, right?

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