The Most Popular Student Cars under budget in 2022

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The Most Popular Student Cars under budget in 2022

A car is an absolute must-have for all college students. How else can they keep up with all their chores and tasks? Of course, all students want to have a car. However, choosing one can turn into a long and not-so-fun adventure.
So, what do students want in a car? Well, of course, first they look at the price. Most students live on a budget, so they can’t afford anything expensive. Hence, the total cost of the car, the insurance, and future maintenance should be the main factor in making the final decision. You don’t want to buy a car for cheap and then spend thousands repairing it every few months. You also don’t want to pay extra for the fuel.

Secondly, students should put safety as their priority. Moreover, not all students are skilled in driving yet. So you should consider your driving skills and strengths when choosing a car. Picking reliable cars will enhance your road safety.

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Lastly, you want a car that fits your personality and meets all your needs. Thus, you should create a list of expectations. Think about what class, size, and type of car you need before starting your shopping.

To help you on your journey, here is the list of the most popular student cars of recent years. Maybe, you’ll see your future car on our list today.

Honda Civic (2006-2011)

Overall, most Honda cars are quite popular budget options today. However, Honda Civic built between 2006 and 2011 is particularly popular among students. These budget cars are reliable, require little maintenance, and are easy to drive even for the most inexperienced drivers. In addition, this model is quite small, so you’ll have an easy time finding a parking spot around the campus. You can get a 1.4-liter petrol engine car which is just enough for city use.

2021 Kia Soul

Despite this model being new on the market, it has already conquered the hearts of many students. Indeed, this car has everything young people are looking for. First, it’s perfect for modest budgets. Being less than $18,000, the car is a good fit for most people’s budgets. Secondly, like all Kia models, the car is reliable and doesn’t require much care. It’s easy to maintain and can last you for years and years.

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In addition, the Kia Soul looks modern and cool, although it’s a pretty large car. Though, as a bonus, you can be sure to have plenty of space for your friends. You get a good audio system and access to wireless chargers as a bonus.

2021 Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla has always been among the top students’ choices when it comes to cars. Why wouldn’t they? This model is often cheap, nice looking, simple to use, and easy to find. Toyota Corolla can meet all your needs while not costing you a fortune. However, you gain with it a lot. Toyotas are not difficult to maintain.

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Moreover, you’ll always find mechanics knowing much about these cars. Your insurance won’t cost you much either due to plenty of safety features and a good reputation on the market. The 2021 Toyota Corolla is also small in size and has all the modern and necessary equipment you may need in today’s world. Sure, it won’t be the quickest car on the road. However, it will get to wherever you need to go with comfort, safety, and style.

2021 Hyundai Elantra

Hyundai Elantra 2021 is an excellent choice for students willing to pay a bit more to gain a lot more. Overall, all Hyundai Elantra models have been a great choice for young people. Students prefer these cars for their good price policies, availability, and warranties. These cars are fun to drive. You get used to them within weeks and never can imagine yourself sitting in a different car. It’s a solid option for your first car ever.

The newest model comes with enhanced safety features and the newest technologies. Not to mention that it looks neat and stylish. With its low gas consumption and high endurance, you will enjoy it throughout all your college years. In fact, this car will serve long after college if you take good care of it from the start. 

Citroën C1 (2014-2022)

Of course, we can’t complete this list without having a Citroën among the options. Citroën C1 has been a good friend to all young people needing a budget but good-looking, reliable car. These compact cars are everything a young person needs.

First, they come at reasonable prices. Second, their design is always modern, fun, and bold. Young people enjoy the looks of a car that doesn’t resemble their parent’s vehicles. Also, the latest Citroën C1 model can help you drive by tracking your style and adjusting to your needs. It can be quite helpful if you are a first-time driver. In fact, you may even order essay to learn how the telematics box technology works to understand the car’s features better.

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