Find 9 Best Tires For Nissan Rogue For All Seasons That You Can Buy In 2023

best tires for nissan rogue

The Nissan Rogue is a common sight on American roadways, as it is the company’s best-selling vehicle in the country. Rogue is an SUV, so you’ll need the best tires for Nissan Rogue to handle big loads and weather conditions well.

Rogue is famous for its superior comfort and adaptability. In addition, the Rogue is one of the best crossovers for families and those that travel a lot. The Rogue is also reasonably reliable and inexpensive to repair over time.

You will, however, need to replace your tires from time to time. Avoid driving with worn-out rubber that can’t provide safe traction and braking, especially on wet surfaces. The best tires for Nissan Rogue should provide excellent traction regardless of the weather conditions.

Choosing the perfect set of Nissan Rogue tires for your vehicle can be challenging. Fortunately, we are here to assist you. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 best tires for the Nissan Rogue in this blog.

Top Replacement Best All Weather Tires For Snow Nissan Rogue With Buying Guide

Finding the best tires for Nissan Rogue can be a difficult and time-consuming task. So, what tires are ideal for the Nissan Rogue?

If you’ve ever looked for tires before, you’re aware of the various alternatives available. Finding the right ones for you can seem nearly impossible. That’s where we come in, which is why we put up this detailed guide to the best Nissan Rogue tires.

To accomplish so, we combine our own significant experience with hours of research, as well as the input and opinions of other professionals in this field.

best tires for nissan rogue
Continental CrossContact LX20
  • Tire Diameter: 31.9 Inches
  • EcoPlus Technology
  • Tg-F & Silane Base
  • Excellent Traction Control
  • Fuel-Efficient Tires
best tires for nissan rogue
Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season Plus
  • Tire Diameter: 29.09 Inches
  • All-Season Tires
  • Touring Performance
  • Noise Canceling Technology
  • 65K Miles Treadlife
Our Pick3
best tires for nissan rogue
Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring
  • Tire Diameter: 28.5 Inches
  • All-Season Premium Tires
  • Ultra-Quiet Drive
  • Superior Cornering & Handling
  • Excellent Traction Control
best all-season tires for nissan rogue
Michelin Defender LTX M/S
  • Tire Diameter: 31.5 Inches
  • All-Season tires
  • Exceptional Grip
  • Michelin EverTread Compound
  • Reduces Hydroplaning Risk

How To Choose The Best All-Season Tires For Nissan Rogue?

Selecting tires for your Nissan Rogue will be simple if you understand your driving habits and style. If you fall into the remaining situation, the following information is for you. You are unsure about the criteria to decide.

A. Tire Type

There are three main tire options for Nissan Rogue drivers: Touring tires, Street tires, and Off-road tires.

  1. Touring Tires: It’s no coincidence that Nissan Rogues frequently use this style of tire. Because these tires are inexpensive, come in a variety of sizes, and can last up to 6 years. If you are a driving enthusiast, you should consider that this is not a high-performance option. However, this choice provides the dependability and safety required for everyday driving in exchange.
  1. Street/Sport Tires: This is ideal if you want to experience high-performance tires such as quick response and good grip. However, you should also note that this tire model does not have the touring style’s durability and comfort.
  1. Off-road tires: To be honest, the Nissan Rogue is not suitable for these tires. A more streamlined model, such as highway tires, is preferable if you seek a suitable tire for off-road driving.

B. Tread Compound

The tread compounds on winter tires, summer tires, and four-season tires are different. This is because manufacturers will usually build the combo to work effectively in a specific temperature range.

For example, low temperatures can not freeze winter tires. On the other hand, other summer tires will freeze like glass in this situation, giving you the traction you’ve been hoping for.

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Using winter tires in summer day temperatures, on the other hand, can cause the compound to soften dramatically, reducing the tire’s form stability and responsiveness.

C. Tread Pattern

In addition to the spike compound, the weather significantly impacts the spike design. You should use Shallow tires in high-temperature zones during the summer to improve traction.

Thick, strong spikes, possibly with studs, are suitable for cold weather zones and will help prevent the vehicle from slipping on slippery ground.

When Should You Replace All Terrain Tires For Nissan Rogue?

Time and mileage are two recurring milestones that indicate when to replace the tires on your Nissan Rogue or any other vehicle in your garage.

Assuming that most drivers travel between 12,000 and 15,000 miles each year. Most Rogue owners will exceed the mileage that their original equipment tires intend to cover.

The UTQG (Uniform Tire Quality Grade) rating might help you forecast how long your tire will last. Tire manufacturers assign their grades for treadwear, traction, and temperature for treadwear. When looking up tires online, a UTQG (three digits and a number) will appear next to the tire name (ex. 500 A A).

