5 NASCAR Winning Car Brands: Who Races to Victory Lane the Most

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5 NASCAR Winning Car Brands: Who Races to Victory Lane the Most

Racing is an absolute adrenaline rush, packed with heart-stopping moments and electrifying action. When we talk about the giants of the racing world, Formula 1 and NASCAR simply dominate the scene. These two sports couldn’t be more different in terms of style and demands, yet it’s not unheard of for the world’s top racers to jump from one to the other. The likes of Juan Pablo Montoya and Kimi Raikkonen have both crossed sports in years gone by, and more are expected to in the coming years.

Until recently, NASCAR held the crown as the undisputed king of motor racing in the States. Thanks to the phenomenal success of Netflix’s binge-worthy series, Formula One: Drive To Survive, F1 fever has taken the United States by storm like never before. But it is the former we are going to focus on today, rather than the latter. It is a sport that fuels the adrenaline in every car enthusiast’s veins.

When you think about NASCAR, you might think of the deafening roar of the engines, or Kevin James screaming “Gentlemen, start your engines!” But, at the heart of it all are the real stars – despite the beloved Mall Cop star’s heroics – are the car brands.


Chevrolet has been a dominant force in NASCAR since it entered into the sport in 1955. For what seems like an eternity, the pick-up truck-making behemoth hasn’t just dominated the regular automobile scene in the south, but it has also dominated NASCAR, bagging over 700 race victories and as well as a mighty 78 manufacturer titles.

As such, their drivers – which include the likes of Richard Petty to Jimmie Johnson – have been successful in clinching six Cup Series championships. Bovada sportsbook makes their current main man – namely Kyle Larson – the +600 joint-favorite to bring home the NASCAR Cup this term.


Battling it out with Chevy every year is Detroit’s own Ford, which remains a fierce competitor. They have racked up over 700 race victories to their name, victories that have brought them 23 manufacturer championships. Their crown jewel is without a doubt the legendary Thunderbird, which is known for its speed and durability on the track.

The Mustang and then later, the Fusion, have also been the go-to models that have helped the famed American brand capture multiple identities as well. Some of the most successful NASCAR drivers of all time have raced their cars, including Dale Jarrett, Mark Martin, and the aforementioned Richard Petty.


Coming in at number three is our first overseas representative, Toyota. Although they’re a relatively new entrant in the NASCAR realm, the Japanese manufacturer has steadily carved out a name for itself.

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With a total of over 150 wins to date, they are one of the newest manufacturers to enter the sport, having debuted in 2007. But that hasn’t stopped them from winning five driver championships as well as a mighty 21 manufacturer crowns, only two behind the aforementioned Ford despite competing for far less time.

As you might expect with the futuristic Japanese, the Aichi-based brand has brought cutting-edge technology and a keen sense of design and the remarkable Camry model is proof of that. Its incredible performances in recent years have wowed audiences and left them thinking “Where on Earth did that come from?”. Tokyo would be the answer.


Despite what the rumor mill currently says, Dodge is not currently involved with NASCAR. They left the sport back in 2012 and although a return is being touted, nothing has been confirmed as yet. Despite that, we can’t forget the brand’s incredible success on track. They started competing in NASCAR in the 1950s and won multiple titles throughout their 60+ year stint in the esteemed racing league. which includes five manufacturer championships and numerous wins.


Finally, we have Pontiac, which has contributed well over 150 race wins. Unfortunately for their fans – both on track and of their street cars – they are no longer in existence as an independent carmaker, going bust as an organization back in 2010. Despite that though, they had some surprisingly good runs in NASCAR with their GTO and Grand Prix models.

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The Grand Prix took home several driver titles, making it a fan favorite in the sport. Despite no longer being among the winners, Pontiac remains a legend in NASCAR history, and its five total manufacturer crowns – delivered by the likes of Rusty Wallace and Bobby Labonte – are nothing to be snubbed.


While many automotive manufacturers are plying their cars in NASCAR racing, the above stand out as champions of the circuit for their excellent cars and the skill sets of their drivers. Chevy, Ford, and Toyota retain a commanding presence on the track and dominate the sport. Dodge and Pontiac may have fallen behind, but their contributions to the sport have not been forgotten. Regardless of your preferred NASCAR car brand, it is undeniable that they all have their place in NASCAR history.

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