Top Picks for Social Media Strategies for Car Dealerships

With the transition of brands from offline to online marketing, social media plays an increasingly prominent role in marketing. Customers prefer to shop online for comparisons between brands, features, prices, and other items, from the smallest item available on the internet to car dealerships.

About 44% of auto consumers know about new car launches through social media websites and messaging apps. A strong social media strategy will help businesses expand their customer base by increasing brand awareness, improving customer interactions, and creating personalized experiences.

You can post photos or easily create videos to stand out in marketing your brand. If you are in the business of running a car dealership, do not miss out on the top few tips below:

Make Your Photos Count.

A customer’s first impression of your social media is determined by the photos they see. The images will significantly contribute to your online sales efforts. Certain car dealerships crop the images of vehicles or produce poor-quality photos.

Consider hiring professional photographers or taking photos with a good quality camera yourself for the vehicles you will be selling. Ensure the captured vehicles’ images are well-lit with a clear background and appear visually appealing.

Maintain an Active Presence on All Social Media Platforms.

Make sure your business’s presence is maintained across all social media platforms. Don’t think that all your marketing efforts should be focused on just one platform and that all of them have to go through the same channel.

You may have your target audience on any social media platform and must make the most of every opportunity to reach that audience. Furthermore, you need to measure timely your performance on each platform using the tracking metrics for better results and formulating effective social media strategies.

Prioritize Social Media.

Given the importance of social media in today’s world, do not take any chances with it. Make sure that your social media channels are managed consistently by you or a dedicated marketing agency.

As you upload content on social media, ensure it’s SEO-friendly, relevant to the target audience, and marketable to gain visibility. Analyze your performance with different metrics available to you, take the steps necessary to improve it, and make any necessary changes, if any, from time to time.

In some cases, businesses will usually list their contact numbers and email addresses on their websites or in the contact us section of their website to get in touch with customers.

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Ensure that your website includes the Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter logos and that they direct your customers to the appropriate social media sites. Ensure that all of them are functioning links, and periodically check them to verify they are not broken.

Community Posts to Host Events

Using your social media pages, you can engage your local community beyond your cars and services, and your dealership belongs to that community. The fans and followers of your page will be able to know what’s going on in your community by sharing information with them, as previously briefly covered in the link-sharing section.

For instance, you can share upcoming events in your local area. Hosting community events will let more and more people know about your audience and let them actively engage. 

Produce More Video Content.

The amount of video content consumed on the internet has reached an all-time high. If your business does not provide video content to your desired customers, you miss out on a big opportunity. You can do a quick car tour. Making 30 or 40-second videos of car inventory could increase your social media engagement.

The video content may include information regarding the different specifications of the vehicle, the interior details, and the MSRP. When scrolling through social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook, videos tend to engage the audience for an extended period.

This is because viewers consume the content about the car the dealer is trying to convey. Creating a promo video will help people recall what they saw in the video and hopefully convert them into potential customers.

Create Hashtags

Including hashtags in your posts is a great way to increase your posts’ visibility and get them noticed by more people. Many potential customers may be interested in terms associated with your local area, while car enthusiasts may follow auto maintenance and detailing tags.

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Although hashtags are useful in helping new customers discover your posts, hashtags you create can also have a surprising impact on engagement. A unique hashtag incorporating your brand and the post’s description can intrigue their followers enough to get them to click on your post.

Collaborate with influencers

Find a way to collaborate with people who are well known for automobile dealerships in your area, or reach out to them. Consider giving them a ride in your car or signing a borrowing car agreement whereby you give them a car for two hours to drive a car around at an event.

There is a huge return from the influencers of the car industry. You can reach out to qualified buyers who want to buy what you have and those who will buy from you in high volumes if you can get your inventory in front of them. Even events such as cars and coffee can be held, or you can invite people with a very large follower base to be part of the event.

Conduct Giveaways

Many times, the clientele of car dealerships are seen to receive a lot of stuff from the dealerships, including brochures, books, or merchandise that may interest them. Giving customers a brochure for a cool new car, and providing engaging deals, t-shirts or hats can increase their engagement and loyalty.

Even a contest that encourages the audience to share social media posts with a maximum number of people could be used to boost the posts on social media. As a result, more people will be encouraged to share that, and more customers will be engaged with the brand.

Showcase Customer Testimonials

There is no doubt that reviews are one of the most effective marketing strategies for car dealerships. Taking advantage of the fact that you can claim your presence on each social media platform and manage it accordingly will greatly enhance your social media strategy’s efficacy.

Customer reviews are much more credible and trustworthy than marketing messages from your advertisements. The best way to build your online review ecosystem is to offer a discount as an incentive to clients in return for a candid online review. 


Therefore, it can be concluded that social media strategies are an integral component of any marketing plan for a car dealership. These strategies can be adopted by organizations of any size or tailored to meet a client’s specific requirements.

It is time for your car dealership to go social to increase customer engagement and develop a positive brand image for your automobile dealership.

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