What to Do with Your Camper If You Hate RV Living

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What to Do with Your Camper If You Hate RV Living

Just like everyone else who gets into the world of RVs, in the beginning, you were excited and wanted to take it out every chance you got. Over the years, life changes, and maybe you have been thinking about taking up a new hobby. If the thrill of RV life is gone, maybe it is time to think about selling your rig in favor of other pursuits. 

Is It Time to Sell Your RV?

Is It Time to Sell Your RV?

Perhaps your RV is sitting on your property and has not been driven in some time. If you have been thinking, “Is it time to sell my camper?” then you are already on your way to the decision. It is time, to be honest with yourself and ask if you are truly going to get out and use it again. 

One factor that might influence your decision is the condition of the camper and the repairs that it needs. Maybe it is time to get a new model with modern amenities. If you have explored these options, and you still cannot see yourself enjoying RV life again, then it is time to look into your options for selling it. 

Options for Selling Your RV

You have three main options for selling your RV when you have made the decision. The first is to find a private buyer. You could also sell it to a dealer or on consignment. These options are typically only available if your rig is newer and still in good shape. 

It is still possible to find a private buyer if your RV has a few repairs that need to be made. Finding someone willing to take on a fixer-upper can take longer than it would if your RV were in top condition. If you choose a private sale, here are a few tips for selling an RV to make it go smoothly.

  • Never meet a buyer alone and meet in a public space,
  • Do not accept personal checks,
  • Tell the buyer about any accidents or major repairs needed,
  • Wait until the funds are received to provide the title,
  • Get the buyer’s signature on the title and bill of sale,

Selling to a dealer or through a consignment business is a little less risky, and you do not have to worry about the paperwork. The dealer or consignment shop can walk you through the process. The difficulty with these options is that they will often only take an RV that is newer and in good condition. 

Regardless of the method you choose to dispose of your RV, you can expect to get a lower price if it needs major repairs. An RV that looks like it has been loved and maintained will bring a better price than one that has seen better days. Before you sell, you should make sure your rig is as clean as it can be inside and out. 

What If My Camper Is In Bad Shape?

People have many reasons for wanting to sell their rig. Maybe you could get the spark back with a new rig or upgrading the things you don’t like about your current rig. Unfortunately, if you only recently bought your rig and decided right away that RV life was not for you, you can expect to lose 20%  of the value in the first year. 

The condition and value of your RV will help you decide the best route to take. You can check the estimated value of your rig by using sites like NADA Guides or RV Trader. You might be pleasantly surprised at what your rig is worth, but you might also have to face the reality that you cannot expect to get much for it.

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Chances are that if you have no interest in RV camping, your rig has been sitting out neglected for some time. This means you might not think you have any options for selling it. It will be difficult to find a private buyer, and a dealer will not take it. 

If this is the situation you find yourself in, then your next best option might be to explore businesses in your area that buy junk RVs and sell them for parts. This process is easy, and you can often receive cash on the same day. Some will even come and get your RV if it is not driveable. 

Bottom Line

If you can’t picture yourself enjoying the thrill of the open road again, then the time to sell is now. Waiting longer only means that your rig will be worth less and has the chance of becoming more damaged as it sits. It is time to get that old camper off your property so that you can start enjoying something new. 

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