What Are The Requirements For a Small Business Loan?

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Requirements For a Small Business Loan

Many small business owners, at some point, require a financial injection to remain the business running and support its operations. To maintain working capital flow, business owners reach for small business loans. However, unlike personal loans, small business loans are more difficult to attain.

For this reason, car title loans Houston has provided a list of small business loan requirements and conditions to help you realize your plans in supplying your company’s financials.

The most common reasons business owners reach for business loans are expanding the business to a new location, improving the production line, emergency repairs, launching a marketing campaign, preparing for a more active season, buying improved equipment, investing in materials, space renovation, but many others as well. 

While different lenders have different terms, conditions, and requirements for approving loans, there are some minimum and general requirements that a business owner has to meet to be considered a candidate for a loan.

1. Business or personal credit score

A credit score is important data that gives a lender an idea of whether you can manage and repay the loan. Besides that, credit score determines the loan amount you can get. 

For lenders, it’s imperative to provide a credit score, and if the company has multiple owners, each of them has to apply its credit score for review.

2. Business plan

A clear and detailed business plan is a demanding feature as it provides a notion about the loan purpose, how you mean to increase the company’s profit with the received loan, and the way you plan to return the borrowed capital.

A professionally created and prepared adds seriousness and confidence and increases your chances to get the loan approval

The loan content, besides demonstrating the company’s plan and ability to cover expenses and repay the loan, should contain general business information along with the business management team, current finances, SWOT analysis, marketing and sale strategy, and others that will help your loan application stand out.

3. Bank Ratings and Statements

Bank statements provide knowledge of business financial health. If you are looking for a loan from the bank where you have your business account, your bank will review your business account rating which constitutes your borrowing capacity.

No matter if you are borrowing the loan from your bank or another lender, your bank statement should be as credible as possible to be more qualified for the loan.

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Another feature that lenders count as a business quality indicator is a steady volume and regular deposits on the account.

4. Balance Sheet

When reviewing a business loan application, lenders consider owners’ capital, liabilities, and business assets to evaluate a business’s worth.

This implies that you should apply business sheet before applying for a small business loan. To increase your business sheet you can try to lower credit card and credit line liabilities. 

5. The flow of business cash

The cash flow of your business provides a lender with a notion of your monthly financial outline and the amount you accommodate after paying business expenses. This also allows lenders to estimate your ability to meet your loan obligations. 

Determinating a cash flow considers reviewing the business’s annual operating net income and comparing businesses receivable and payable accounts.

6. Assets and Collateral

Some lenders won’t require any collateral for approving the loan while others might prerequisite some form of material insurance. Collateral provides lenders the security for borrowed money in case you fail to repay the loan. The collateral can be real estate, invoices, business equipment, or even a business itself. Whatever the assets pledged as a guarantee allows the lender to confiscate them if you fail to pay back your debt.


Knowing and understanding these conditions can help you prepare and increase your chances to get a loan approved. Additionally, it will save you time and effort to administer the loan application and give you an insight into what you can improve to boost your possibilities of getting the needed loan.


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