7 Best Clear Coat For Headlights To Buy In 2023: Ultimate Guide

best clear coat for headlights

With constant exposure to the harshness of the environment, your ride’s headlights will undoubtedly get affected. Yellowing & fogging is standard, but you can overcome them with the best clear coat for headlights.

The plastic of headlights gets affected by harmful sun rays, heavy rain or snowfall, road dirt & debris, and more. It leads to your headlights being covered with gunk and not functioning correctly. 

Driving a vehicle without adequately working head & tail lights can be dangerous. But you can avoid it all by protecting your headlights in the brightest possible way. 

Clear coats are like a safety blanket for your headlights. They ensure your headlights become resistant to any harsh exterior effect that can harm them.

Thus, today, we bring you our list of the seven best clear coats for restoring headlights in 2023. You will now be able to drive without worrying about the headlights.

7 Best Clear Coat Spray For Headlights

All the dirt & debris deposits and UV damage can damage the plastic parts of your headlights. It is not an instant process, but the signs are visible over time.

So, whether you have yellow & fogged headlights, covering them with a protective layer is the best way to ensure their longevity.

Many products available in the market can assist you with the task, and it takes no expertise to get the job done.

Here we have listed the top seven clear coats for headlights you can buy in 2023:

  1. Dupli-Color BCL0125 Long-Lasting UV Resistant Automotive Top Coat
  2. Meguiar’s G17804 Crystal Clarity UV-Resistant Clear Headlight Coating
  3. Nasiol ZR53 Scratch Resistance Auto Detailing Kit With 3 Years Paint Protection
  4. SYLVANIA UV-Blocking Versatile Headlight Restoration Essentials Kit
  5. Spray MAX High Gloss Finish UV-Resistant Quick-Drying High Gloss Clearcoat Aerosol
  6. 3M Quick Headlight Clear Coat With Edge Lock Technology Prevents Lens Yellowing 
  7. Blacklabel 4EverBrite Long-lasting Headlight UV Clear Coat

How To Find The Best Clear Coat For Restoring Headlights?

Buying any item for your automobile is similar to buying anything for yourself. You need to do research and comparison to ensure that the product serves your needs or not.

Like any other item you purchase, buying a clear coat for your car lights, you need to ensure that the product offers some crucial factors.

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If you are not new to curing your fogged headlights choosing the right product will not be an issue. However, if you are new to maintaining your headlights, our buying guide can help.

Below we have listed some crucial factors that will guide you to find a product that will be completely worth your money.

– UV Protection

One of the most significant risks of damage to headlights is the sun’s harmful rays. The oxidation is due to UV exposure.

So, check out if the product you like offer UV protection or not. A product not delivering this protection is a big NO.

– Longevity

Different products have different lasting. Some clear coats will last for weeks, while some for months.

Understand that applying a clear coat product one time is not the solution. You need to perform it as you clean your ride regularly.

A product that offers a longer-lasting time is an excellent choice to explore.

– Ease Of Usage

A product should be easy to use. You do not want to end up with a product that makes it hard to get the solution out of the bottle and pour it on your headlights.

You can get the best results with a product you feel comfortable using.

– Usage Instructions

Never go for an item that has confusing usage instructions. A product needs to have a usage guide that will let the user know how to use it and what to avoid.

If you are unable to grasp the instructions, drop that product off immediately.

-Scratch & Corrosion Protection

Most clear coats for plastic surfaces are corrosion-resistant due to their chemical compositions. You can ensure it by reading about the product details.

Such a product will last through nasty storms and will not peel off when it comes in contact with other products that can cause peeling.

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A corrosion & scratch-resistant product will offer a protective shield for your headlights and keep them clean for a longer time.

– Gloss Level

The clear coat’s gloss level determines how glassy the coating will look on your headlights and how long the application will last.

The better the gloss level, the better your headlights will work.

– Cost

You will come across various products rated from cheap to expensive. But always go for what you can afford. There is no need to cheap out or go overboard.

Choose what you can afford without crushing your pocket.

-Customer Reviews

Checking out what other buyers are saying about a product helps a lot. You can see if the product is worth trying or a complete waste of money.

7 Best Clear Coats For Headlights In 2023 Worth Your Money:

Maintaining a vehicle’s headlights is just as crucial as its paint. Whether you want to go with the best DIY clear coat for headlights or the ones available at target, just ensure it is worth your time & effort.