  • 500 – The rating of a tire’s durability compared to a control tire with a tread life of 100. Tires are graded after running for 11,520 kilometers on a 640-kilometer route.

The tread depth is measured every 1,280 kilometers to estimate tread life. The higher the number, the longer the tread will last.

  • A – This is a tire’s traction rating, which tells you how well it stops in wet circumstances. The letter grade AA is the highest, followed by A, B, and C.
  • A – The Temperature rating is the second letter in the UTQG, and it reflects how well a tire can withstand intense heat. The highest grade is A, followed by B and C.

Time is also a factor. On the sidewall of every tire is a raised date code. There are 12 digits divided into three groups of four, starting with the letters “DOT.”

Four of these numbers are the date code. Initially, the first two digits of the tire date indicate “WEEK,” and the second two digits establish the year.”

You should replace tires when they reach the age of five years. Rubber and steel or kevlar belts help tires resist UV radiation, temperature changes, and other environmental threats. After about five years, the chemicals break down, and the tires cease to function correctly.

Discover 9 Best Tires For Nissan Rogue Review You Can Buy In 2023

Nissan Rogue fits the bill for compact crossover SUVs, which serve most people’s needs. Nissan Rogue’s adaptability, comfort, and affordability make it a popular vehicle.

Having minor repairs to parts like tires doesn’t mean they are easily replaceable. Nissan Rogue tires are renowned for providing the vehicle with the best performance and suit its popularity.

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If you’re having trouble deciding, the best tires for Nissan Rogue listed below might assist you in finding the product that best fits your preferences.

1. Continental CrossContact LX20

best tires for nissan rogue
  • Brand: Continental
  • Load Capacity: 2404 Pounds
  • Rim Size: 20 Inches
  • Tire Diameter: 31.9 Inches
  • EcoPlus Technology
  • Tg-F & Silane Base
  • Excellent Traction Control
  • Fuel-Efficient Tires

You need to check out the Continental CrossContact LX20 with EcoPlus Technology, a product with a great dry-road driving experience. The Continental CrossContact LX20 defies the odds and comes out as one of the best tires for the Nissan Rogue.

This product uses Tg-F and Silane as its base. Consequently, this combination provides the best overall tire, excellent traction, fuel efficiency, and environmental friendliness.

Second, the design of independent spike blocks contributes significantly to improved traction, particularly in dry circumstances. Additionally, this tire model is perfect on snow-covered, wet roads with all of these benefits.

Users have reported no significant issues with this product. The only regret is likely the lack of control, and the driving sensation isn’t great.

However, this does not imply that Continental vehicles provide a poor driving experience. The Continental tire feels better than some other tires in the same segment as the Pirelli tire in terms of precision.


  • Excellent traction, especially in dry conditions.
  • Provides a feeling of certainty when cornering.
  • Comfortable and quiet.
  • 70,000 miles warranty.
  • It can work well in light snow conditions.


  • Need to improve controllability driving feel.

2. Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus

best tires for nissan rogue
  • Brand: Bridgestone
  • Load Capacity: 2271 Pounds
  • Rim Size: 20 Inches
  • Tire Diameter: 30.1 Inches
  • Low-Noise Tires
  • Symmetrical Tread Design
  • Tread Polymer Technology
  • 80K Mile Warranty

Bridgestone tires are known as all-terrain tires for Nissan Rogue. And, it is due to the comfort and quietness, particularly for off-roading tires. This is no exception with the Dueler H/L Alenza Plus. This Nissan Rogue tire offers a variety of benefits that enhance the driving experience.

Pitch Tread Variable, which reduces highway noise, and symmetrical spike design, which improves comfort, are two of the manufacturer’s exclusive technologies.

The symmetrical tread tires, in particular, offer an excellent driving experience. The design incorporates continuous notches and capillaries to improve performance, stability, and responsiveness.

We highly value this tire model’s performance based on real-world driving experience. Bridgestone’s grip and responsiveness are still present even on lightly snow-covered roadways. One of the reasons you shouldn’t overlook the Dueler H/L Alenza Plus is its longevity.

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This tire model can accompany you for 70,000–80,000 kilometers, according to long-term drivers. Bridgestone also offers an 80,000-mile warranty, one of the best tires for Nissan Rogue.

The only issue with this tire model is that it does not perform well when braking on ice. However, if you drive your Nissan Rogue in light snow, this issue will not be an issue.


  • Quiet on the highway.
  • Longest usage time in the same segment.
  • The warranty period extends up to 80,000 miles.
  • Good grip on dry surfaces.
  • You can use it on thin layers of snow.


