6 Reasons Why Mounting a UTE Canopy is Valuable for Your Toyota Hilux

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6 Reasons Why Mounting a UTE Canopy is Valuable for Your Toyota Hilux

UTE owners love the versatility of their vehicles. With a powerful engine, 4×4 drive, and an unlimited storage area in the rear, it is the ultimate vehicle for any need. If you’re driving a Toyota Hilux, you’re very aware of all these advantages. However, even the Hilux has room for improvement.

Many owners of this vehicle will install a UTE canopy for Hilux over the rear tray. The reasons for this are many, and in this article, we will highlight some of the most important ones. If you want to know why installing a classic toolbox, an undertray box, or an oversized canopy that will cover the entire rear tray is good for you, keep reading and learn everything about it.

1. Safe storage of anything you want

When you install a toolbox, you no longer need to worry about the safety of the items you’re placing in the rear tub. The enclosed storage area protects your tools and other items from thieves and falling off the tub while driving.

Toolbox canopies are aluminium-enclosed items that provide storage. They are unbreakable, and thieves can not break in if you use the right lock. The toolbox is mounted over the rear tray, and if done right, it will protect your belongings inside even if you encounter a crash.

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The aluminium used in this case is highly durable. A collision will rarely let the inside be affected. Your tools will stay safe. If you’re transporting other items, they will also remain intact. That’s why having a toolbox installed is an excellent idea.  

2. The ultimate weather protection

It is too hot in the summer, and in the winter, there’s ice, snow, and rain, so you must protect your belongings stored in the rear tray. There’s no better protection against the weather than installing the right toolbox.

Choose ideal dimensions and materials to be sure the weather will not be an issue, no matter the season. Ask for a specially insulated toolbox if you transport fragile and easily affected materials by the sun or low temperatures. This will surely provide the ultimate protection against all weather conditions.

3. Chance for neatly organizing your tools

Aside from mounting a robust aluminium box over the rear tray, which usually comes empty, you can add some shelves and trundle drawers. These items are excellent for perfectly organizing your tools inside the toolbox. Add shelves and drawers and have the toolbox organized.

If you ever tried to keep a toolbox organized, you know how difficult it is if you have no additional solutions installed. An open storage area means you’ll throw your tools inside and search for them for a long time when needed. Instead of having an awful experience like this, you should include other options and always have the area neatly organized.

4. Increased storage area

Although it may seem like you’re limiting the storage area by mounting a toolbox, you’re gaining. The open tray looks like an unlimited area, but you can only store so much without worrying it will fall off while driving.

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Bigger toolboxes can store big machines and almost all camping equipment you may think of. These items need no additional protection. You can place them inside and never worry about their safety while driving. There’s no chance of falling out and losing.

5. Improved aesthetics of your vehicle

Take a look at two different UTEs – one with a toolbox installed and one without. See which one looks better, and you will understand why so many people mount one on their UTEs even though they might not have an essential need for it.

The toolbox canopy improves the aesthetics of the vehicle. Some people order custom-made canopies that are made specifically for their vehicles. They have different designs and different choices for colours, materials, and looks. Owning a company means you can put the corporate logo or colours on it and advertise the business on the city streets for free.

6. Increased resale value of your UTE

Every vehicle has a limited time span. After a long mileage, it will go into the junkyard, but until then, almost every one will change its owner. If you decide to put the UTE on the market, you’ll surely get more for a vehicle with a toolbox canopy installed.

The resale value is higher because of two main reasons – you invested in the storage compartment, and the buyer gets increased storage. Because of this, the price will be higher than an ordinary UTE. Don’t forget to ask more if you decide to sell it.


If you were on the fence about whether you should order a toolbox canopy or not, these points from above should be enough to solve your hesitation. Installing a toolbox canopy is only good for you. You will get multiple benefits with almost no downsides whatsoever.

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