You can not protect your headlights from exposure to the outside world no matter what you do. However, what you can do is ensure to minimize the harsh effects.

Using an excellent clear coating product will remove the yellowness and fog from your headlights to give you better clarity. If you do not want to put much effort into looking all over the internet or visiting every store in your city, our list might help.

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Below we have listed the seven best authentic coat products for your headlight lenses. You can even use some products on the other surfaces of your car. Each product is affordable, easy to use, long-lasting, UV-resistant, and compact.

So, let us begin with our list and help you find a product that suits your requirements.

1. Dupli-Color BCL0125 Long-Lasting UV Resistant Automotive Top Coat

best clear coat for headlights
  • Brand- Dupli-Color
  • Type- Acrylic
  • Item Form- Aerosol
  • Weight- 8 ounces
  • Features EZ Touch 360_ Nozzle
  • Good adhesion
  • Long-lasting
  • UV resistant
  • Dry off quickly
  • Weather & Chemical resistant
  • Little to no peel
  • You get a moderately glossy finish
  • Affordable

Dupli-Color’s BCL0125 is a premium acrylic lacquer aerosol clear coat for automotive and one of the best UV clear coats for headlights you can buy.

The product is specially formulated to match the original factory-applied coating and is fast drying.

It is ideal to use on all OEM paints if you wonder what will happen if you spatter it in other places than the headlights.

The product comes in a spray bottle that features an adjustable EZ Touch 360-degree nozzle and a wide spray pattern for smooth & even coats.

It will protect your headlights from UV rays and make them look just as good as new in no time. 

You will finally have a clear sheen and moderate glossy finish, and stay protected for years.

For its price, Dupli-Color is a big steal. However, a few customers have complained about the spray nozzle getting clogged quickly.


  • Fast drying
  • Long-lasting
  • UV protection
  • Sheer
  • Easy to use


  • The spray nozzle gets clogged easily
  • Spray tends to spatter

2. Meguiar’s G17804 Crystal Clarity UV-Resistant Clear Headlight Coating

best clear coat for headlights
  • Brand- Meguiar’s
  • Item Form- Aerosol
  • Weight- 6.2 ounces
  • Improve & Maintains crystal clarity on the restored headlights
  • Provide UV protection
  • It helps you maintain your headlights like the new ones
  • It can last up to a year
  • Easy aerosol spray application
  • Fast application

Another product that will offer you durable UV protection is Meguiars G17804. The product comes in a 6.2-ounce spray bottle submitting an easy application.

You can use this product on old and new automobiles of your choice. However, it is advised to clean the headlights well before use. 

And if they require any restoration, then do that too because many customers reviewed that not doing it resulted in the spray making their lights worse.

This apparent headlight coating item will help you keep your lights looking like the new ones. 

The proprietary coating provides you with protection for up to a year. However, longevity mainly depends on where you live.

The only thing you need to remember while using the product is that you do not hold the spray bottle too close to the lights, as it can come out too thick and leave streaks or smudges.

You can get rid of them quickly, but it is better to avoid such silly mistakes. 


  • Easy to apply
  • UV protection
  • Highly affordable
  • Maintains clarity of your headlights


  • Most buyers said that the product lasts around less than the advertised one year

3. Nasiol ZR53 Scratch Resistance Auto Detailing Kit With 3 Years Paint Protection

best uv clear coat for headlights
  • Brand- Nasiol
  • Weight- 1.87 ounces
  • Nano Ceramic 9H coating
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Hydrophobic or water-resistant
  • Protect from UV rays
  • Multi-3 layer technology enables better coating
  • Deliver incredible gloss finish
  • Resistant to PH12 detergent
  • Three years durability
  • It can be used on rims, headlights, bumpers, & plastic trim
  • The kit comes with 50ml Nasiol ZR53 with application pads, gloves, two microfiber cloths, and other accessories for easy application.

Nasiol’s ZR53 is advanced nano-ceramic paint protection for cars. It uses a multilayer protection formula that is soft on your headlights and prevents any scratching while applying.

Only a single coating from this product will allow you to achieve maximum durability and protection. The three-layer technology enables us to achieve the best results.

This product is water-resistant, preventing streaking. Not only this, but you also get protection from UV rays, dirt, mud, and even bugs.