  • The ability to brake on ice is not so excellent.

3. Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season Plus

best tires for nissan rogue
  • Brand: Pirelli
  • Load Capacity: 2149 Pounds
  • Rim Size: 18 Inches
  • Tire Diameter: 29.09 Inches
  • All-Season Tires
  • Touring Performance
  • Noise Canceling Technology
  • 65K Miles Treadlife

Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season Plus contains several intriguing features. These tires include a lot of technology, unique design, and practical functions. These features make these tires one of the best all-weather tires for snow Nissan Rogue.

The manufacturer focuses on reducing rolling resistance, saving fuel, and lowering emissions in design. The Pirelli tire also features Noise Canceling Technology, which absorbs noise. Asymmetrical treads also optimize rubber-to-void ratios to stabilize contact with the road surface.

Pirelli’s braking performance is its most notable advantage in terms of experience. The product’s braking capability is especially impressive on dry roads.

Braking performance, handling, feedback, and traction significantly improve on wet and slick roads, giving the driver a safe and enjoyable driving experience.

The Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season Plus is more expensive than other travel tires.


  • Excellent handling.
  • Energy-saving.
  • Pirelli Noise Canceling Technology helps absorb noise.
  • Wear evenly, helping to prolong the life of the tire.
  • Braking’s performance is commendable.


  • Expensive

4. Michelin CrossClimate SUV

best tires for nissan rogue
  • Brand: Michelin
  • Load Capacity: 2149 Pounds
  • Rim Size: 18 Inch
  • Tire Diameter: 29.1 Inches
  • Decent traction on snowy roads
  • Freeze-Resistant
  • Sturdy Enough for High Temperatures
  • Specially Developed Groove Design

Most all-season tires have poor snow performance. The Michelin CrossClimate SUV, on the other hand, has demonstrated that this is not the case. Even on ice and snow, this product has good traction. This is why these tires are one of the best all-weather tires for snow Nissan Rogue.

Compared to other four-season tires, the CrossClimate SUV is flexible and resistant to freezing. Despite this, the product is hard enough not to melt in the extreme heat of the road surface compared to summer tires.

The tire compound isn’t the only factor in traction. The product’s success is also dependent on the directional tread pattern with specially developed grooves.

Michelin has a unique tread design when compared to its competitors. The manufacturer does not use zig-zag grooves. Instead, horizontal and several massive, 3D self-locking grooves are present.

When driving, the product has excellent grip in all weather situations. The Michelin CrossClimate SUV gives an impressive experience on the driest roads to regions where water or snow is slippage.

Noise on the highway has been a problem with this tire model. The issue could be the tread design, which renders the product noisy compared to similar tire models.


  • Braking is good, especially in dry conditions.
  • Excellent handling of many different types of terrain.
  • Work well in light snow conditions.
  • Low rolling resistance.
  • Good grip, even on snow.


  • Noise

5. Goodyear Assurance CS Fuel Max

best tires for nissan rogue
  • Brand: Goodyear
  • Load Capacity: 1874 Pounds
  • Rim Size: 18 Inches
  • Tire Diameter: 28.5 Inches
  • Dual Aqua Channel
  • Distinctive Groove Design
  • Grips Better on Slippery Roads
  • Excellent Steering Reaction

The Goodyear Assurance CS Fuel Max is the first tire that springs to mind when we think of a four-season touring tire with exceptional wet traction. With a slew of useful features, this product earned our trust making these ones of the best all-season tires for Nissan Rogue.

First, Goodyear has integrated special channels known as Dual Aqua Channel. These distinctive grooves’ relatively dense appearance aids in the removal of water from the tire, reducing water damage.

Because of the grooves, your grip on the road gets better, whether you’re driving on slick roads due to heavy rain or hard snow. Not only did Goodyear stop at wet traction, but it also had an excellent steering reaction. One of the most fuel-efficient performance tires is the Assurance CS Fuel Max.

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Although Nissan Rogue uses Goodyear tires on wet, slick roads. In the case of heavy rain, the product’s shortcomings become apparent.

In the cold, you should avoid using the Assurance CS Fuel Max. The product’s traction, braking, and acceleration characteristics will not be sufficient to ensure safety, as specialized tire types can.


  • Excellent traction, especially wet traction.
  • Soft and comfortable.
  • Lower rolling resistance saves fuel.
  • Durability is relatively high in the segment.
  • Minimize water damage.


  • Not suitable for use in harsh winters.

6. Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring

best tires for nissan rogue
  • Brand: Cooper
  • Load Capacity: 1874 Pounds
  • Rim Size: 17 Inches
  • Tire Diameter: 28.5 Inches
  • All-Season Premium Tires
  • Ultra-Quiet Drive
  • Superior Cornering & Handling
  • Excellent Traction Control

After spending enough time with the CS5 Ultra, we discovered that all assumptions were utterly incorrect. This Cooper tire type provides quality way above its meager price tag. These tires are among the list of best all-terrain tires for Nissan Rogue.

Cooper tires distinguish from the competition due to their low price and tire formula with four times the silica concentration. One of the reasons for CS5’s outstanding grip is its high silica content.

This Cooper tire model also features a range of unique manufacturing technologies, including a high silica content that sets it apart from many other goods.

StabilEdge technology, for example, provides more control. Meanwhile, the Wear Square technology accurately indicates tire wear.

This product comes with a full warranty of 60,000 miles. Cooper’s contribution is commendable compared to the product’s comparatively low price and the standard guarantee duration.

The traction on the snow, however, is poor. Nonetheless, suppose you don’t live in a location with long, harsh winters or frequently travel through deep snow. In that case, the primary disadvantage will have little impact on your experience.


  • Impressive traction.
  • Reasonable price.
  • High performance.
  • Excellent warranty service.
  • Integrate many new technologies.


  • The traction on the snow is not so excellent.

7. Michelin Defender LTX M/S

best all-season tires for nissan rogue
  • Brand: Michelin
  • Load Capacity: 2679 Pounds
  • Rim Size: 17 Inches
  • Tire Diameter: 31.5 Inches
  • All-Season tires
  • Exceptional Grip
  • Michelin EverTread Compound
  • Reduces Hydroplaning Risk

Michelin has made numerous adjustments to the inside design and outside tires to be a responsive leader in its market. Also, these tires come out as one of the best all-season tires for Nissan Rogue.

The manufacturer has reinforced two steel belts with polyamide wire in the structure. The steel belts also lie under the polyester cover.

The above design, while not perfect, has shown to be effective. Users have expressed satisfaction with the product’s comfort, safety, and response speed.

Premier LTX employs sunflower oil coupled with silica in tire-building materials. The amount of silica in the Michelin representation is significantly higher than in ordinary goods.

This tire model has exhibited all benefits in responsiveness and grip when paired with EverGrip Technology.

Michelin tires feature a significantly shorter stopping distance than its predecessors and several other tire models in the same segment, such as the Continental LX20 and some Goodyear goods.

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Furthermore, the product’s wet and dry grip is excellent during initial use. However, this product’s downside is also related to tire wear. We’ve discovered that Premier LTX has a limited tread life during use.

This is unexpected because this tire model has decent performance and a 60,000-mile manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Outstanding traction.
  • The users highly appreciate the response.
  • Reasonable control on all roads, all speeds.
  • Soft and comfortable.
  • Traction is not affected too much by tire wear.


  • The tread life is relatively short.

8. Bridgestone Blizzak WS90

best all-season tires for nissan rogue
  • Brand: Bridgestone
  • Load Capacity: 1654 Pounds
  • Rim Size: 18 Inches
  • Tire Diameter: 27.8 Inches
  • Great Control on Ice
  • Excellent Stopping Power
  • Reliable Handling
  • Bit Particles for Traction on Ice

If you’ve read thus far, you’ve probably noticed that most of the tires listed above are suitable for driving on snow or ice. But, these tires are one of the best all-weather tires for snow Nissan Rogue.

Your Rogue needs a good set of winter tires to be truly reliable in winter conditions. Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2s is, without a doubt, the greatest winter tires on the market.

Instead of spikes and studs, Blizzaks use sophisticated tire technologies to give unsurpassed winter weather traction. NanoPro Tech Multicell rubber compound is the most advanced of these technologies. The hydrophilic coating on this rubber absorbs the top layer of water from snow and ice.

Once the layer of water vanishes, tread blocks and sipes provide traction by creating hundreds of sharp edges.

Are you ready to offer yourself the best winter driving experience of your life? If so then these tires are one of the best all-season tires for Nissan Rogue.


  • Outstanding traction and braking in the snow
  • Excellent handling in dry and wet conditions
  • Works on ice as well


  • No treadwear warranty

9. Firestone Destination LE 2

best all-season tires for nissan rogue
  • Brand: Firestone
  • Load Capacity: 1709 Pounds
  • Rim Size: 17 Inches
  • Tire Diameter: 27.6 Inches
  • All-Season Performance
  • ‎Wide Circumferential Grooves Channel
  • Long-Lasting Tread Compound
  • Provides a Quiet & Comfortable Ride

The Firestone Destination LE 2 is the best-rated all-season tire for a good reason. Vehicles with these tires include vans, crossovers, SUVs (like the Nissan Rogue), and light trucks.

