How to Use Car Shipping Cost Calculator to Get Better Shipping Rates

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How to Use Car Shipping Cost Calculator to Get Better Shipping Rates

For those who plan to ship their four-wheeler, whether within the state or across the border, probably the most important thing is to find a reliable car transportation company. A carrier with a solid reputation and background is an excellent solution for this job, as the quality of their service is out of the question.

You can find a handy guide on choosing an auto transportation company.

But one shouldn’t neglect the shipping costs. Depending on where you plan to go and transport your car, hauling can be a costly endeavor. To calculate these expenditures, you can use online calculators, which you can find on every carrier’s website. These can help you do the math quickly and accurately.

Using calculators to get the estimate is a good thing, as it helps you plan your budget for car shipping. But it can also serve as a good basis for negotiating better deals. Read on to find out how to use this handy online tool to get better shipping rates and negotiate with carriers.

Using a Car Shipping Cost Calculator

Car shipping cost calculators offer you the utmost convenience. You only have to give some basic information about your car and provide details like the pickup and delivery locations, how you plan to move your vehicle, whether it’s functional or not, and when you want to transport it.

The calculating tool will use these to do the math and give you the estimate. It might not always be the price you’ll actually pay, but it’s a good start. Based on the quotes you get, you can get in touch with carriers to negotiate more favorable rates or change something on your side to make shipping cheaper.

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Plan Ahead

When auto transportation companies are busy, it can be hard to hire them. Plus, their rates can change every once in a while, and skyrocket as a result of increased demand. Factors like fuel prices and route choice might also be the reason for price increases.

So here’s the deal – the earlier you get a car shipping rate estimate and book this service, the better rates you’re likely to get. That happens because carrier companies tend to have more availability and lower prices for clients who book in advance. If you can plan on moving your four-wheeler and aren’t tied to a specific departure or arrival date, you can save a lot.

Shop Around

As said, a cost calculator can be your best ally in finding an affordable deal. A rule of thumb is to get at least three quotes from different auto transportation companies and compare them based on service quality, shipping time, the rate per mile, and the total amount.

You can visit several carriers’ websites and use their calculation tools to get a quote from each. You can be sure these are accurate, but keep in mind that there might be some extra fees at checkout or rate variations. You might want to ask whether shipping companies charge extra fees such as insurance, fuel surcharges, and storage for a vehicle in case you don’t pick it up on time.

Choose Service Based on Your Real Needs

Both enclosed transportation and door-to-door shipping are premium services since they offer the most convenience. You don’t have to move a finger, as the company’s employees will handle all things transportation-related. But be ready to pay for these perks.

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In case you want to move your car on a budget or your four-wheeler doesn’t require extra protection during transportation, opt for an open trailer and terminal-to-terminal delivery. Both can save you a significant amount of money. Check the differences between open and enclosed transportation on this web page.

Negotiation Tips for Better Deals

Whenever you look for competitive shipping rates, keep in mind that there are ways to make them even lower. You just have to know how to negotiate. So, for starters, get enough information from the market and different carriers, but choose only those with a great reputation and proven track record.

Use the lowest bids you get to ask for discounts. Many companies offer lower prices for seniors, military personnel, students, and returning customers, so always ask if you qualify for any discounts. You can also inquire about whether you can get a better deal if you book shipping for multiple vehicles.

Read the contract carefully and pay attention to the fine print. That’s where the devil is, as that’s where carriers usually mention important details and fees like cancellation penalties that can affect shipping prices. Just read everything carefully and ensure you understand what’s in your contract.

Using a car shipping cost calculator can be an excellent idea to gather the information you need to negotiate more favorable deals with carriers. By following the tips we’ve outlined and using good negotiation practices, you can save a bunch.

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