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This clear coat will make it much easier to clean and maintain your headlights. With this protective layer on, you can easily remove anything that sticks to the headlight’s surface. The product takes at least 48 hours to set properly on the surface. So, if you are looking for quick action, it isn’t for you.

This ceramic coating will last up to three years with proper application, buffing, and curing. Also, this product is resistant to PH12 detergents, which makes the crystal gloss effect last longer.

Furthermore, you get applicator pads, gloves, two microfiber cloths, and other accessories for easy application in the package. Lastly, the area should be dirt, water & dust-free, and consistently apply the product in a shaded area away from sunlight.


  • It can last up to a year easily
  • Come with a complete kit, including an applicator
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Deliver hydrophobic crystal gloss shine
  • UV-resistant
  • Easy to use


  • Take about 48 hours to set the protection coating

4. SYLVANIA UV-Blocking Versatile Headlight Restoration Essentials Kit

best uv clear coat for headlights
  • Brand- SYLVANIA
  • Weight- 3.52 ounces
  • Aerosol spray application
  • Long-lasting
  • Enhanced UV protection formula
  • Versatile
  • Comes with 1 oz of UV-blocking Clear Coat, 1 oz of Surface Activator, one blue lint-free UV Clear Coat applicator cloth, and instructions
  • The surface preparation solution is excellent for removing oxidation
  • Sandpaper helps in removing debris easily
  • Beginner-friendly
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty

Another spray-can clear coat for headlights you can buy at an affordable price is Sylania’s headlight restoration essentials.

This product delivers a UV block clear coat that will keep your headlights clear-looking and bright for the years to come.

The specially formulated UV blockers help in protecting your lights once restored. It keeps the lenses clear for long-lasting results.

Yellowing of headlights is the most common degrading factor which can be slowed but not eliminated. And this product comes pretty near to doing this task with its long-lasting sheen.

Furthermore, the product is long-lasting and easy to use. It comes with advanced components that ensure the protection of your headlights.

Lastly, you get 1oz of UV-blocking Clear Coat, 1oz of Surface Activator, one blue lint-free UV Clear Coat applicator cloth, and instructions in this restoration kit.


  • Long-lasting
  • UV protector
  • Fast drying
  • Highly affordable


  • Requires a lot of sanding & polish
  • The sandpaper & rubbing compound is not included in the kit

5. Spray MAX High Gloss Finish UV-Resistant Quick-Drying High Gloss Clearcoat Aerosol

best clear coat for restoring headlights
  • Brand- Spray Max
  • Weight- 23.6 ounces
  • Aerosol spray application
  • Great adhesion
  • Weather and chemical resistant
  • UV resistant
  • Quick-drying
  • Provide long-lasting protection
  • Delivers high gloss finish
  • It comes in a pack of two

Spray Max 2K Glamour High Gloss Aerosol Clear is a two-component aerosol clearcoat that is effortless to use.

You need to shake and spray, and the product flows smoothly and dries to give you a long-lasting, high-gloss finish.

The product has excellent weather and chemical resistance making it ideal to use in environmental situations.

In addition, this product is also resistant to UV damage and versatile. Furthermore, it is recommended not to spray the solution too close as it may lead to a spatter. 

Lastly, the product is good but is still prone to producing orange peel. Also, it drips due to the low viscosity levels.


  • Deliver high gloss finish
  • Long-lasting
  • Weather and chemical resistant
  • Easy to use


  • Prone to orange peeling
  • Low viscosity levels
  • Contains harmful chemicals

6. 3M Quick Headlight Clear Coat With Edge Lock Technology Prevents Lens Yellowing 

best clear coat for restoring headlights
  • Brand- 3M
  • Fit- Universal
  • Weight- 0.634 ounces
  • Sheer
  • UV-Resistant
  • Long-lasting
  • Edge-Lock Technology
  • Leave behind a protective layer
  • Non-sticky
  • Easy to use
  • The kit contains sanding discs, two wipes, and masking tape

3M Quick Headlight Clear Coat Wipes is for people who like little to no mess and want an effortless product to maintain their headlights.

This product comes with a gentle adhesive which is excellent for lightly yellowed & recently restored lenses. 

The wipe-on fluid can stay up to 60 days on the surface and then removes easily without leaving any residue behind. This tape features Edge-Lock Technology that leaves behind a protective layer and does not harm the surface.

