5 Types of Accidents That Lead to Junk Status in California

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Types of Accidents That Lead to Junk Status in California

Most drivers will experience at least one car accident in their lifetimes. This is the sad reality of driving on California’s sometimes overly congested roads. Sometimes a minor fender bender that appears to be a quick body shop fix is much more than that. In that case, when vehicles are declared totaled, sometimes the cost of the repairs doesn’t justify the car’s worth.

It can be all too easy to go from a car accident to owning a junk car. That’s why in this article, we address the various types of accidents and how much they can ruin your car.

Types of Accidents That Lead to Junk Car Status

Although almost any type of accident can take a perfectly good used car from being a functional mode of transportation to needing extensive bodywork and mechanical replacements, some easily cause more damage than others. What may seem to the naked eye to be easily fixable could be hiding other costly repairs due to internal components also being damaged.

Not all junk cars actually look like junk. In its broadest definition, a junk car costs more to fix than its resale value. Here’s a look at the types of accidents that can quickly turn your car into junk.

1. Multi-Vehicle Pileups

With the sheer amount of cars on Los Angeles’s highways and busy city streets, multiple-vehicle pile ups are a real possibility. Unfortunately, these types of incidents can lead to serious bodily injury and fatalities. Multi-vehicle crashes can quickly turn a car into junk due to it being hit in the rear and then lurching forward to collide with a vehicle in front of it. This causes damage to both the front and rear of the vehicle causing extensive and costly damage.

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2. Head-on Collisions

One of the most frightening experiences a driver can face is a head-on collision. Typically caused by distracted or impaired drivers, this type of crash occurs when two vehicles are traveling in the same lane and hit each other directly.

Even at slow speeds, a head-on collision can cause not only cosmetic damage but also to the vehicle’s cooling system and engine. Airbags are almost always deployed in this scenario and can cost upwards of $1000 to replace.

3. Rear-End Crashes

A common collision type that can total a car is being rear-ended. Rear-end collisions are usually caused by tailgating or distracted driving. A vehicle that’s been rear-ended typically has cosmetic damage to the rear bumper, but an even more costly issue can result from the crash.

Along with the damaged rear bumper, the vehicle could have extensive frame damage. This will cause problems with alignment and put stress on the vehicle’s shocks and struts, which adds to the repair costs.

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4. Intersection T-Bone Collisions

When a vehicle doesn’t follow the rules of an intersection, either by running a red light or ignoring a stop sign, it could collide with a car that has the right of way. The negligent driver crashes into the side of the other vehicle in a T shape. T-bone crashes can cause airbag deployment along with severe structural damage. This type of collision can easily toss a car into the unkind category of junk due to extensive and expensive repairs.

5. Rollover Accidents

Drivers trying to avoid a collision while driving at a high speed often become the victims of a rollover accident. This type of horrifying incident can wreak havoc on any type of vehicle, even rugged SUVs and pickup trucks. The damage will most likely cause the vehicle to be deemed unfixable, and without its driver having a full collision insurance policy, they’re left with a wreck of a car and nothing to show for it.

What To Do With a Junk Car

Most owners on a budget don’t have adequate car insurance to cover the costs of a severe collision. Once they’ve paid off the car loan, the next thing many do is lower their insurance coverage. Although this can be a great way to cut costs, they end up paying the price if their insurance companies deem their post-accident car totaled.

If this scenario sounds all too familiar, you can sell your junk car in Los Angeles to a specialized dealer who purchases cars regardless of expensive cosmetic damage or mechanical issues. Don’t fret over your wreck; contact a specialized junk car dealer today.

Fortunately, although its repair costs far outweigh its now almost zero value, there is a way to recoup some money, money that can be put down on a new or new-to-them vehicle. Specialized junk car dealers will purchase any vehicle despite age, mileage, or ones that have so much damage that they’re deemed worthless. They’ll come to you, tow your wreck away, and leave you with a generous payment.

Car Accidents That Lead to Junk Status in California: Final Words

Even the simplest of crashes can cause extensive car damage. Many times, the true costs of an accident can be shocking. Even basic cosmetic damage can prove to be painfully pricey. If you’ve found yourself unsure of what to do with your junk car after a collision, sell it to a specialized junk car dealer. They’ll be happy to take it off your hands and leave you with the cash to put down on a newer vehicle.

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