The company offers superior features and technologies to offer this tire its powers and characteristics. The symmetric tread design, working in tandem with the silica tread compound, has increased dry, wet, and ice traction on this tire.

The notched shoulder blocks and center grooves affect steering responsiveness, handling, and cornering ability. This will make driving in your Nissan Rogue feel smoother and more pleasant. It makes these tires one of the best tires for Nissan Rogue.

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The lateral and circumferential grooves work together to evacuate water from the tire, improving wet pavement traction. This reduces the likelihood of hydroplaning while also adjusting braking and handling on this surface.

The zig-zag sipes work with distinctive cross grooves to improve snow traction, allowing winter driving.

The tire’s two steel belts provide increased strength and longevity. Because of the polyester code body, you can have a comfortable ride. Anyone who buys this tire from Firestone gets a 60,000-mile warranty.


  • Solid braking in wet conditions
  • well-priced and affordable


  • Not very responsive at higher speeds and does not perform well on ice or snow.

FAQs About All Terrain Tires For Nissan Rogue

What Is The Best Tire For Nissan rogue?

We’ve covered 9 all-terrain tires for Nissan Rogue and all of them are the best. However, Continental TrueContact is the best on the list. Because these tires provide you with excellent traction for both wet and snowy conditions.

Moreover, these tires have an “800 A B” UTQG rating making it at the top of all categories. Also, these tires are EcoPlus rated which means these tires are eco-friendly. Nevertheless, provide you comfortness and a quiet ride at the same time.

What Is The Best Nissan Rogue Tire Pressure?

Look for a white and yellow label inside your driver’s side door that will tell you the specific tire pressure requirements for your Rogue model. It’s important to remember that the pressure on the tire is always a maximum, not the proper setting.

Here’s a suggestion: Nissan features an inflation helper to assist you in properly inflating your tires. “Easy-Fill Tire Alert,” it’s called. Check the tire section of your manual for instructions on utilizing it.

How Often Should I Rotate My Rogue’s Tires?

The tire is more important than the car when it comes to tire rotation. The average rotation interval is 5,000 and 7,000 miles, though this might vary depending on the vehicle and tire.

Because the Rogue is a front-wheel-drive car, the front tires will wear out faster than the rear. It’s critical to remember this and rotate your tires regularly. We understand how tempting it is to ignore this routine maintenance, but those tires cost a lot of money.

What Is The Best Rogue Tire Change Kit?

Your Rogue should carry a compact spare tire and tire-changing gear in the trunk. You already have everything you need to change the tire physically in this situation. Still, an extra roadside emergency kit with an updated lug wrench, jumper cables, and emergency markers may be helpful.

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Tire?

When you buy tires from a store, they may offer free installation. Online retailers frequently offer the same bargain to customers who prefer to have the installation done by one of their partners.

If you must pay for tire installation, anticipate paying anywhere from $15 to $50 per tire, depending on what is required. You should mount and balance the tire to ensure the safety and enjoyment of the ride.

How Can I Extend The Life Of My Tires?

A long-lasting set of tires requires proper maintenance and repair. You must monitor the pressure during daily use and check it frequently to spot problems as soon as feasible. Another piece of advice is to rotate the tires so that all four have the same wear rate.

If I Have An AWD Rogue, Do I Still Need Winter Tires?

Even if you have an AWD Rogue, you need to obtain winter tires. This is only relevant to those who live in areas where snow and ice fall during the winter. Winter tires are unnecessary in hot or tropical climates, where snow is extremely rare!

However, if you have to travel through snow and ice frequently in the winter, don’t rely solely on your vehicle’s all-wheel-drive system to get you through. Winter tires are the most crucial advantage drivers may have when there is snow and ice, which isn’t even close.

Can I Put Different Size Wheels And Tires On My Rogue?

Yes, you can tweak it a little and put on alternative wheels and tires to make it more your way. A wheel’s bolt pattern, backspacing, size, and center diameter are the most crucial factors to consider. However, if you look for wheels made particularly for the Nissan Rogue, you should be fine to drive.

If you start installing various diameters or widths wheels on your Rogue, you might have to wander from the OEM size when it comes to tires. Just remember the tire’s entire diameter, commonly known as the height.

Final Thoughts

We’re sure that the list of best tires for Nissan Rogue above is fairly complete after a long period of experience and information study. There will undoubtedly be at least one name that catches your attention.

Our first impressions and objective information will hopefully help you choose the ideal accessory for your Nissan Rogue.

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