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The tape dries to leave behind a UV-resistant coating that extends your headlights’ lens clarity and life.

A Trizact disc is included in the package that maintains clarity up to four times longer when combined with the tapes.

It doesn’t matter if your automobile is new or old; it is safe to use on all of them and gives you long-lasting protection.


  • Ideal for light restoration
  • UV resistant
  • Easy to use
  • Good value for money
  • Sheer
  • Non-sticky


  • Sanding disk not suitable for heavy-duty use

7. Blacklabel 4EverBrite Long-lasting Headlight UV Clear Coat

best clear coat for headlights
  • Brand- Blacklabel
  • Weight- 16oz
  • UV resistant
  • Easy to use & apply
  • It can last up to a year
  • Fast working
  • Come with a two-year warranty
  • The bottle is enough to do around 40 sets of headlights

The 4EverBrite UV clear cost by Blacklabel is a good choice if you are looking for a handy product that takes little to no effort in restoring your headlights.

This product is quick, easy to apply, and generally takes only a few minutes to get the job done. 

However, you need to go for multiple coats for the best results. It is recommended to wait for an hour between the coats. 

One of the best things about this product is that it is unnecessary to reapply it month after month. A one-time good application can last for up to a year.

This is why resealing the bottle is crucial because if not done so, the solution will get thick and can not be used again.

Furthermore, this product is ideal for people who lack time to take care of their automobiles. It does not require a complete restoration kit.

Lastly, you get a two-year warranty on your purchase.


  • A bottle is enough to treat 40 sets of headlights
  • Leave no streaks
  • It can last for up to a year
  • Two-year purchase warranty


  • Requires multiple coats at least one hour apart

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I apply a clear coat to my car’s headlights?

The vehicle’s headlights play a crucial part in your safety while driving. They illuminate the road, so you don’t end up in an accident.

With constant exposure to environmental hardships like changing weather conditions, UV rays, scratches, & others, the headlights tend to fog & form a yellowish layer and clutter debris.

A headlight with so much happening on its surface can not work correctly, and you are unable to get better lighting.

Thus, applying a clear coat is the right decision to avoid such a mess happening to your headlights.

How many coats of clear coat for headlights is okay?

The number of application layers of a product differs from product to product. Some products need you to apply a single coat, some ask for multiple, and some even ask for sanding before you use the product.

You can ensure this detail by checking the usage details of your product.

How can I avoid headlights from yellowing?

Usually, a car’s headlights come with five to 6 years of life. After this period, you will see the headlight’s lenses starting to become hazy & yellow.

Although there is no permanent solution for lens yellowing, you can still do some things to slow it down.

For example, park your car under shade, wash it regularly, give proper attention to the headlights, and start using clear coats as soon as possible.

What are the different kinds of clear coats I can come across?

There are different kinds of products available in the market. Still, the most common and most effective are the aerosol ones. 

Aerosol products mostly come in spray bottles, making it easy to use the product. You need to apply the effect on the headlights, let it sit for some time, and then scrub it off.

Some products might ask you to sand the area after washing. So, check all the usage instructions carefully before buying.

What is the best clear coat for headlights?

If you are looking for products to ensure the longevity of your car’s headlights, we have some of the best products lined up for you. 

To ensure you do not have to go through the sea of products and millions of customer reviews, we handpicked some of the top-rated items of 2022 below:

  • Dupli-Color BCL0125 Long-Lasting UV Resistant Automotive Top Coat
  • Meguiar’s G17804 Crystal Clarity UV-Resistant Clear Headlight Coating
  • Nasiol ZR53 Scratch Resistance Auto Detailing Kit With 3 Years Paint Protection
  • SYLVANIA UV-Blocking Versatile Headlight Restoration Essentials Kit
  • Spray MAX High Gloss Finish UV-Resistant Quick-Drying High Gloss Clearcoat Aerosol
  • 3M Quick Headlight Clear Coat With Edge Lock Technology Prevents Lens Yellowing 
  • Blacklabel 4EverBrite Long-lasting Headlight UV Clear Coat


Well-maintained headlights are crucial for a safe ride. Lights with fog & yellowness covering its lens is nothing but a part that needs to be restored.

Our list of the seven best clear coats for headlights covers unique products that will let you maintain your car’s headlight lenses without much hassle.

We hope this article was helpful and that you found something worth your time & money.

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